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 beloved sister MaryJane

please don't ever think, that if I don't respond quickly....I have forgotten you, or that your concerns are not mine as well.....when I read a post from a beloved sister such as yourself, I frequently think ponder pray on what the RIGHT words, the LORD wishes me to convey to you, as I feel in my spirit, the perplexing seeking of your spirit in such a matter as this....I just had to let you know this, with the breathing out prayer, Lord, please comfort my sisters soul, bring her shalom peace in Jesus Name, amen....and amen.

its 330 AM, the Lord woke me at 2 AM, and this navy tar coffee I made isn't working...laugh with me!!! to me, you never "ramble".......I fully intend, God willing, to make another post to you on this matter, when my mind and soul move with more zip, BUT as I perused the news of the world, I saw this article, and I had a very clear reading to share these two articles about a dear elderly hermitess in Siberia....she might be Russian orthodox, but I regard her as a Godly woman, alone, elderly in some of the most remote parts of the world.....I pray that these two articles, give you a witness and a Leading.....

as Lykova testified, and I quote,

"Asked if she ever gets lonely, she says her faith keeps her company. “A Christian can never be lonely. Every Christian has their guardian angel as well as Christ and the Apostles. I have an icon that has been blessed. I am never lonely as I always have Christ with me.”

the icons aside, isn't that truly Wonderful?

its headed into the sub zero temps up here, and Praise God, He gave me a very large porch stacked with the finest firewood.....I just made a fire in the stove....God called me to give active consideration to the Books of Ezra and Nehemiah, and I might shut this machine off, and eat of the Word, before I sleep Jesus love, your brother, neil

 2016/1/16 4:51

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 Re: Canadians Panic As Food Prices Soar On Collapsing Currency

There's a documentary about her on YouTube by the VICE channel. I believe her family were Old Believers.

It seems there is another one produced by the RT Documentary channel as well. I believe RT is an alternative news site based out of Russia. I haven't seen the RT one but the VICE one is pretty informative though from a very secular, counter-culture perspective.

 2016/1/16 5:17Profile


I bought a generator about 7 years ago because a hurricane was coming and it was being reported as a very powerful one. It veered east at the last moments and missed my neighborhood. I was going to take it back but my wife thought I should hold onto it. One month later, we got hit dead on with another hurricane and lost electricity for 8 days. I had about 8 containers of gas (40 gallons) that I filled up and my cars all had full tanks. We also filled the two refrigerators and one freezer before the hurricane hit. I live in a densely treed neighborhood and everyone has 1 or 2 acres. Many pines came crashing down but not a single one on my property.

Since I had 40 gallons of gas that I had bought previous to the hurricane, it kept my generator running which kept my appliances going. We did not use air conditioning. We also only have HDTV antenna so the TV picked up all the channels and we could watch the news. HDTV antenna is a good thing to have. I never could justify cable.

My 80 year old neighbor across the street had a generator but no gas so I shared my gas with he and his wife. After about 3 days I went out looking for some more gas for my neighbor and was able to fill up two of his gas cans. I then would run out every once and a while and get him more gas. We had some very nice candlelight dinners with many neighbors and got to know them really well. They told us about their lives, how they met each other, and other things. My kids loved it. To them we were having a big campout. Another neighbor who had power restored after about 4 days, let us wash our clothes and take hot showers. I had an electric water heater back then, but after the hurricane I switched to gas. Also switched our dryer to gas. Gas was not affected by the hurricane.

With chain saw in hand my boys and I cleared many yards and we were able to keep a lot of red oak wood. So we used the splitter and I must have had wood for the next 5 years. Recently, we cut down some other trees and my wood bin has been restocked.

There are a lot of deer in our neighborhood and if things ever got real bad, I have rifles. A .22 is a good one for squirrels and rabbits. A shotgun is good to have for waterfowl and a more powerful caliber is a good idea for larger game. A 30-30, 270, 30.06 are fine. A .308 would handle anything in North America but is pricey. Even traps are good and you can get small animal traps from ACE Hardware or Tractor Supply. Use them to trap the raccoons that want to eat up your chickens. Pellet guns are very powerful today and if you are averse to getting a firearm, get a pellet gun. I killed a big, burly raccoon with a pellet gun, but you have to hit it just in the right place. Put a scope on it, they are very accurate.

If you live by water, learn to fish. Get a small flat bottom boat. All these things can be a family affair and the kids love camping, hunting and fishing. It teaches them a lot of practical skills. I am trying to get them to love gardening but no luck, yet. :-)

When I did go an get gas about 3 days later, I passed by the large grocery store and there was a line a mile long. I drove close by the store and they were regulating how many people they would let in and watched them closely on the way out. You could only get so much and one thing that I observed was that the shelves were pretty empty and many of the people looked pretty agitated. A lot of people depend solely on store shelves from week to week.

I think there are practical things you can do to be ready for a natural disaster. I would have 1 month's supply of food because you may be sharing it so it will definitely take you down the road for a couple of weeks. Stock up on water. If you have a well, you are in pretty good shape but you will need a generator, too. Some folks in our neighborhood have city water and they never lost it, but it is good to have some on hand in case you do.

I am working on building a root cellar and a greenhouse, now. I have had vegetable gardens and if you are an urban dweller, there are a lot of good sites online for urban gardening. Gardens are good for one very good reason that food is not as good as it used to be (GMO, pesticides, etc).

We are not considered "urban" with the land we have but I have received a lot of inspiration and motivation from The Urban Homestead. Check it out. You won't believe what this family grows on 1/10 of an acre. They use everything.

The other day, my other neighbor who is a CEO of his own company called me (he was on vacation) and told me a large order would be delivered to his doorstep and asked if I would put it in my garage until he got back. I did do that for him and I also noticed that the boxes were from WISE Foods, in Utah. I thought that was interesting that a CEO was buying emergency food. Must have been a year's worth because it is now just he and his wife. I have not done that yet, but am thinking about getting 3 months, at least. It's not good to let people go hungry.

I hope this encourages someone, a little bit. No matter where you live, you can take quite a few steps to be prepared for a natural disaster, or even worse.

 2016/1/16 10:28


Read this first:

They produce 7,000lbs of food a year on 1/10 of an acre.

 2016/1/16 10:36

 Food Shortages

Here is a practical example of why one should keep a backup supply of food, water, candles, propane for a gas heater, etc.

 2016/1/22 17:33

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