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Discussion Forum : News and Current Events : the TRUTH on whats happening in Ukraine today. God help us.

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Another interesting factor that plays into this situation is the fact that Edward Snowden who has been leaking all the US secrets is being looked after by the Russians, so they will surely know a lot of what the USA has been up to in The Ukraine.


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 Re: the TRUTH on whats happening in Ukraine today. God help us.

Hi HezWelling,

I listened to the link you posted and to be honest I don't know what to make of it. Dr. Roberts clearly has a strong bias against the current administration (calling it a regime) and ranting about their incompetence. He also claims that the US was responsible for causing the social unrest seen throughout various nations in recents times, which I personally cannot say for certain, but still remains quite unverified in my opinion and leans more on conspiracy theory rather than hard fact. Now, I don't agree with most of the things that our president does, but in all honesty, I don't think Reagan was any better, let alone George W. These men claimed to be representing God, but in my assessment, they made a mockery of His great name; by touting "Christ, Christ" to pursue a republican agenda and not a Christ centered agenda thus creating a false perception that the republican party represents biblical standards and truth. It is this pretense of religion that has caused the name of Christ to be maligned not only throughout the world but here at home in the USA as well. The very fact that Reagan highly honored and respected a wicked man like Milton Friedman, whose very economic philosophy is that there is nothing wrong with greed and that everything should be privatized (removing social institutions like welfare, etc) shows me where he stands. He (Friedman) also taught that these unbiblical concepts of total Laissez-faire will only be adopted by countries after a natural or man made disaster like war, etc, and happened to be economic advisor to many world leaders all the way up to George W. Now, moving on to Putin. I don't personally know a great deal about him as a man, but I do know that he was a high ranking member of the KGB and has pretty much been the dictator of Russia for almost 15 years, I mean who rules a nation for that long? Also, can you imagine if the Mexican or Canadian or even Russian army came to the US and took over our military bases in order to "protect" Russian speaking people who are under threat of lawlessness in the US? That is precisely what Russia has done. Regardless of the possibility of "this and that" proposed by Dr. Robertson, it is clear that Russia has violated the sovereignty of Ukraine as a separate nation from Russia. And just as it would not be acceptable if any nation did that to us, the same goes for Ukraine and every other country in the world. Also, do you remember the whole incident with the members of a Russian girl band that were imprisoned for criticizing him? Are we going to so easily forget the obvious human rights violations that occur regularly in Russia, especially with free speech? I know that the US is not without fault and is guilty of many sins, but let us be careful to be so blinded by our own zeal for righteousness that we begin to see men like Putin and the nation of Russia as good and so easily forget that we are still blessed here in the US. One only need to live in Russia for a spell and come back to the states to realize the truth in what I am saying. Now, what am I trying to get at with all this? That we should not look to man and believe everything they say, no matter how convicted or right they may seem, regardless of how much and audibly they can say "Jesus." Let us not put our faith in politicians, dead or alive, but put our faith in Christ who said that all these things must happen before His return. Let us not get caught up in hearsay and babble and propagate what could likely be misinformation but rather exhort ourselves and others to pray that the Lord's perfect will be done and that He would keep us pure and blameless until the soon coming day of His return when everything hidden will be exposed and brought into the light and the mouth of every man silenced as every knee bows before the Throne.


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I think I remember something about better to trust in the Lord and Prince`s.


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i'm glad you got something out of those, was well as my beloved sister Rainy.

military control----Washington Dc

economic control---London (Brussels?--EU?)

"religious" control---rome

my brother, you know a lot of the saints REALLY try and completely understand , and parse out Revelations?...with a lot of theological terms, and this is going to happen then....and the "Left Behind" series.....i'm not insulting or MEAN to insult those who hold to this eschatological doctrine or that one...I TRULY believe in the Freedom of Christ...but God the Father doesn't allow me to do this....he said to me, "eat of the scroll", and sometimes when I do, its tastes like honey in my mouth and bitter in my stomach.....all I know is this:

the whore of Babylon will stripped naked, and given to the shame she deserves, for all the seductions she laid on men of weakness, greed, violence and various who did not hear the Word, "repent" who repeatedly worship the golden calf, money.......foolish like Esau, they sell a beautiful inheritance for some red heart aches for that tragic man, who wept to no will be like that for the merchants of the earth, watching their cargoes, burn in the fire(nuclear)

all I know is this, eating the scroll of Revelations, that the beast, the dragon, and satan....and all those who follow him, will be cast into the lake of eternal fire....FOREVER....I already know the ending, Bless the Name, Bless God.

