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But it could be avoided/averted. Cause if evangelicals all rallied behind Cruz (defender of life, defender of religious liberty, defender of the rule of law, etc.), it could be a total landslide. Sadly, at this point, it likely won't go that way though. There's a better choice in this race from our perspective than Trump, Romney, Clinton, etc.

 2016/3/1 10:31


There is a "better choice", Jeff. The Church needs to turn with all their heart towards Jesus Christ.

I have seen the church through the years get on different bandwagons and marshall everyone to choose this guy or that guy, and politics have always divided the church and the person they voted in invariably is a globalist that has, in the end disappointed them and America's sovereignty was weakened just a little more and citizen's constitutional rights eroded, just a little more. I won't get into individual personalities or why they are part of the globalist establishment because I only support one Person, anyway.

I decided long ago, elections are rigged. The establishment wants the people to think they have a voice, when they really don't. Trump is making people believe they have a voice, too but in the end, it is only a deception. The election year always turns out to be a year of massive deception, no matter who the candidate is. Stick around, you will see.

Long ago, I realized that only One Person that has my best interests at heart is Jesus Christ and so this year as in past years I will be voting for Jesus. He is my Commander in Chief and has never let me down. He gives me great optimism for the future no matter what is happening in this world.

The only thing the Church is doing by getting into politics of this world, is giving the world the wrong impression about what the Gospel of Jesus Christ is and what Christians are and further, they are precipitating persecution from the world upon themselves. When I realized the unholy alliance between religion and politics (the False Prophet riding the Beast), I wanted nothing to do with it.

 2016/3/1 10:32


Overall in general Julius, I tend to agree with you on some of what you said. That being said, if the choice is a real prolifer who defends religious freedom & defends the constitutional rule of law, or someone who doesn't really believe in any of those things, if a believer in good conscience wants to vote, who they vote for (for president, not for the Lord of their life) matters & reveals something of the heart, I believe. Anyways, my 2 cents. But I have no problem if someone chooses not to vote (some people do, but the right not to vote is just as real as the right to vote). I didn't vote in 2008 or 2012. But I will this time.

 2016/3/1 10:37


And above all, I am praying for God's ultimate will & purposes to be done in all of this regardless of who wins, even if that's Hillary Clinton (which itself would likely show to be a judgement on America over time).

 2016/3/1 10:43

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Julius, amen. Just....amen.

God, forgive us. In your mercy, Lord, please forgive us. We've loved this world. We won't give up our love affair with the order of this world and this present age. Where is there redemption for us? How can we be free from ourselves?!? Lord, we are blind, poor, wretched, miserable and naked. We have convinced ourselves that a lie is true. We have convinced ourselves that our American government, democracy, federalism, constitutionalism, all of it, is a source of goodness. Oh, God, please open our eyes to the truth. Only YOUR kingdom GIVES power, all others are thieves and robbers who only and always TAKE power. Lord, I pray for Ted Cruz. I know his father professes you. I know the man has a background in the faith. I pray you'll move him to repent of running for President and even Senator! Save Ted Cruz from himself. Correct his thought, Lord, that he can help America. Bring him to the full realization of his complete brokenness and weakness and drive him to the foot of the cross of Christ. Bring him then to the foot of the throne of Christ where he will immediately surrender all thoughts of kingship to You. Let it be true in the heart and life of Ted Cruz, visibly so, and in each one of us, Lord, that the kingdoms of this world have become the kingdoms of our God. Jesus, come now, in triumph. We don't want to be part of this world that mocks you openly and to your own face. How long, O Lord? Scour our own souls, O God, and cleanse us who call ourselves by Your holy Name. Make us fit for your kingdom. We're not. We are sinful and fleshly and driven after the things of this world, and our lust for the political, our lust to put a "Christian into power" in the seats of this fallen world system is its own self-proving demonstration of it. We have only You, Jesus. Empty us of all else. Amen.


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Evangelicals didn't vote for Romney. That's why we got stuck with Obama got 8 years.

If evangelicals won't vote for the republican candidate, whoever that may be, they'll get Hillary. I got one am not fond at all of that prospect.

Again I ask, why dies the POTUS have to be an evangelical Christian? I agree it would be nice, but why must he or she be? A lot of presidents who are considered great we're not.


 2016/3/1 10:51Profile


Love your heart, dolfan. It is the Lord's heart for His people, for their true liberty and freedom and welfare are in Him.

2Ch 20:12 O our God, wilt thou not judge them? for we have no might against this great company that cometh against us; neither know we what to do: BUT OUR EYES ARE UPON THEE.

 2016/3/1 11:09


Julia has hit upon the heart of the matter. In the end we will have to come out of Babylon. That is we will have to come out of the Babylon of this world system. And cleave as unto Jesus like never before. For jesus said my kingdom is not of this realm. That being said, we should live in His eternal realm, and not of this temporal realm.

Brothers simply my thoughts.

 2016/3/1 11:15

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I agree with David Ravenhill's assessment
of Donald Trump, and the Christian leaders
and evangelicals that are supporting him is
mind blowing. Here is a man that says he
is a Christian, but has never repented of his

There is no president that can save our
nation, but we must pray for the next
president, because he is likely to appoint
two or three Supreme Court Justices.
This is why Christians should pray and
vote accordingly. We need Supreme
Court Justices that are on the side of
life, that believe that marriage is between
one man and one woman. We need a
president that supports Israel. Hillary
Clinton will do none of the above. I
believe that Ted Cruz will stand in
agreement with God on the issues
that matter.

Our hope and confidence is not in
any man for "The Lord is our Judge,
the Lord is our lawgiver, He will come
and save us."

No king but King Jesus, who is the
King of kings and the Lord of lords.


 2016/3/1 11:16Profile


I believe that view is an imbalance. If a believer wants to run for a political office, they don't need to repent for that alone. If their desire is to uphold the law & honor God, that isn't ungodly. Where do you work Dolfan & Julius? What do you do for a living? I'll bet I could make the same unbalanced & unbiblical misapplication of scripture about your career as "the things of this world". I sell janitorial & custodial supplies. Do I need to pray "Lord, I repent for working on these things that will pass away"? No. What about Paul & his tent-making? Tents are not eternal. They are of this world. You can take that unbalanced (& misinterpreted) scripture to any extremes you want, but it don't make it right.

Again, my TRUST is not in a president. But if someone is running who wants to defend the rule of Law, the religious freedoms of its citizens, & fight to end abortion, voting for them isn't buying into "the things of this world". That's zealous, but wrong.

Those zealots who killed themselves at Masada to avoid Roman capture had a zeal, but it wasn't according to knowledge. If you don't want to vote, don't vote. But that doesn't make voting for a candidate with an actual Biblical worldview a sin to be repented of. As Lenard Ravenhill would have said, "that's Balderdash!"

 2016/3/1 11:23

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