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Indeed we seev that Jesus has obtained more excellent ministry by being the mediator of a better covenant built on better promises (Heb.8:6). One of His promises is He will write His laws on our hearts and minds (Heb.8:10). Thus by His Spirit we out the fulfillment of the law as He did (Rom.8:4). This is why I keep saying we are governed by the Holy Spirit and not by the Mosaic law (Gal.5:18).




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 Re: The rise of a new Judaism

Dear brother,
You are so right in sounding this alarm. Out here in New England, there are folks in evangelical circles, who are becoming highly regarded, whose ministry is to preach the 'Hebraic Roots of Christianity'. Now, that all sounds well and good, until you absorb some more of said 'roots'. I noticed, there was very little said of Jesus, the Lamb of God, Himself. There is a whole lot of describing the types and shadows in the Old Testament and how Jesus fulfilled them all. And there it stops. Nothing of His present work of saving human beings from their sin.
And yes, I've seen apparently solid believers being convinced to put up booths in their backyard for Succoth! [?sp] Shofar-blowing ministries, complete with prayer cloths are now spring up hither, thither and yon.
I truly do not understand how understanding present-day Jewish culture, helps my submission to the Lord. It all just reeks of 'knowing men after the flesh'. Very subtle and very real bringing men and women into bondage, trying to fulfill the Law that could only be fulfilled by that perfect Man, Jesus of Nazareth.
The Lord is building for Himself a spiritual body, made up of saved, sanctified saints from all over the world, regardless of their ethnicity and geography.

May the Lord continue to help us see what is really real.


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I find that understanding the Jewish faith as revealed in the OT books, including the law is an excellent schoolmaster in helping me understand Jesus' sacrifice.

One day I was kind of ticked off with Pauls' redundancy in his writings: why did he have to repeat himself so often, reminding people about Jesus' sacrifice? I know it, but why keep repeating it? His writings became a bore.

The Holy Spirit then led me to study the law as given in Leviticus and Deuteronomy. As I read, studied this - working to understand life as it should have been lived in that context when enlightenment came to me - I understand exactly what Paul was writing about!

'Twas awesome!

The law indeed is an excellent schoolmaster in teaching one the finer points of God, his son's sacrifice, his attributes, his mind and his glory. The NT is written primarily to the Jewish people and when it is understood as such we do well to try to understand the context in which it is written. know what? you do not need any commentator to help you in this learning process. :-) Comparing scripture with scripture...beautiful!

My experience...

Sandra Miller

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Jesus is the better EVERYTHING, isn't He?

Here is a good rule of thumb: Anything that diminishes Christ, i.e. takes away from Him or even adds to Him is highly suspect. Anything that brings Him lower than something or someone else does not pass the "simplicity test". Don't drink water from those "cups".

Back to Jesus being the better everything:

The Sabbath was but a shadow. First we had the "rest of completed Creation", now we have the "rest of completed Salvation".

In the beginning, there was unbroken spiritual rest from Creation to Sin. Now, unbroken spiritual rest has been restored in Jesus, never to be broken again.

The Sabbath was the sign of the old covenant, that Israelites were God's chosen people. Jesus' body and blood is the sign of the new covenant, that all who believe are God's chosen people.

Israelites were delivered from bondage in Egypt, Believers are delivered from bondage to sin.

The "shadow" was the physical rest of body and mind, but now we have spiritual rest for the soul.

You won't get any agreement from the Hebrew Root's corner on the Sabbath being Jesus Christ, but as I said before, every other explanation diminishes and takes away from the Lord and what He accomplished.

Blessings to all.

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just-in, so you ignore the millenium prophecies? Why is that?

Because the prophets must be ignored in order to understand Jesus Christ?

And that question comes from a member of the non-Hebrew-Root's-corner.

You think that everyone that reads the prophets is in the Judaism movement? Oh dear.

