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O praise be to God for the great things that He hath done!

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HALLELUJAH!!!!!!!!! Has there been any explanation other than God? I have been praying that God would show Himself to the doctors as well....please update us if you can....makes me shout for joy!!!

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HALLELUJAH! Thank You Lord, You are so faithful! So glad to hear the good news! May God indeed continue to work in Debbie's recovery and to bring her and George to a true and deep and lasting knowledge of Christ!


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I give thanks and praise GOD along with you. I will continue to pray for Debbie and George, that they will both see their need for JESUS in their lives, repent and come to CHRIST.

God bless

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 Re: release

I'd like to share a brief update with you all in regard to Debbie's condition.

Thanks be to God for His mercy. Debbie spent her first day(Saturday 7/12 ) back at home. She is doing well. She is still weak, but she is eating again and taking some short walks with her husband George.

She will be on anti-biotics for the next 6 weeks or so,and will have a nurse come to her home daily to check on her progress.

We're confident that God will continue to sustain her, and we are praying that God will show, both Debbie and her husband George, their desperate need for His Grace and His Salvation, by and through the life, death, burial and resurrection of Messiah Jesus, the Son of God.

To the praise of His Glorious Grace. Amen.

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Praise God! Will continue to pray for salvation. Thank you for the update - pls let us know if you are able to talk with them and/or see any signs of awakening spiritually....

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