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 Political Correctbess, A Hostile Environment, Tough Questions

Ronans 13:1-2

Every person is to be in subjection to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God and those which exist are established by God. Therefore whoever resists authority has opposed the ordinance of God, and they who have opposed will receive condemnation upon themselves.

Acts 5:29

We must obey God rather than men.

Romans 13 teaches that God has given government as an expression of his common grace. Temporal governments keep us from reverting to the law of the jungle. Even oppressive governments can keep order and to some degree of civil society that people can function in.

When Paul wrote the first half of Romans 13 one of the most wicked men in a Roman Empire was Emperor at that time. His name was Nero. Yet Paul recognized that the Roman government had maintain order through the Pax Romana. And that the early Christians were living in a civil society with laws that kept the Roman society intact. Thus Paul writes, that the Romanvm believers and later those who would read his letter, where to submit to the government and pay their taxes.

When the laws were on the books to govern a just society the early believers obeyed with no issue. It was only when the Roman government required a sacrifice to Caesar as god to show a citizen's loyalty to Rome. The Christians had issues. They disobeyed the Roman government by refusing to offer the sacrifice in obedience to a higher law. Obeying the higher law of Christ cost many their lives.

Today laws have been put on our books in America to govern a just society. For the most part the believer in Christ has no issues obeying these laws. Even the law to pay our taxes. Though some believers certainly balk at this. :-) They go on and render to Caesar as a matter of obligation that God requires of them. For this is what Jesus taught.

There are laws on the books that prevent the aiding and kidnapping of children. Christians obey these. There are laws on the books that say that we are not to discriminate. Christians obey these. There are laws on the books that say that we should not use inflammatory language to denigrate another group. Christians obey these.

But what happens when the doctrine of political correctness takes laws that are neant to be just and perverts them. Then the question has to ask the question where do I draw the line in obeying God rather than man.

I an having a spirited discussion via email with someone regarding the Ken Miller case. The person I'm in dialogue with believes Ken Miller violated federal law. There is no denying this. A just law that was put up on the books to prevent the kidnapping of children was violated by Ken Miller. This was a law that initially was designed to protect children.

But the doctrine of political correctness has taken this law which was initially designed to protect children and perverted its endorcenent. Given the facts of the Ken Miller case which can be gleaned from miller Ken Miller violated federal law to help a young mother and her daughter escape an abusive situation. And have Lisa Miller raise our daughter in a Christian environment. The case can be read about on the other thread that our sister Leslie started. Those who adhere to political correctness are taking a just law and persecuted and prosecuting a pastor who took a stand for righteousness. But in the eyes of the Court he violated federal law. Never mind that there is no justice here, particularly for young Isabel.

Consider the case of the Oregon family who owned the Christian Bakery. Or the New Mexico photographer who was a believer. In both of these cases a gay couple wanted services for their wedding. Both the Christian bakery and photography businesses declined. Offered to direct the gay couples two other businesses that would meet their request. In both cases the gay couples sued the bakery and the photography company. And they won. Claiming discrimination.

Yes it could be argued both the Oregon bakery and the New Mexico photography company violated federal laws of discrimination. But again. Laws that were meant to be just and prohibit discrimination have been perverted by the doctrine of political correctness. Again there is no justice here.

There are laws that prevent inflammatory speech. Perhaps laws we would call hate crimes. Such laws are good and just. But when these laws are subverted to political correctness they become unjust.

An example would be an evangelical pastor preaching out of Romans 1:18-32. These past that just clearly teach the origins of homosexuality. These passages are biblical truth. However if someone from the gay suasion is sitting in the congregation. He can bring a charge and have the pastor up on a hate crime violation. I have not heard of such happening here yet in America. But it has happened in other parts of the world. I believe Canada is prosecuting pastors who say homosexuality is a sin. Again political correctness subverting just laws that were meant to protect against inflammatory language.

Street Preacher can say that homosexuality is a sin can be liable for hate crimes.

We are living in times where we will soon have to ask ourselves the questions when do we obey God rather than man. I believe this is the message of the Ken Miller case.

My brothers and sisters these are simply my thoughts.

This is respectfully posted.

Brother Blaine Scogin

 2016/3/24 16:26

 Re: Political Correctbess, A Hostile Environment, Tough Questions

The doctribe of political correctness is the idol of our age. It has created a hostile environment in this nation to the things of Christ.

We Must depend upon the Holy Spirit to give us wisdom as to where we must obey God rather than men. The questions will be hard. But I believe God will give us wisdom and grace in the dark times ahead.

Respectfully posted.

Brother Blaine

 2016/3/24 16:37

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Tennessee, but my home's in Alabama


I posted this about 2 years ago.


 2016/3/24 16:45Profile


political correctness is simply linguistic fascism and ultimately full control over free speech.

We're led to believe everybody opposes it and disagrees with political correctness, but yet everybody's scared to death of it. So who is it? Well, it's the power structure wherever you happen to be.

And that includes the religious system and in online forums.

Political correctness does not legislate tolerance. It only organizes hatred. Jacques Barzun

 2016/3/24 17:08


Political correctness forces conformity of thought and if you don't line up with the PC thought, you are demonized.

Political correctness kills discussion.

Political Correctness is propagated by spoiled brats who unfortunately have some kind of temporal power else they would never pull the stunts they pull such as threaten to arrest "climate deniers". The end game of political correctness is to destroy you. Pretty much what political/religious correctness did to Jesus.

 2016/3/24 17:20


Political correctness seems to be more than just words, it is a force and a mechanism designed to keep quiet those deemed to be out of step with society. Political correctness deems that the President never say Islamic terrorists for instance. Now this has been portrayed as just words. One of the supposedly most politically incorrect things to do is to profile someone or some group. Whether it is racial profiling or ethnic profiling or religious profiling, its all deemed to be politically incorrect.

I wonder what the people from the 1940s would make of not being able to call Germans Nazis since they were not all Nazis. The logic would be that we would not want to alienate all Germans by using a label like Nazis. What about not bombing German cities since not all Germans were Nazis? Of course it was true that not all Germans were Nazis but they had collective guilt by allowing the Nazis to rise up within their ranks. Anyway, just some of my rambling thoughts about the logical inconsistencies within the mostly liberal groups whether here or in Europe. Europe, and especially Brussels, the head of the EU,has way greater problems than the States. It seems that tragically, much of their political correctness is coming home to roost...............bro Frank

 2016/3/24 17:32

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Dothan, Alabama


Brother Julius wrote;
"political correctness is simply linguistic fascism"

That is exactly the point!


 2016/3/24 17:33Profile


Then brethren can we say that the political correct ideology is an idolatrous doctrine in our age? It would seem that what Marxism was to Russia, political correctness is to America.

To speak out against this doctrine with the truth of Christ may very well land us in prison. Or perhaps martyrdom.

Those Christians that spoke out against communism suffered much. If we speak out against political correctness we may very well suffer much.

My thoughts for reflection.

Brother Blaine

 2016/3/24 19:02


Look at religious political correctness, too. Jesus didn't conform to the pc religious fascists of his day and paid the ultimate price. If they can't control you they try to destroy you. You see the persecution of saints from the religious world all through history. When you expose darkness with light they try to shut you up.

Political correctness is burying the light, attacking the truth. Calling good evil and evil good.

A politically correct Christian is not a Christian, but rather a man pleaser and a coward.

 2016/3/24 20:28

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Query: why do so many Christians attack Trump, being as he is the least politically correct candidate? Just tossing it out there.


 2016/3/24 21:57Profile

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