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I live in Atlanta, Georgia and met Mr. Alex Kendrick at our children's cross country meets around the time the movie was released. He is the same in real life as he is in the movie. I was very impressed with his humility, character and the way he treated his family in public. He actually wanted not to be in the spotlight and tried very hard to hide himself while in public. I met him with my children and it was a real blessing.

Doug R

 2015/11/13 1:23Profile

 Mister Bill!

did I ever tell you I love you, both in my spirit AND in the Holy Spirit?

well, I do!!

I just wanted to say that to you, in Jesus love, neil

 2015/11/13 3:18


My brothers and sisters I really praise God for the spirit of this thread. As I dictate this into my voice recognition tears are filling my eyes. For we are living in a sinful world. We are in a time that cries our prayer. And yet those who profess to know Christ will criticize and condemn a movie that is seeking to promote prayer. One would have to ask the critics how much time do you spend in your war room?

Jesus said wisdom is judged by its fruits. If this movie will promote more prayer. Then I ask where is the wrong? If this movie will promote more time in the prayer closet where is that wrong?

Last night I led a very heart wenching tear filled call on Persecution Watch. Our tears were flooding the prayer line regarding people who have experienced such sorrow in their lives. And it is only going to increase. I hear the Holy Spirit say there will be more heartache as the times grow darker. As such more prayers will be needed. More people will be crying out to God.

So I asked the religionist. Where are your prayers? Where are your tears? Where is your war room?

God grant that we will always be before him in prayer. Dr. Charles Stanley has said you are never as tall with God as you are on your knees in the prayer room. Or for the purposes of this thread we are never as tall with God as we are on our knees in the war room.

In tears from the bear cave.


 2015/11/13 7:26

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