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If you want to post a reference that would be great ,if it is so it is obvious Wesley read foxes book and realized it there was much more between him and fox and quakers hence his words and the list i referenced .That is why he said that about that book of foxes

 2014/8/29 3:17Profile

Joined: 2011/10/23
Posts: 2093


Thats ok im a bit suprised it went for so long ,maby the moderators noticed what i noticed in that book .

Im not saying fox wasnt a christain

 2014/8/29 3:21Profile


Gary I am trying to find you a referrence but I have to go out.

For anyone interested in the Worthington's, their testimony is that they are still waiting on the Lord to grant the blessing that George Fox spoke of.

 2014/8/29 3:56



Are you saying that such a renowned and highly educated theologian as John Wesley, had not even read what must have been the most controversial writing of Fox before he commented on his theology?

The reference you gave on a previous post:

[47] in one of his letters to Archbishop Secker, he remarks: “Between me and the Quakers there is a great gulf fixed. The sacraments of baptism and the Lord’s supper keep us at a wide distance from each other; insomuch that, according to the view of things I have now, I should as soon commence deist as Quaker.”[48]

[47] Wesley’s Works, vol. xii., p. 488.
[48] Ibid. vol. xii., p. 74.

is incorrect:,+vol.

 2014/8/29 5:18

 Re: What a mess!

Mark we both know one thing. You know it and I do. Please don't think that you can hide behind a veil of words. You do not even know what the occult is. You are a shallow fake Mark. Do you want me to prove it in a public place? Do not press me. I have stated more plainly than you in this thread respectful things about Brenda. You are a selective idiot and a fool. This thread demonstrates one clear reality which others need to get their heads around. Believers are ignorant and blind despite their claims and despite their efforts. I rebuke you Mark for your Hypocrisy, selective blindness and falsehoods.

 2014/8/29 5:39

Joined: 2011/10/23
Posts: 2093


this link was from the same site

Weasly goes into great detail about the differnce between wAht he believes AND QUAKERISM page 110 .

Ill try to find the other reference but it is not one a gave , i think it will be in this wrk of weaslys

 2014/8/29 6:21Profile


Brenda I am perfectly happy for you to quote me. But please do it in context and be sincere about it if at all possible. Suffering from acute anxiety when you have been abused as a child is not a mental health issue. Nor do I mean perverse uncles nor do I mean the ingestion of gum powders foolishly given by my parents. I mean torture and violence and hateful speech. In that context acute learned anxiety would be thought as a psychological normalcy.

Further, bearing witness to a period of a few months in one year some fifteen years ago whilst in a backslidden condition, which is the context of your quote from my blog site, does not express a mental health condition either. The statement Brenda is past tense. I have no problem with anyone on here saying and doing what they want to say if by that means some at least can benefit from a dose of reality. In fact I would press for the matter.

My son Brenda is called Daniel he has a severe brain injury caused by medical negligence. He is twenty seven years of age and he also does not have mental health problems. Your claim that my mothers condition may have run in the family is completely false and I rebuke you for saying it.

I have said this before and I now say it again. Christians can be, and often are some of the most hateful people. This has been my experience not because they murder others with swords, or thrown stones and rocks to kill others, or steal others possessions, but because we are the only people in the whole world with the means and knowledge to love with discernment and understanding, as God Himself loves, and instead we hate one another.

Brenda I have no interest in your hypocrisy any more. Until this last post of yours, and the way you have gone straight on to deal in trivialities with Gary I had thought you to be a genuine and decent person. That confidence has now gone and so is any possibility of further communication between us.

Despite the nonsense spoken here by yourself and Mark as to the substance of my alleged attacks on others I would invite you to do some real work and prove it. I therefore ask the Lord Jesus to make the judgement between us in the visibility of men and angels. I will make no further comment so you can really say just whatever you feel like. No defence will be made. I really cannot stomach American heroes Brenda they get right up my nose. Dammed Yanks.

You will of course not pray for me Brenda. I would not suffer your prayers before the Father, given this context.

Just to give some material substance to what I have said in my blog site and what you have quoted here now as evidence of my mental health.

The serial rapist was a real person. I had the misfortune to witness a small child being raped in Gainsborough in Lincolnshire, in 1999. I took that child up into my arms in the name of the Lord Jesus and carried her home realising that I could not chase after her attacker, but mindful of who he was. I then reported myself to her mother and to the police and provided a witness statement. Several months passed and several more rapes and eventually I decided that I would use my occult knowledge and abilities under a cover and preserve of the prophetic calling, and bring him to judgement. This decision was taken because I was not walking in the spirit and knew that my prayers were hindered and so I decided to do what I knew I could do regardless of that hinderance.

