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yea i think they chanded it a wile back ,,,but i know others have still spoke to greg pesonaly

well if it is a public issue or sin ,,then we can deal with it in a pubic fourm where it is happening ,,,we dont need to imply to eachother that we are snakes ,,like heart song has kindly done to some of us

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Hi Heartsong, maybe you could let us know the teachings you aren't finding to be right if you don't feel it's correct to mention people in particular. There may be confusion about what was being said or about what you thought was being implied.

David Keel

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 Re: Is sermonindex a den of vipers?


I have been greatly disappointed at a lot of rhetoric flying about this forum for a long time.

I myself at times can be accused of intemperate postings. for which I pray I have the Grace to ask forgiveness and walk in meekness and humility, when called for this sin.

in my spirit, it was when the "old" phone prayer was canceled, that a covering was taken from this forum. I have no idea WHY this old phone prayer meeting was cancelled, nor do I really WANT to know.

in a larger sense this dovetails with my own struggle in these northern wildwoods, meaning after 3 years I have yet to find an ekklesia, that I am called to....for a very simple reason: I once heard Brother Len Ravenhill say he wouldn't belong to a local church that did NOT have a regular vibrant prayer meeting. Though there are many church buildings around here, they are mostly United Methodist and Lutheran, a smattering of UCC's, a Baptist, an AoG....but not one has a prayer meeting, so I keep praying , "Lead me LORD".

as to your post, don't take out the sword, unless your planning to wield it, or what you hear whispered, shout it from the short, don't say "den of vipers", unless you name them by name....and sin. It is "flesh" in posts, is it contentiousness in posts?.....diviseness?....lack of love?

if I am guilty, name me, as I and the Holy Spirit will search my heart, and be authentic, be meek, and repent if your words are true.

But be brave, don't dance around this subject.


 2014/8/4 6:59

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 Re: Is sermonindex a den of vipers?

HeartSong, I respectfully ask that you explain the first two paragraphs on your post. First are you speaking of sermon index members or ministers who have sermons posted? Many of us aren't quite sure what you are trying to say exactly.

I come here to get sound and frank insight into many of todays issues and although I may not agree 100% with everyone I have found that for the most part everyone here loves the Lord and that the majority of us realize that we are all imperfect and are doing our best to let Christ shine through us. I realize many of us have strong opinions and our zeal for the Lord may at times cause us not to choose our words carefully, but hey we are all still on this journey and are still learning and growing everyday.

So if there is something you feel you need to get off your chest then please do so dear sister in a respectful and loving way. God Bless.

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Neil wrote:

"I once heard Brother Len Ravenhill say he wouldn't belong to a local church that did NOT have a regular vibrant prayer meeting."

Perhaps The Lord is wanting you to start one? Just a thought.

I used to attend a rather large church where there was no prayer meeting. A few of us started one on Saturday mornings and for months it was just the same few that attended. We did not push it but it was generally known that we prayed every Saturday. Loved those times. Gradually more started coming. We got up to around 10 regulars. Would I have liked to have seen more? For a church our size, yes. But I am convinced for whatever reason that is the size The Lord wanted.


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We are locking this thread, we do ask in the future that brethren here try and not verbally accuse others in the forums, for we have not in many cases met each other face to face and only God knows the hearts of men.

Though there will be judas's and balaam's amongst us we must seek peace with all men especially the brotherhood and love covers a multitude of sins.

This thread is locked.

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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