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 Re: serious criminal offences

David Smith wrote:

"How I wish one little apology could fix the large-scale donor fraud and abuse of staff that GFA continues to commit! Even here David Carroll lied about a number of things, just as he stood by KP while KP lied to GFA staff saying he isn't on any boards or trusts in India (listen to KP adamantly declare it here, and see the documents that prove him a liar:

Public and Believers Church records show that KP controls virtually all of the entities there (, which means KP lied to the staff, and David Carroll continues to perpetrate that lie here by saying that he and KP had no knowledge or control of the quarter-billion dollars in cash reserves that had been amassed in KP's own organizations.

Indian FC-6 forms only show 6M a year going to Bridge of Hope, not the 30M+ that Carroll claims and that GFA probably raises.

GFA is fraught with problems that reek of criminal activity, including illegally smuggling large amounts of cash in 18-year-olds' backpacks.

At the very least, an organization with that much cash in the bank that spends so much on schools and hospitals in wealthy Kerala, doesn't need your money and isn't effectively reaching the "most unreached." Donors be discerning and do your homework on GFA

But from public records it appears that around 80% of the money raised in the US for Bridge of Hope, Wells and other field designations is either missing, sitting in cash accounts, or was spent on very different things such as for-profit hospitals and universities serving the wealthy.
$20 million was also given by the "field" to the US HQ, in violation of their 100% to the field promise.

Either way it's fraud to claim that 100% of your $35 a month goes to support your child if it's only $8 a month or something like that,

Where $128 million of donated money that never even reached India is? See I think donors would also like to know why you think an unpredictable political climate justified donor fraud (not spending most donated money on what is was given for) and illegal cash smuggling of around a half million dollars "

What these individuals have perpetrated are serious criminal offences (in the name of the Lord) and should be charged and brought before the courts in the appropriate jurisdiction.
This is far, far worse than what Jim Baker and the PTL people did that sent them to jail.

 2015/12/18 19:39


Rev, you stated:

"What these individuals have perpetrated are serious criminal offences (in the name of the Lord) and should be charged and brought before the courts in the appropriate jurisdiction.
This is far, far worse than what Jim Baker and the PTL people did that sent them to jail."

I could not have said it better myself.

 2015/12/19 14:49

 this ALL is absymal!


""What these individuals have perpetrated are serious criminal offences (in the name of the Lord) and should be charged and brought before the courts in the appropriate jurisdiction.
This is far, far worse than what Jim Baker and the PTL people did that sent them to jail."

WORSE!! see the thing is this, this man, KP whatever, has the money IN INDIA...where its "safe", meaning bribes to Indian gvt officials?...he's untouchable, and at his Indian haunt he can put on the mask of Most Reverend Highly Esteemed Bishop KP, so HIS acolytes can kiss his ring (oh I saw the video)......but then he comes to the states, and puts on another mask of the meek barefooted "Christian" Gandhi. (he must leave the kissing ring back home).....and he plays THAT ROLE here, and the pale faces just throw into the kick put good.

a 19 million dollar "church"?

do bad you cant buy simtex over the counter.......

and to put the cherry on the cake of this post, the link the Rev put up, a Hindu wrote a comment, i'll paste it here.....THIS is the real tragedy, the WITNESS of this sordid sickening spectacle:



Bajaj • 2 months ago
I am a Hindu from India. Sorry if this post of mine offends you but this whole usage of persecution line by missionaries is not only insulting to the American donors who seems to be unhappy about it, it is insulting to us Hindus also.

Many Indians know how rich and influential K P Yohannan is(Anyone who claims to have got a rubber estate for a bargain means something is shady. Either he has political muscle or he is genuinely duped.) In fact, a lot of pastors are very rich (This is beside the point.)

What bothers me is how freely the missionaries are using the persecution line. Seriously? Theologically we do not have anything to dislike you. We do not have a concept of unbeliever/kafir who goes to hell whom we try to save/hate. If you want to worship whatever/whoever want to worship, we respect you. This persecution line is as true as some of the things you missionaries want us "heathens" to believe. I think either sponsoring Americans are naive or they really want to believe the dictum that Christianity builds on persecution. Or do you always need some imaginary savage you want to use(Indian or Native American)? Some Hindus get angry because Christian missionaries call us devil worshipers in our face. They proselytize in our temples, distribute Christian propaganda material in our temples.

