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Great word & great point Brother Greg!
And anothrer great one is Global Catalytic Ministries Incorporated (GCMI). They have established dozens of house churches in the 10/40 window in the last decade. Most of which are in the amazing revival in Iran. And I certainly don't want to be taken wrong or misunderstood: just because I have become quite convinced the antichrist will be a Muslim leader from the Caliphate, I also see the tremendous opportunity to sow into those fields specifically that are so white right now for the harvest! And also FYI - Joel Richardson (whose books I have referenced) has a heart for the Great commission to Muslims too (his books have chapters on "loving muslims", "The Mercy of the Lord, Intervessors", etc.) and he was actually one of the main guys on the site "Answering Islam" for years, promotes laying down our lives to take the Gospel to the Muslims, supports & promotes those missionary ministries, etc. I am starting an online school from "I2 Ministries" on witnessing to Muslims (the focus of that ministry). I just want to explain that so no one gets the wrong idea. The "sons of Ishmael" are no doubt THE LARGEST MISSION FIELD ON EARTH & at the same time, more Muslims have come to Christ (through dreams, visions & preaching & the sharing of Gospel By converted friends & family) In the last 10 years or so, than IN ALL OF HISTORY SINCE THE TIME OF MOHAMMED!! Wow! Praise the Lord! And when they do get converted, the tend to be radical & joyful to lay down their lives for Christ. They are a lot like Paul in that those who persecuted Christians get saved & mightily used among their countrymen. Anyways, yes, thanks for bringing this up too so everyone understands this most important fact/issue!
God Bless,

 2016/4/24 8:31


And the trip I am going on to Israel in a couple months (OnKing2016 Jerusalem Intensive) is actually going to be embedded with & spending time with the Palestinian Arabs (from Nazereth & elsewhere) who have come to Christ & are praying for the Jews to come into their fullness as a people & interceding for their salvation, & also with former Orthodox Jews who are now Messianic Jews who have accepted their Messiah in Christ & are praying & interceding for the Muslims to come to Christ, & they worship & pray together! What a beautiful picture of the kingdom, eh? 😊🙏🏻☝️💪🏻

You can check out the short info video about the trip here:

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 2016/4/24 9:05

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