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Assuming for the sake of argument that the prophecy regarding Damascus has been fulfilled. My question is are all of the Old Testament prophecies fulfilled in Jesus? In other words there are no Old Testament prophecies yet to be fulfilled?

 2015/11/28 14:38


No, some believe that the promises to Abraham are fulfilled in Jesus Christ by faith. No one ever said ALL the OT prophecies are fulfilled in Jesus. Many were already fulfilled in the OT, as not all of them are about Jesus. All the prophecies about Jesus were certainly fulfilled.

I don't think the majority of confessing Christians believe the following. I am in the minority.

"The failure to interpret the Old Testament from the perspective of the New has led to much confusion and misemphasis in Christian teaching, allowing the Old Testament to serve as the PRIORITY LITERATURE even in the lives of new covenant Christians. When this happens Christianity is perverted into religious forms of Christianized Judaism. Proper understanding of the Epistle to the Hebrews will reveal the logical absurdity of any expectations that God is going to renew the Jewish religion, re-establish a physical kingdom, reinstitute the Jewish priesthood, reinstate the animal sacrifices, rebuild the Jewish temple, or restore the physical land. Such expectations are the very backward reversions to religion that this epistle warns against, by explaining that all such external and physical religion has been superseded in the spiritual reality of Jesus Christ."
(James Fowler)

Revelation Series

 2015/11/28 15:04

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RE:/// My question is are all of the Old Testament prophecies fulfilled in Jesus? In other words there are no Old Testament prophecies yet to be fulfilled?///

Can the "day of the Lord" come as a thief in the night
at any momment ? should we be Looking for and hasting unto the coming of the day of God to come at any momment ?

What happens at the "day of the Lord" ?

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 The Isaiah 17 Damascus Bible prophecy has been fulfilled

The Isaiah 17 Damascus Bible prophecy has been fulfilled
by Gary DeMar :

"Because of the latest developments in Syria, prophecy prognosticators are coming out of the woodwork . . . again. The same thing happened in 2011 when prophecy hobbyists were claiming that Isaiah 17 was being fulfilled right before our eyes. Here’s an example from a video that was uploaded on July 21, 2011:

Damascus in Isaiah 17 is going to be destroyed in 1 day. This is about to occur in our lifetime in just a matter of months. It’s in the news and everywhere you look! This is going to fulfill one of the biggest biblical prophecies of all time! Be ready for Christ’s Return after this occurs! I hope this gives you hope of His coming!

Notice the time reference: “in just a matter of months.” That was more than two years ago making it a false prophecy about a true prophecy that was fulfilled nearly 2700 years ago.

Never learning and people forgetting, the claim is being made again that the events prophesied in Isaiah 17 about Damascus were never fully fulfilled in history, and like clockwork, naïve Christians are getting sucked in
................" read the entire artical at :

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 Re: The Isaiah 17 Damascus Bible prophecy has been fulfilled

PP Ain't so sure on that one. I think that oracle is ywt to be fulfilled in what we call the end times.

Or have the end times already been fulfilled. I am sure that some hold to the view that Jesus returned in 70 AD. But that would be another discussion on another thread.

 2015/11/28 19:26

 Re: And what of these verses?

If we are saying that the Old Testament prophecies have already been fulfilled. Either fulfilled in the Old Testament. Or fulfilled in Christ. Then how do you explain these passages of Scripture?

Zachariah 14:4
In that day His feet will stand on the Mount of Olives, which is in front of Jerusalem on the east; and the Mount of Olives will be split in the middle from east to west by a very large valley, so that half the mountain will move toward the north and the other half toward the south.

Acts 1:11
They also said Men of Galilee, why do you stand looking into the sky? This Jesus, who has been taken up from you into heaven, will come in just the same way as you have watched Him go into heaven.

Observation would suggest in Zachariah 14:4 has not been fulfilled yet. At least based on the commentary of acts 1 11.

 2015/11/28 19:43


The accepted view among the most commentators regarding the ascension of Christ is that it took place outside of Jerusalem on the Mount of Olivet. Also known as the Mount of Olives.

If the angels told the men of Galilee that Jesus would return in the same way that He ascended. This would presuppose that Jesus would descend upon the Mount of Olives. If this be so. Then Zachariah 14:4 is yet to be fulfilled.

Also keeping in mind that these Men of Galilee or the Apostles were no doubt schooled in the Old Testament Scriptures. Thus it would be reasonable to assume they knew the Zachariah 14:4 passage. They probably had in mind that Jesus was going to return in the same way that he ascended into heaven. That is His feet were going to touch the Mount of Olives.

I believe Zachariah 14:4 is yet to be fulfilled.

My thoughts and insights.

 2015/11/28 20:00


Mr Blaine

What these passages are really saying is that many, many believers will stand on a mountain somewhere in a state of mind symbolic of the mount of olives in a place that reminds us of Jerusalem, someday in either the past, present but certainly not the future.
In reality this is a literal representation of the church rejoicing so loudly in the inner man that it will feel as though a earthquake is causing a movement within our beings that replicates the physical quaking of the earth.
And this will enable Jesus to return into our hearts in a fuller manner as taught by the many esteemed bible knowledge interpreters of ages past present and not future.
Just AS the angel saw him ascend into a higher place in our innermost beings in the book of Acts he will likewise return in a greater measure of faith whenever we allow our theology to let him.
Yup thats what its says.

 2015/11/28 21:33



We are going over old ground. Some of the recent threads have your answer, and Google surely does.

That's fine if you believe Zech 14:4 is yet to be fulfilled. I respect your beliefs as long as they don't support a Christian eschatology that is oppressive and hurtful and dehumanizing to other people. We are supposed too be in this world as Jesus was and to walk as He walked. We don't live in the Old Testament. If your Christian eschatological beliefs support the hurt and oppression of others then they are not Christian and I can't agree with them.

Unfortunately, some people's views of eschatology are political instead of biblical, today.

Jesus Christ is ruling and reigning in the midst of his church, now.

 2015/11/28 21:46



Brother good morning. I agree that this is a good spiritual interpretation of Zachariah and Acts. But brother, I do believe there will be a literal return of the Lord Jesus Christ. Perhaps even in our lifetime. This was a hold of the early church. This is the hope of the persecuted church today. This should be our home also. In other words. Christ in you the hope of glory.

My thoughts.

 2015/11/29 7:56

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