I want to comment on some points on some posts on GFA on this blog or comments in these posts.

1) I see some comments saying whether KPY used robes to conform to some government rules. There are no such rules. It's pure nonsense. In fact, there are special protections for minorities(which give special rights to Christians. See next point.) They can do whatever they want.

2 a) Christians and Muslims have extra rights under Article 29/30 of Indian constitution which Hindus don't enjoy. They have a right to preserve their culture. Hindu temples can be taken over by Government where they usurp temple funds/properties. Indian/State Governments cannot take control of churches/mosques(Imagine US Govt taking over churches but leaving mosques out of its purview. I used mosques as example because I see many American politician comments about Muslims/Sharia.) In fact, various denomination churches are very rich(Catholic, Mar Thoma, Church of South India etc.,)

Indian govt interferes in private schools run by Hindus to implement some govt programs. But if you are a Christian or Muslim, you are exempted from it. Such religion-based exemption - you don't get in your own country. So Christians can freely indoctrinate kids but Hindus are restricted by law. Even govt-funded Christian schools are exempt from this!!!! Hindu schools have to follow this law even if it doesn't get govt aid!!! See our Supreme Court judgement

2 b) I read KPY established a medical college/hospital. The point made in 2a applies here also. It is much more easier for a Christian to establish a hospital/college than a Hindu and much easier to run as the regulations are fewer compared to Hindus. So where is the persecution or govt watching funds?

3) I saw a comment that you guys had some success in Nagaland. Yes, it is so successful that they want to secede from India with the slogan "Nagaland for Christ". Google for "Nagaland for Christ" terrorist activities. Nagaland Christians want to ban native festivals. Is this what you want in the rest of India also? Will you accept a similar scenario in US?

Here are some more Christian terrorists in the same region banning Hindu festivals, converting Hindus by force in the states they are in majority.

I want to write more but the comment has already become too long. Please leave us alone. For centuries, we faced onslaught from both Christians and Muslims. Please don't be part of this imperial "adventure". Please don't try to erase our traditions/culture with your mighty dollars. Indians gave refuge to Syrian Christians, Zoroastrians, Jews when they were fleeing form violence. We do not have anything to dislike you theologically or culturally. For heaven's sake, a Catholic woman ruled India for ten years(the prime minister was a dummy) and leads the opposition party now. According to surveys like Pew, many Americans are leaving Christianity in droves. Please find out why and try to convince them if you can convince them about your truth claims. It's not my place to tell what you do in your own country. Please think if the truth you claim is so powerful, why are so many Americans not seeing it."

 2015/12/19 15:21

 Re: Oppulent Medical College

Here is the link to the oppulent Medical College that K.P. is building through the
Belivers Church he controls and runs and rules over as the Grand Poobah.
Most of the funding is misdirected and funnelled through Believers Church by diverting donations of good willed North American donors to Gospel for Asia.
(Under a false pretence of helping orphans and widows)
For example instead of feeding 74,000 children with 33,000.000 they raise for
Bridges of Hope they actually feed , far, far less with perhaps 1,000,000 to 2,000,000. actually used for Children. The actual numbers could be next to nothing except to run a few shell centres for children to show donors the "great works' they are doing.
That leaves about 25,000,000 to 32,000,000 to divert to his for profit business he runs.( Like this for profit college)
And this is just one of the scams that his eminence is perpetrating on good willed

 2015/12/20 11:34


David Carroll, the chief underling to the great K.P Y has stated on his own website that 9,000 missionaries are being trained, not the 14,000 that the GFA web page states.
Now there is no real evidence that they even train 9,000 missionaries never mind 14,000 they contradict themselves with
This number in reality could be even far less.
For all anyone really knows they could be "training" a handful of people and non would be the wiser.

They claim that $30 million per year spent on missionaries training and yet
the actual reported amount is $5.5 million per year as per the latest FC-6 report, (A legal document)
GFA has averaged reporting a consistent $5 million/yr for the past 7 years for
this purpose while at the same time receiving 30 million income per year for these "endeavours".

So where is the balance of the 30 million dollars per year?

It can't be too expensive training an army of invisible missionaries .