I was once a practising Satanist Brenda and an accomplished sorcerer. I have made no secret of this fact anywhere on this site, I know how to harm men through the air, I know how to lay wast to their pretentious nonsense as well. But I do not do such things as they are evidentially occult when done in the flesh of self interest. I rather pray and ask the Lord accordingly. The line between the occult and the prophet is so close that I doubt more than two people on this site would even know where to begin to draw it. My whole blog is devoted to exposing that reality. The quote you have taken is a confession of what a believer does when they are not walking in the spirit. It is not a mental health forum or a a claim to have suffered mental health problems. It is an intelligent expression of spiritual realities presented in terms which few will have ever even considered.

I have twice used the following saying on this site:

The distance of thousands of miles does not a veil make which cannot be drawn back.

The one I leave hidden and the other was spoken to Just-In who has now left the site. Just-In like Mark also started to be personal against me because he felt a need to defend Brenda. Now Mark, So has Colin Murray. There has also been similar personal attack from Mike and one other. None of these things really matter except they serve to make for real meaning and evidence of our attitudes and conduct. If you go into those situations, which none of you are now able to do without considerable effort, you would find that far from my attacking individuals, either by name or by indirect inference, I have attacked ideas. Beating children with pieces of wood for example. Now it is mysticism and the heresies which arise from that means of comprehending God. I have also spoken against rock music. But only in context of defending David Wilkerson who came in for a beating several times. I could go on. What I have never done is attack an individual other than perhaps to have the gall to say that I did not care whether a certain person loved me or not. If anyone can show me otherwise I will publicly repent of it.

None of these things has anything to do with mental health. The youth gangs were similarly dealt with by prophetic means. So that when I say, "I withstood them in a countenance which left them speechless, that oddly enough is precisely what I mean. I stood in their midst fully visible in a prophetic countenance and they spoke not one word to me. They dare not even ask me what I was doing or even look at me. Their power was broken with not one word being spoken and they dispersed. You have no idea Brenda what you are about and Mark is just as ignorant. Go and read the articles or at least try to read them. There are eight altogether in the series on sorcery in the Church. I am of course happy for you bringing my words to others attention. What you have missed however is that they speak of me in far darker terms than any mere mental health issue could possibly speak. I am afraid Brenda that far from being mentally ill I know Satan personally and am unaltered by that reality. You can also make of that what you will. But I do not stand idly by even when Satan is attacking me from the air because I am not walking as I should. The context of the quote you have selectively taken Brenda is very different from anything you have any experience of. The Lord Himself lets Satan do his work, and by that means are men sifted and proven according to their activities. That was all fifteen years ago Brenda. Do you have any comprehension of context or meaning? Shame on you.

Unlike you Brenda I am not a victim in life even though I have suffered a great deal and would have every good reason to be mentally ill. Ironically suffering from acute anxiety Brenda as a learned process arising from years of being physically tortured at the hands of your parents on a daily basis for ten years did not produce so much as an outward hint of the inner turmoil and anxiety, even as a child. My wife and all the people I have to do with, including court officials, social workers and health workers of many types and kinds, as well as Neuro Psychiatrist's and medical doctors on an almost daily basis have never even noticed it. Do not take words and imagine you have any conception of what they mean unless you take them in a sincere heart and intend good by them. The speed that you have come to the floor of hypocrisy at the first encouragement from another, being Mark of course, speaks for itself as Gary has indicated.

The issue which Gary raised in the root of this OP has been lost as far as my own comments are concerned, but as Gary has said, he has spoken with me probably for a little over four hours in the last eighteen months and so he is better placed to realise what a mistake you have made. American boys put you heads in. This is not Hollywood this is reality. Either get real or get out. Brenda I have no regret sister about what has been said on either side. I am genuinely not offended and see this as the hand of the Lord to teach me reality and what it means to expose those things about oneself before others which they can make use of to harm us. Fortunately my mind Brenda is a Rock, we have the mind of Christ don't you know! My advise Brenda, is use it and stop looking for mystery.

Finally the term obsessive methodical behaviour was also set in a specific context. In 1999 I started a computer hardware and network installation business. I single handedly turned over more than £200,000 in the first year. I explain in that same article you helpfully quoted from that this was the precise reason and the basis for neglecting my walk at that time. This too is not a mental health condition. It is a mind of determination borne out of having to deal with stress and anxiety internally from a very young age. In short Brenda the saying has context and real meaning.

So just to summarise then:

I am not mentally ill.

A learned operant condition of acute inner anxiety is not a mental illness

The period covered by the quote Brenda sweetly made to my seeming help is a reference to events between September to December 1999

My 27 year old son is brain damaged not mental ill

My wife did not even know that I experienced internal anxiety until I was forty years old despite being intimate with me for the preceding fifteen years. Only then did she know because I told her. Read the article fully Brenda.

