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I don't think there is such a thing as a "most important Sermon " Jesus always had the right words at the right time, for the right people.
We need the help of the HS for that.
The Pharasees needed a different message then the woman at the well and we know how angry He got in the temple with the money changers etc.
As new believers we needed "milk" then some more solid food.
We are also told to : "reprove, rebuke, exhort, with great patience and instruction" 2 Timothy 4:2

When i first discovered that there are some very godly sermons on the internet, I had a "favorite " preacher, but later i discovered that many different godly preachers often complement each other i get a more balanced message.
Most importantly i have come to realise that , in this modern age of technology, nothing is more important then to re-discover personal Bible reading and spend time with God.

This might not be an "important sermon " ;) ;)
thought i might share it anyway

 2015/10/26 23:18


Good point, markuskiwi.

I have had different messages from the Lord through the years that seemed like the most important message I had ever heard at the time. I expect to hear more of them.

This one is a very important message.
The Hope of Israel

 2015/10/26 23:41

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Well said brother+:)


 2015/10/26 23:45Profile


by JFW on 2015/10/26 23:45:09

Well said brother+:)

:-) Bless you, bro.

 2015/10/26 23:56

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Tragically, many Christians are being swept up in this demonic web of sensuality. Believers who have flirted with secret sins now find themselves in a battle for their souls. Our ministry receives thousands of letters each week, many from distraught believers who describe being trapped in sinful bondages. They tell us of life-controlling habits in their own lives and in the lives of loved ones habits such as drugs, alcohol, smoking, pornography, adultery, fornication, homosexuality, gambling, bitterness, anger, covetousness and stealing. Yet, no matter what their struggle, all of these people have this in common: They are bound, snared in slavery by a besetting sin. They feel chained, unable to break free from sin's power.

Many of these dear people sincerely love Jesus. They have prayed diligently, cried a river of tears and sought counseling from pastors and friends, yet nothing seems to free them. They always end up going back to their sin, and their heavy burden of guilt only increases with time.

I think I'll have to respectfully disagree with those two paragraphs. To me they seem to fly in the face of the many Scriptures which speak of guaranteed victory over sin for every blood-bought child of God. I'm not referring to sinless perfection because I do believe that Scripture affirms that every true believer will struggle with sin to a certain extent while in these bodies on this earth. But again, Scriptures such as 2nd Cor. 5:17 "If ANY man is in Christ he is a NEW creation", Rom. 6:14 "For sin shall NOT have dominion over you", and 1 John 3:9 "NO ONE who is born of God will continue to sin" teach that all true believers will generally experience victory over sin. If the Holy Spirit lives inside of us He will convict us of our sins and we will mourn over them and confess them to God and cry out to Him for deliverance from them, and He will deliver us. Yes, a true believer can struggle with certain serious vices at times but they cannot remain in bondage to those vices very long because God will chastise them one way or another and they will repent and gain the victory over them.

My concern is with giving the impression that true believers can remain in bondage to any and all types of serious sins. Again, that contradicts many clear Scriptures. It's kinda like saying that a bank robber can get saved and remain a bank robber, or that a prostitute can get saved and remain a prostitute, or that a terrorist can get saved and remain a terrorist. That's ridiculous, right? That kind of message has been the cause of deceiving multitudes of false converts. I come across many of them all the time as I witness on the streets. For example, I've seen thugs who are still dealing their drugs and committing other serious sins and crimes say they are saved because at one point they "accepted Jesus as their Savior". Let's remember, Jesus warned that not everyone who calls Him Lord will enter heaven, but only those who do God's will will enter.

Many such Christians have concluded they can never be free from their sin. They think they will never be able to move out of the bondage of flesh Paul describes in Romans7. In this bondage, Paul says, a person does what he hates, with no power to do what is right. He is unable to move into the spiritual freedom Paul outlines so joyously in Romans8, where power over the dominion of sin is revealed. In the bound person's eyes, there is no escape from the wretchedness of always doing what he despises. So he has resigned himself to struggling for the rest of his life riding the unending merry-go-round of sinning and confessing, sinning and confessing. Yet, all the while, he continues to testify of God's power to set others free.

Again I'll have to respectfully disagree with that interpretation of Romans 7. I don't think Paul meant to say there that he was in bondage to certain sins like fornication, drugs, alcohol, etc. I do believe that Paul was referring to the inner struggle with sin that every Christian experiences. But that's different from saying that true believers can remain in serious bondage to serious sins as a lifestyle.


 2015/10/27 0:34Profile

 Re: Oracio and markuskiwi

Please note that what I posted was written by David Wilkerson. This is his writing - I just posted it.

Did you listen to the message?

markuskiwi - Did you listen to the message?

 2015/10/27 7:15

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