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This is the Scripture that comes to my mind,when thinking on this subject.
It is what God spoke down from heaven to the disciples, (learners) ...
Peter and James and John,when Jesus took them 'up into an high mountain.'

To begin with,Mark 1:1, Jesus says unto them,'Verily I say unto you,There be some of Them that stand here,who shall not taste of death,til they have seen the kingdom of God come with power.

( isn't that a strange thing to say,before
He takes them up on this high mountain to show them something, must of been a statement of great importance.)
But what did He mean?

I believe He is saying,that they,and we,...that there is a taste of death to
self,...that we cannot die to self until we see the kingdom coming with power to help.....the power of His Grace,...the power of The King,drawing us to His Way / will.

Then Jesus takes them up into this high mountain,..(v.4)and there appeared unto them Elijah with Moses;and they were talking with Jesus.
(V.5),And Peter began to talk about making three tabernacles, for
Jesus,one for Moses,and one for Elijah.(paraphraseing)

(V.7),And there was a cloud that overshadowed them;and a voice that came out of the cloud,saying,This is my beloved Son;hear ye him.
(And suddenly as they looked round about they saw no man any more
except Jesus only with themselves.

When we come into His Kingdom,...His Kingdom within us,The Holy Spirit within,..we are to be led by The King over that Kingdom....(hear ye Him)

Lovingly ,

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 Re: Elisabeth

My dear sister you are conveying a beautiful truth when you describe the Mount of Transfiguration. For this is the New Testament counterpart to Mount Sinai in the Old Testament. For the law was given through Moses. But grace and truth were realised through Jesus Christ (Jn 1:17).

On Mat.17:1-17, Mk. 9:1-8, Lk.9:28-45; we read Jesus is with Moses and Elijah. Moses represented the law giver of Old Covenant. Elijah represented the prophets of the Old Covenant. Jesus is the mediator of the New Covenant. In Luke it says Moses and Elijah were discussing with Jesus about His departure to Jerusalem. His departure where He would die on the cross for our sins. His departure that would bring to an end the Old Covenant and bring and in the New Covenant.

Will comment more.


 2014/3/13 9:20

 Re: Elisabeth

Sister wanted to flesh out more the Mount of Transfiguration. In his misguided zeal Peter wanted to build 3 tabernacle. One for Jesus, Moses, and Elijah. This it s what the Messianic folks want to do. Have the glory of Jesus contained in the Old Covenant with Moses.

Yet a voice comes out of the cloud that that comes down and surrounds them. The voice of the Father says this is my Son whom I have chosen. Listen to Him. Then the cloud departed with Moses and Elijah. Only Jesus was left.

My sister that is the key phrase. Listen to Him. Listen to Jesus. When Peter speaks of the Mount of Transfiguration experience in his second letter he says we have the prophetic word made more sure to which we do well to pay attention to until the morning star rises in our hearts.

In the opening versess of Hebrews the writer tell us after God spoke to the fathers through the prophets in many portions and in many ways , and these last days He has spoken to us by His Son.

Dear sister that is the message. That is the message about of the Mount of Transfiguration. God has spoken to us in this final hour of redemptive history through His Son Jesus Christ. We are to listen to Jesus.


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Hi tbsounde2,

I think you miss understood me, I not talking about today's Jewish culture but rather the Jewish culture during the intertestamental period and during Jesus's ministry and shortly after( 1st and 2nd century. For example, the Maccabean Revolt during the 160's BC is one of the things that led to an era of great Jewish national pride. This is many other events lead into the New Cov and give us the back drop of the culture at the time of Christ, like you might see in a study bible. And I agree that no one is bound to celebrate feasts, I see value in celebrating them as a gentile(never have though myself) but I also see the danger of developing a elitist spirit. Hope that clarifies


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Oh how I appreciated your comments on this ,...comparing the old
Testament with this article.....Things I had not noticed.
What a blessing to have communion ( commune) with you all.


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