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Hi All

i just want to say that it is good to wrestle over subjects, but it is important to maintain the objective in the heat of the battle especially when we are using principles that are related to God as this is where Satan wants to work the most to stop truth rising up.

I watch many debates between Christianity vs Atheism not because of the content but how the Christians hold themselves during the debate. in nearly every debate i have seen the Atheist reverts to personalizing the attack by using slander, mocking and lots of sarcasm. People watching the debate can see these fruits very strongly. The Great christian debaters always stay on the topic, refraining from being drawn in the flesh. The minute they are drawn into the flesh they no longer represent God but themselves.

One creationist has one of the highest IQ,s i have seen and his material is breath taking unfortunately due to his sarcastic replies to his opponents, he only adds to the anger of the atheist crowd and debater rather then advance the gospel through a loving aproach.

I see this happening on Sermon index between Christians on topics. Sometimes people are able to bring it back to the objective and maintain a Christ in their objectives, other times Sermon index has to lock the thread.

On a personal level If you are unable to maintain Christ in your objective then you need to stay away from the topic as you will only bring the topic poison. it is important at this point to attend your wounds before Christ, bring it to your brother and sister if you cant then pride has overcome you.

this isn't directed at anyone in particular but it is an understanding or a guide line for any topic discussed. being from a fiery, prideful past myself, i have felt the sting of this many times and only found peace and change when bringing it to Christ as well as asking for forgiveness for my reaction.

This is a good topic to wrestle with as long as the Holy spirit is in the responses. With Complete Love in Christ

karl rashleigh

 2015/11/2 16:22Profile

Joined: 2012/2/8
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quote: "They haven't even told me what they want me to repent from."

Bottom line, from disagreeing with their viewpoint.

The amount of vitriol and viciousness on these threads is startling.

Remember the old saying about legal debate; if the facts are on your side argue the facts. If the law is on your side, argue the law. If neither is on your side, pound the table.

"The lady doth protest too much, methinks" Hamlet, Act III, Scene II. The bard had a lot of insight.


 2015/11/2 16:38Profile


I have a Jewish surname (which i don't disclose here)
I never felt any hatred towards my ancestors on this thread.

A few important scriptures
There is only one true "Ekklesia" , the one that Jesus Himself builds on the "Rock" which is Peter.
The Apostels laid the foundation.
There is no "Protestant " Ekklesia and Luther was not an Apostel.

As I tried to point out in the other thread, Cain and Abel were both "religious " But Cain killed because his heart was evil , he was not truly born again by the Spirit of God. This is the whole point. We can't blame a "theology " for the bad things that happened.
Adam and Eve made excuses after they sinned and we know the result

Our priority is to "seek first the Kingdom of God "
" go into All the world and make disciples "

Paul wrote : And when I came to you, brethren, I did not come with superiority of speech or of wisdom, proclaiming to you the testimony of God. 2For I determined to know nothing among you except Jesus Christ, and Him crucified 1 Corinthians 2:2

Jesus died for us, we belong to Him, and "By this all men will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another"
It might be time to stop and pray and seek the Lord
He is worthy

 2015/11/2 17:37

Joined: 2009/12/13
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Northern Idaho


Greetings brethren

I just have a couple of questions.

1. Why have there been at least 12 threads ~ if I have counted right ~ started on this topic in the last week?

Most have multiple long-winded posts that say the same thing over and over. Most are the writings of men with snips of the Word.

2. Should we not be searching the Word and allowing the Spirit to teach and quicken us with His truth ~ not men's?

"God is not a man, that He should lie,
or a son of man, that He should change His mind.
Has He said, and will He not do it?
Or has He spoken, and will He not fulfill it."
-Num 23:19 ESV

I do not know how God will do what He has said, but I know He will ~ in His time, in His way.

3. How does this honor Christ?

4. How do these promote "genuine Biblical revival" ~ the stated purpose of SI?

"But avoid foolish controversies, genealogies, dissensions, and quarrels about the law for they are unprofitable and worthless." - Titus 3:9 ESV

Should we not rather redeem the time praying with Brothers Tim and Neil and others for God to move in "genuine Biblical revival"? Should we not spend the time in His Word and on our faces before it is too late?

I wish you could hear my voice. I am not angry or pointing my finger. I am saddened.

I hope this is clear as I have tried to shorten my thoughts. Please know, should you choose to respond, this will be my only post on the subject.

 2015/11/2 18:12Profile

 Re: Questions


As brother Neil has stated they have an agenda. I am sorry that I got involved in this nonsense.

God Bless you

 2015/11/2 18:25

Joined: 2012/2/8
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If anything has been revealed by all these discussions is that there is no doubt that the primary persecution against Christians will be from other Christians with whom they disagree.

It will occur between those who have differing viewpoints (like in this discussion) or between all-in and lukewarm believers.

If anyone doubts that Christians could act like that, and even become violent, look at some of the vitriol on these threads. They absolutely can and will.

What exactly the breaking point/event will be for outright violence between brothers to erupt is unclear, but it is on the near horizon.


 2015/11/2 18:48Profile

Joined: 2012/5/13
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RE: ///As brother Neil has stated they have an agenda. I am sorry that I got involved in this nonsense///

That is misconstruing the facts.

The fact is that Docs started the thread : "A sincere question about the one new man and covenants made with Israel"

He specifically asked : "Comments welcome but if you want to be contentious please give it a rest and just forego. Sound, reasoned and well thought out replies are welcome."

Some of his His questions still have me thinking and searching the Scriptures,
His conduct has been outstanding through out all of these discussions. If we all could mature to the level that he has demonstrated in these discussions, we could both learn from each other as well as understand each other. and we all could sleep well at night.

from that thread heydave posted : Covenant and controversy - The great rage

I for one can not download youtube so Julius gave a rather lengthy critical review of that movie :

Many new threads from those few started springing up from several different individuals and from all sides of the topic.

 2015/11/2 19:29Profile

Joined: 2007/6/26
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Whittier CA USA


Exactly, well said proudpapa, I was thinking the same thing.


 2015/11/2 19:43Profile


"The fact is that Docs started the thread"

Not so, they started numerous threads recently all with the same agenda.
Reduce Israel to a pariah state, eliminate God's eternal covenant with them
and variations of the same anti-semitic thrust. All in the name of "christian"

 2015/11/2 19:54

Joined: 2005/2/24
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Todd and Mary, I totally agree with you. I have been here for 10 years and have never seen the mods let things get this out of hand, they usually shut it down. My only guess is Greg is learning something from this, or has a dog in the fight, you got me. And yes! why so many threads? talk about an agenda, these kind of actions is helping no one, why? they can't see the forest for the trees. Some are so wrapped up in this, if the forum had a closing time at night, some would have withdraws. :-)


 2015/11/2 20:09Profile

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