 2015/12/20 15:56


Not dark yet wrote:

"This is from a Calvary Chapel web page from today

The pastor is speaking and repenting for supporting G.F.A"

This is something we should watch

Pastor is heart broken and genuine as he shares with his members regarding his 17 years support and betrayal by gospel for asia

 2015/12/20 18:10

 Pattern of behaviour that GFA leadership has been engaged in for years

This article below fits the pattern of behaviour that GFA leadership has been engaged in for years. It is deceitful, ungodly and certainly a reproach to the living God.

" A good personality and a shrewd knowledge of human nature is all that any man needs to be a success in religious circles today. A W Tozer.

My Personal Experience With Gospel For Asia

After reading the well known book Revolution in world missions by K P Yohannan and praying for guidance after being given information from the Australian branch of Gospel for Asia, sponsoring a Native Missionary was established.

Certain guidelines were in place which at the time seemed reasonable such as not having any contact at all with the sponsored missionary based on the reasoning that the time and effort required to translated letters into local dialects was time consuming and expensive. This turned out to be a red herring as English according to GFA sources is the lingua franca in the GFA schools and colleges.

The payment for missionary support was made by mail and sponsors are from then on the recipients of literature for all sorts of other needs for children or wells and the like including purchase and distribution of live animals, which in my case was unnecessary pressure being on a pension, nevertheless all was well until I received a magazine outlining the workings of missionaries in the field in various parts of Asia.
At first it was very uplifting to see these locals spreading the Gospel with virtually only the shirt on their back and walking great distances in the heat and dust, and the letters column would bring a lump to the throat at times.

As the quarterly Magazines called (Send) keep coming in with updates and stories a small disclaimer was noticed which reads, many of the names and places in the stories have been changed for security reasons.
In addition to the names and places not being the actual circumstances and having acquired back issues of the magazine it became obvious that certain people were continually being seen as different identities in several stories, after contacting GFA about the problem it was disclosed that the photos depicting people in the stories was from library sources and again was for security reasons.

This simply did not make sense. The book Revolutions in world missions by way of a caption to a photo states, “if you are given the privilege to be a martyr for the Lords sake they are told, remember that heaven is a much better place. He has promised never to leave or forsake you”

These fake situations about names, places, and photos cast serious doubt on the veracity of the stories themselves.

The doubt was verified when stories from the field involved testing God.
It was noticed that a pattern had developed in witnessing, approaching people who were either ill personally or had a sick child or relative, this involved a situation where the missionaries were told that if this Jesus they talk about would heal the sick individual involved, then, they would be prepared for converting, the usual pattern was for the missionaries to go away and pray and then return to the village where great joy was found by way of a healing being witnessed and Jesus name being praised, these case histories became more disturbing when the same approach was made in a village where a cow had died, the owner would look to hearing more about their Jesus if the cow could be revived, after prayer it was and another convert was made.
This was the last straw for me and I wrote to GFA Australia showing my deep concern for the way the missionaries were prepared to test God in an effort make converts,
I was initially told that I had missed the point, the healing or resuscitation of an animal had occurred, undeterred I contacted HQ in Texas and was told that the Gospel must be adjusted to suit certain local circumstances, “Another Gospel”
It became necessary to sever my relationship with GFA at that time."

God is not mocked.

 2015/12/21 11:18

 Re: What is a trustee?

What is a trustee?
"Trustees have the overall legal responsibility for a charity. The law describes charity trustees as ‘the persons having the general control and management of the administration of a charity’ (Charities Act 1993, section 97).
It is very important that a charity can identify its trustees. This is not always as straightforward as it sounds. The trustees are the individuals who take decisions at the governing body of the charity, regardless of their actual title.
Sometimes the charity’s trustees are given other titles, such as governors, councillors, management committee members or directors> The title used is usually in the charity’s governing document"

From a May 14, 2015 Gospel for Asia staff meeting we have K.P. Yohannan lying to his disciples and telling them that he doesn’t have control or sit on any boards of GFA related organizations in other countries.