A few on SermonIndex literally imagine what reality is and hate me because I am direct in what I say. Mark is personally offended with me and is hiding behind a pretext of spiritual knowledge. He is in my mind a damned yank.

Brenda became momentarily afraid but very quickly shot her arrows off when she realised I was not against her

Thank you all for being the very antithesis of discernment, truth and understanding.

 2014/8/29 7:19


Gary can you shorten those links like I have done to reduce the width of the page thanks.

Also the link you give did not work.

 2014/8/29 7:32

 locked? why?

this thread is such a beautiful witness, to the fun and frittering away of hours spewing words, words, words.

"what a peculiar people these Christians, look how they love one another".

aint religion fun?

 2014/8/29 7:49

 Re: What a mess!

I am disgusted and appalled at the abusive way you have been spoken to and maligned here...from what it seems is a very unhinged individual who appears to have been stalking you online all these years?!! I don't blame you for feeling a little creeped out. And not just stalked you, but admits to deliberately laying snares to "trip up your feet". What utter nonsense, actually it sounds worse...more like some weird obsession with you...yikes! If you were my wife I would have some very strong words with any man that spoke to you like this. This guy needs to shut his big mouth, repent and apologize to you.

For what it is worth sister I find your posts pleasant and respectful and not the least bit heretical and without anything even remotely related to the occult! Lol. The smartest thing you could do is follow through on your words and never reply to him again because you will only feed his obsession. May The Lord bless you and strengthen you in spirit, soul and body. Praying for you tonight!!!

Mark having made one reply I am minded to give another one as well so read it and you may be better informed next time you have a mind to make silly comments in a show of Hollywood heroics.

I do not know Brenda personally. The only things I do know about her are taken from this site and two other Quaker sites which Brenda posts into using her real name in full. I have in fact only quoted her from those two sites and I have quoted her in context and verbatim. The original posts are still there and I can show the links to test that claim. I have never so much as posted any words whatsoever to Brenda, or about Brenda except in public in SermonIndex. There has been no private words and no words other than can be found here. This has been in the time I have been a member which is just four days less than yourself. In other words it has been over the last 30 months. Though for ten months of that I did not make a single post to Brenda or respond to her own posts at all. I only started when I saw her inclination to mysticism and recognised the inherent danger in it. This forum is frequented by far more people who do not post than who do post and many of them will be spiritually thirsting.

Brenda takes the view that Jesus will keep them by some inner reality which amounts to an occult claim in itself. I have seen a number of different realities because sometime people disobey Jesus despite the warnings and the efforts of others to draw them back and they pay a heavy price. This is not an exaggeration, it is a reality. I have documented one of these realities here on SI which has to do with a man who was involved in the Hebridean Revival. I also had a conversation with Greg two years ago and shared another similar incident with a man which lasted for a ten year period and resulted in his premature death. Greg's response to me was "Ten years?". In other words the Lord showed mercy and understanding for ten years before I was withdrawn from that mans life.

All of my posts have been about a specific reality which I can see you have no comprehension of. No doubt you still imagine that the devil is a horned fellow with a garish grimace. So you imagine that the occult therefore must be similarly grim. The occult Mark is the most desirable commodity known to humanity. It speaks of the acquisition of knowledge by an unlawful means of men and angels in order to maintain men and angels in the place of God. If that in finality means a false Christ then perhaps you can see why anti-christ is a reality of ambition to Satan, and why all that which is in the name of Christ must be tested and shown to be of Christ and not the prince of the power of the air.

Therefore when you say you cannot see anything occult in the things Brenda says, or the doctrine she espouses and her inclination to acquire knowledge and understanding by an inward means attending to mysticism, you really do not know what you are actually saying. If you do not even know what the occult is how will you know when you see it before your very eyes?

Mark what you really think about me is really not important. But what you are missing is that this exchange between myself and Brenda is specific and is not in any way chaotic or obsessive. It is in any even over now. I am glad that it is. I have said everything can could be said. What benefit is in it I cannot say, but my conscience is clear.

Stalking someone Mark has to have some substance my friend. It's not a word to be bandied around like children's sweets. This is not a political forum it must be a forum where people speak truthfully as best they are able. My posts to Brenda and my research into her beliefs cover a short period of time and have been confined to indirect actions on a public forum moderated by five men who all see and read what is being said. If Brenda can say otherwise then she ought to say it plainly and clearly and seek for advise and help accordingly. Otherwise Mark your unnecessary and false report will be seen to be what it really is. Follow your own advice and resist replying Mark, it will do you no good whatsoever.

I would also encourage you to actually read Greg's pen sketches on George Fox. Nowhere will you find an encouragement to mysticism, via triplex, sinless perfection or prolonged silences awaiting inner revelation to the exclusion of biblical sound doctrine. That was Gary's original premise and it remains true regardless of what has passed in this OP.

 2014/8/29 9:15

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