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Discussion Forum : Scriptures and Doctrine : What is a theology of martyrdom?

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Yes it is the same word

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Then think about it brethren. In Acts 1:8 the apostles were told that they would receive power when the Hojy Spirit fell on them. And they would be His witnesses, even martyrs, even to the ends of the earth.

Tradition tells us that all of the original disciples, save one, were martyred preaching Jesus. I sense there is something profound here that the Holy Spirit has yet to reveal to me. Perhaps to all of us.


 2014/8/17 15:29


Greg has posted some excellent videos at the beginning of this thread. I have watched the first two. They are very stirring.

I would commend them. Good profound food for the soul.


 2014/8/17 15:32

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Yes, indeed. I do not know Greek, but there is a fantastic free resource where you can look up where the word
"martyr" is used in the bible according to Strongs Number G3144

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I think the theology of martyrdom can be summed up easily:

We are called to be witnesses of Him. Sometimes, but not always, the witness will die because of this witness. If this is what God wills, so be it. We are not to seek to be killed for our faith. I do not see that taught anywhere in scripture.

Islamic suicide bombers are martyrs (for their faith) in a twisted sense.


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Brethren I would commend the videos Greg has posted earlier in this thread. They are very moving and soul stirring.


 2014/8/17 18:57

 Re: Daily Martyrdom

Dear saints I think this is a subject that we need to give serious attention to.

In North Korea when someone comes to the Lord Jesus Christ they already know in their hearts they are dead. If the North Korean believers lose sight of the fact that they are dead to themselves but alive in Christ Jesus they will not survive the challenges of living for Jesus in that dark nation.

N. Korean believers are fully aware that if discovered they can be executed which would be merciful. Or they and 3 generations of their families suffer a slow horrible death in a North Korean death camp.

the idea of martyrdom to American believers is difficult and even distasteful to think about. Indeed outside of this thread how many American believers have ever heard a sermon on dying for the Lord Jesus Christ, losing their lives for Him. For American believers, perhaps even some in the forum, the idea of martyrdom for Christ is something that happened either in the past or today that is happening in a foreign country. The idea of being martyrs for Christ is simply unthinkable an American Christianity.

Yet we see global persecution happening on a level that has been unprecedented in human history. Observers are writing about a global war on Christians. And this is not something that is merely happening in the third world. But we see persecution occurring against Christians in Europe and even in North America. We are living in times that are hostile to the followers of Jesus Christ.

Though we are not hearing about martyrdom of believers in the United States or Canada. There is a growing hostility and darkness toward the believers here in North America. It is starting with marginalization and rejection. Eventually it will end in imprisonment and perhaps even the giving of our lives for the Lord Jesus Christ.

Saints we need to pray that pastors will have the Hoky Ghost boldness to start preaching about laying down our lives for Christ. Greg alluded to something it his post that we should be dying to self on a daily basis to the sinful impulses and worldly desires that wage war against our souls.

Indeed Jesus tells us that we should take up our cross daily to follow him and also to deny ourselves. Paul says I die daily. He also says in Galatians that he has been crucified with Christ and he no longer live but Christ lives in him. Paul also says in that same letter may I never boast except in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ through which the world has been crucified to me and I to the world.

Brethren we need to die to ourselves on a daily basis. We need to die to the love of the world and the things in the world. If we are dying to ourselves daily and reckon ourselves as dead to sin, dead to the world, but alive to Christ Jesus. Then when we are called to lay down our lives for Christ we will already be dead. Indeed this is how the North Korean believers are victorious over the dark demonic forces of that nation. They already realize in their hearts that they are already dead to the world, dead to themselves, but alive to Christ Jesus.

May God grant that pastors with Holy Ghost boldness will challenge their congregations to die to themselves and live for the Lord Jesus Christ.

My thoughts.

Blaine Scogin

 2014/8/17 19:21

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