"And by the way, just so you know, I am not legally on any boards, any trusts, anything in any of these countries. I have no powers to make decisions or sign money, or release money, or make decisions, I am completely legally…why? Because anybody who work in the United States or overseas countries have a board membership or have legal membership should not be part of their legal entities in India. It’s a conflict of interest and therefore we send the funds and it is immediately under the government watch care and the government of India is responsible and investigative agencies and tax divisions to make sure that is carried out within the time frame or whatever they do, that is a public thing

And the truth is:

K.P Yohannan is the managing trustee of these institutions according to official Indian court documents:

A.M.Varghese vs State Of Kerala
Kerala High Court - Cites 1 - Cited by 0 - Full Document

Believers Church India vs State Of Kerala on 23 April, 2008
MOST.REV.DR.K.P.YOHANNAN, METROPOLITAN BISHOP PRESIDENT AND MANAGINGTRUSTEE THROUGH HIS POWER OF ATTORNEY HOLDER JACOB POTHEN ... that have been initiated against Dr.K.P.Yohannan, who is the trustee of the trust which is in possession
Kerala High Court - Cites 0 - Cited by 0 - Full Document

Gospel For Asia vs Sajan Peter on 6 January, 2012
Kerala High Court - Cites 0 - Cited by 0 - Full Document

Rev.Dr.K.P.Yohannan vs Niveditha.P.Hariharan on 6 January, 2012
Kerala High Court - Cites 0 - Cited by 0 - Full Document

The Principal vs Lohitha Alphy James on 21 October, 2011
Trust) Carmel Engg. College, Perunadu, Rep by Managing Trustee, Dr. KP Yohannan, Rep by Power of Attorney Holder, Jacob Pothen
State Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission - Cites 0 - Cited by 0 - Full Document

Most.Rev.Dr.K.P.Yohannan vs State Of Kerala
Kerala High Court - Cites 0 - Cited by 0 - Full Document

(Os 251/2014 Of Munsif Court vs Gospel For Asia
Kerala High Court - Cites 1 - Cited by 0 - Full Document
The Joint Director Of vs Lohitha Alphy James on 16 August, 2011
Believer's Church Trust) Represented by its Managing Trustee, Dr. K.P. Yohannan Carmel Engineering College Perunadu. JUDGMENT SHRI
State Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission - Cites 0 - Cited by 0 - Full Document

Rev. Dr. K.P. Yohannan vs Union Of India on 23 November, 1987
MOST REV. DR.K.P.YOHANNAN, METROPOLITAN BISHOP, PRESIDENT AND MANAGINGTRUSTEE THROUGH HIS POWER OF ATTORNEY HOLDER SHRI JACOB ... land and other properties of Sri.K.P.Yohannan and two trusts viz., Believers' Church India and Gospel for Asia
Kerala High Court - Cites 0 - Cited by 0 - Full Document
Dalit Christians Educational And ... vs The Vice Chancellor on 28 August, 2012

Chairman / Managing Trustee, Dr.Noble Memorial Christian College of Arts and Science, Yesuraj Campus, Dr.Yohannan Nagar, Padmanabhapuram, Thuckalay, Kanyakumar
Madras High Court - Cites 11 - Cited by 0 - Full Document

 2015/12/21 15:28

 Re: Isaiah 32:6 and 1 Peter 2:3

Isaiah 32:6

For a fool speaks nonsense, And his heart inclines toward wickedness: To practice ungodliness and to speak error against the LORD,
****To keep the hungry person unsatisfied And to withhold drink from the thirsty.******

2 Peter 2:3

And in their greed they will exploit you with false words; their judgment from long ago is not idle, and their destruction is not asleep.

 2015/12/21 21:21

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"Pilgrim and Sojourner." - 1 Peter 2:11



we have allowed this discussion to go on and allowed saints here to express their opinions of what has occoured with GFA. Some of the comments have been very critical calling KP Yohannan names etc, we feel this is not right nor suitable even if someone has committed a sin. In 1 Corinthians 5 there is correction for a very serious sin in the Church and Paul the Apostle speaks also of restoration of the believer in 2 Corinthians. If we call a brother names and desire someone to be judged strictly in this life where is the grace of Christ in this?

We do not want the forums here to be a copy of other blogs that are trying to find as much problems as possible or rather raise questions not answers. So for that reason we are asking believers do not continue to re-post other articles from blogs here. We feel this thread has been sufficient to alert some saints to consider if they should continue to support GFA and for everyone to realize we need to commit time to pray for KP Yohannan and Gospel for Asia.

So we ask saints do not start new threads or post to other older threads of the same topics.

This thread is now locked.

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

 2015/12/22 6:37Profile

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