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 To --> Brenda <--

I have nothing more to say about George Fox except what I have written.

Brenda dear sister, I hope you are well, I certainly have nothing else to say to those who clearly display not even a shred of humility or regret in the way they speak to people. I jumped into this thread to defend you from that silly tirade, but I now see that you are quite capable of handling yourself, lol. I just don't like it when I hear big-mouthed bullies treat women like doormats.

This is all I have to say on this thread, and to be honest I am probably not going to come be back often on these forums again, it has gotten really, really bad here which is sad. As long as this silliness goes on unchecked, a lot of good people will not participate very much. Now if Sermon Index had a block feature like Facebook...wouldn't that be something?!!

 2014/8/29 9:37

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This thread is being closed. This sort of fighting, accusing, name-calling is utterly shameful and brings reproach upon the name of Christ.

You are reminded:

"The site moderators ask you before you post that you consider praying and ask the Lord if you have the right spirit to serve others and edify others in the body of Christ before posting."

Clearly, this request has been, and is being ignored. Everyone is asked to reconsider the forum guidelines and be a good witness to those within as well as to those outside the body of Christ.

Brother Paul

Paul Frederick West

 2014/8/29 9:42Profile

 Re: locked? why?

And here is one for you Paul. If you insist on promoting occult and dangerous material on this site and allowing others to do the same then what do you expect. You remonstrate about the witness of the Lord's name, with no conception as to what effect these mystical teaching may have. Now you can delete my account.

 2014/8/29 9:48

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