this is what God has given me to know.

now listen, dear ones, satan is going after my own family , AT THIS TIME....right now, in so many horrible ways....out of love and discretion, I cannot be specific, and i'm certain its no different with some of you dear souls, and your dear families...

so WE the strength we are given....and WE HELP in the resource we are given....

one last thing....after we pray, and seek God, like any Good Father, He wishes to lighten our hearts, so in my small's a link to an Israeli film, "Ushpizin"....that is dear, delightful and God centered....its always cheers me, won every Israeli film award in 2006.....the "star" of the film Shuli Rand, also directed and wrote....he is a me, you will not be bored:

I send it with love, that you may be comforted...from a Jew who follows Jesus Messiah, your brother neil of my favorite scenes is when everyone is blowing the shofar's during Succoth and dancing in Joy of the LORD....its beautiful and at the starts at the 11:00 mark.....and cumulates at the 12:30-13;00 as the tzadik dance by.....btw, the woman who portrays "Moshe's" wife is his real wife, and it is her first film, and probably only....she's a dear woman.....and gives real meaning to the opening of Romans 9...forgive me for going off topic

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I want to make it VERY CLEAR to all who use and post on this website that we are not going to allow or promote any articles, media links or allusions to political conspiracies (whether they are partly true or not). We simply cannot endorse and allow an avenue for these things to be propagated on SermonIndex. Due to the volatile nature of these discussions as well as tendency to speak "evil" of national leaders, we are going to strictly ask saints not to discuss these things in "any" measure on the forums.

Can we have discussions in a humble biblical way that is prayerful for the desire of the Good News to reach to nations in the midst of moral upheavel? Yes. But sadly many have found it impossible to have a strong view towards the true goal of the Church in seeing the Gospel reach souls. Instead some have sought to try and argue and defend their individual independence and freedoms. We are sorry to alert the saints that we do "not" have a freedom from God in Jesus Christ to expect to own lands, houses, not be taxed, etc. It is rather the opposite in the Gospels and Epistles that we should expect to lose such things for the sake of Christ and not defend ourselves on this earth.

We are not restricting the freedom of any believer in Christ to express themselves but we are simply setting guidelines which we have listed here: which we want to be honoured and followed on this website including respecting the moderators decisions to moderate discussions and extreme viewpoints.

Of course any believer if free to post on blogs, other forums that allow such things, and social media. We are simply saying that on SermonIndex we have a specific intent and purpose for the forums to centre around godly preaching, truth from the scriptures and discussion of current events in a prayerful humble tone with a Christian worldview that centres around the church and not nations. We want saints to express and discuss from the place of the kingdom of God and not to try to defend their nationalism on SermonIndex. We are thankful for over 200 countries that participate in the forums and this place is not a place for each saint in each nation to defend and argue for their countries well being. We must have a more eternal mindset that the Church is a separate spiritual citizenship in this world in which we are part of if we have been purchased by the blood of Christ and repented of our sins.

We ask saints respect this decision which has been voiced before by all the moderators but I am having to re-issue this in even a stronger way. May we all focus on that really matters, and see how Eternity will tell that most of the noise of the nations with tumults, frauds, injustices, debates will come to nothing. Only what is done for Christ will last. May we set our minds on things above and NOT ON THINGS OF THIS EARTH. May we have love for all men especially the elect. A political instability in any nation including America is a time to reach souls with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and minister the only un-changing person and truth that mankind can stand on. The Son of God is coming back soon all nations will cease to exist.

I personally admit perhaps not as much publicly on the forums but in my own mind and heart have been caught up at times with this "noise" of the world and have lost sight of which really matters. So please saints take this as a exhortation of one that fails also much in these areas. Let us all fix our eyes on JESUS THE AUTHOR AND PERFECTER OF OUR FAITH.

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