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Carmine and others,

On SermonIndex we firstly want to ensure that even if we disagree with another brother and sister that we do not ever name-call or accuse each other verbally in a wrong way not in the spirit of Christ.

Secondly we are absolutely in favour of national Israel as God has an end-time plan for the jewish "people group" praise God. We also believe that jewish people must be evangelized just as other gentiles. The nation of Israel is fulfilled prophecy and the hatred, accusatory of jewish people is something that we do not agree with in the slightest.

Worldwide persecution will come to Christians and Jewish people in the end times. And a great influx of jewish people will become believers in Messiah (christ).

We ask that saints stay away from arguing against each other and serve each other as they would serve Christ. It is better to love a brother then always try and correct one another. We all see in a mirror dimly until that perfect day.

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