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May God bless America with good godly leadership.

Righteousness exalts a nation but sin is a reproach to the people.

We are to pray for those in authority, those leading the nation. We should want people to turn to God in Christ. We should want our Leaders to do what is right in the sight of God.

We should not be negative toward the light of Christ that has been shown to the leaders of this nation since it's beginning.

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 Re: The Christian Nation

Sadly I must agree that the United States of America is not a "Christian Nation."

But it was much better when it was, when nobody quibbled over the definition of what constituted a Christian Nation. When the verse came up in Sunday School, "Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord," I remember being really glad that I lived in such a nation.

I was probably 10...?

Sad to see the United States being euthanized by its public officials at the cheering of ignorant throngs.

Tom Cameron

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Quote: This is spiritual discernment and this takes some spiritual maturity. Right?

I guess, to be honest I'm not quite sure and therefore have my doubts.

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brother Greg wrote:

The whole root of the problem is a large amount of Americans believe America is a christian nation and in a sense a large church of sorts. This is not true and it is obvious to most that America does not represent the values of the Lord in large extent anymore at all even though "In God we trust" is on the back of their monies.

We battle not against flesh and blood, the government does not need to promote biblical values for the Church to thrive in a country. American Christians need to get to that place and be more concerned to personally evangelize the Gospel, pray and gather together as saints living holy lives.

Then they will be the salt of America.

to which I say "amen".

may I say a bit more?. Doubtless, this dear woman was much vexed in soul and spirit. I can understand that, as for MONTHS now, I find myself LAID OUT in sorrow and grief, LITERALLY weeping....some of it "personal work", much of it discerning the times....and....human words cant describe my sorrow, nor do I think of profit to engage in socio-political-psychological discussion, as bro. Greg aimed correct.

one thing we must remember about John the Baptizer...his forerunning ministry took him FAR ENOUGH from the "political/financial/religious" confusion that Jerusalem had become, so that his Calling would not be hindered....just far enough, so that the humble hungry "sheep of God" could be 'washed' and repent.....

and that is NOT to denigrate the leading this dear woman felt...onecan only imagine the depth of grief she felt.....and the grief I feel that this "cry" will be used to buttress "lies" about those "crazy Christians" better believe the devil is working overtime to noise that lie about.

think of this; sometimes it best, in His Leading, to leave Jerusalem....and make for Antioch.

do you understand what i'm saying?

YES! the LORD put it into Hezekiah heart to order the priests to clean the Temple of ALL filth, and praise God they did.....but as centuries went on, the Son of God Jesus, didn't take a broom to the Temple, he took a scourge, a whip, because it was done, it was too late, God's steadfast love and patience was nigh ending, and this building had degenerated into a "den of robbers"....and 37 odd years later, not one stone was left standing....yet up in Antioch?.....Apostolic Glory in Messiah Jesus.

for me personally, even through the grief and pain..and the torment of the realization of the UNPROFITABILITY of my own soul, I find this truth....the more I focus on the "world", the more I become filled with fear and loathing, which is sin, because fear is the opposite of Faith....but the more I focus on Jesus, and become eternity conscious, hungering for God...the more I become filled with the Spirit of God and the Shalom of God, which is what we need to BE the Profitable servant of Jesus....dying to the world, dying to self, and alive to God.

and I pray that's not just "religious palaver"....but eyes that can see, and ears that can hear. Jesus did not say this would be easy...oh no, he said the gate is narrow....Isaiah saw Messiah centuries before His earthly ministry, and we call this Four Songs....the SUFFERING Servant Songs...or as I just read in Psalm 137:

Those who sow in tears
shall reap with shouts of joy!
He who goes out weeping,
bearing the seed for sowing,
shall come home with shouts of joy,
bringing his sheaves with him.

Psalm 126:5-6

 2013/10/18 6:36

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what she said sounded biblical in my opinion ,and she was more them likely a Christian ,,,but it was not preached with the anointing of a prophet ,or sanctioned by god as a message he wanted to deliver through a vessel he chose ,

I don't think she was a raving lunatic at all not at all

just a zealous indignated immature Christian , with passion


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With all due respect, brother an immature Christian would not have said anything. Go read Jeremiah and Ezekiel and see if they had the "anointing of a prophet" of which you are speaking.

God commands us all to live and proclaim truth. As a Christian, I do not need some special calling or some other spirit apart from the Holy Spirit in order to do that--we are commanded to speak the truth in love, which I feel she did. The truth is hard to hear sometimes, but the most loving thing we can do for the people in our nation is tell them the soul-crushing, heart-humbling, life-giving truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

God did not appoint any of us to be her judge. By the Lord she stands or falls, not by us.


A word on psychology--this is exactly the leverage that is going to be used against Christian here in the USA when persecution takes place in full-force. They are going to try to "fix" us.

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"The whole root of the problem is a large amount of Americans believe America is a christian nation and in a sense a large church of sorts. This is not true"

Indeed brother. Here is what I heard the sister say, regardless of who she is or where she comes from.

1. You cannot serve two masters.

2. God is not mocked.

3. The constitution was written by and for Mason's.

The number one is clear, many worship the country of their birth, this is idolatry and you cannot worship both God and country, you will end up hating ( better translation of that word hating is " not preferring") one and loving the other.

Number two, obviously God is not mocked and what a man or a nation sows, it reaps. But one day is as a thousand years to the Lord so if judgement takes a few hundred years, men forget what they sowed but God does not.

Number three, well that can be an amalgam of one and two. Documents written by men, whether Mason or not, whether Deist or Christian or agnostic, are not to be worshiped and if they are, God will not be mocked by this idolatry.

This woman obviously counted the cost and spoke and I personally think it would be a mistake to focus on her rather than on what she said. If what she said is true, then men should rather consider the seriousness of God not being mocked. Or, they can laugh in the smugness of their unbelief which only adds to their judgement in that case..........bro Frank

 2013/10/18 14:40

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If our brains can't quite figure out if this is truly God then how to can we rightly discern when God is speaking to us? It almost sounds controversial to say such a thing yet isn't it true. We are often quick to point out false prophesy because it will disagree with scripture but with outburst such as this why do we hesitate? Is it because some of us think she sounds a bit loony and we don't want to be counted with that? Maybe our prayer life stinks and this outbursts just exposed it within ourselves. I know I am conflicted yet I take the outburst and use it to ask people questions.



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hi havoc with all respect brother ,,the bible does tell us to test the spirits ,,,if you want call it judgment .then Jesus did say judge with righteous judgment

when some one speaks a word in the name of god we are to judge and discern weather it is a word strait from him or
not many things come into play when it comes to this but to just except ever word that comes out a persons mouth as very dangerous on many accounts

brother it wold be only an opinion that an immature Christian would not say anything ,,,,,I spoke much in my zeal about god to different people ,,,,but it would be wrong to say god spirit led me to speak every one of those times ,we need to even judge our selves ,,,

not every one is even gifted with prophecy either, nor a word of wisdom not a word of prophecy ,and not all of us use our gifts properly

it worth noting that biblically ., god also normally works through one whom he has anointed for an office as an apostle ,evangelist ,or prophet ,, which are his gifts to men according to the letter to the ephes when we are speaking about proclaiming a message strait from the heart of god to unbelievers ,,,,,,so what im saying is I don't feel at all that this is what we are hearing in this utube clip for different reasons in which the clip reveals

Jeremiah and Ezekiel were prophets and held the god ordained office

the scripture actually believe it or not tells the Christian to allays be ready to give and answer to any for the reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear which is different from proclaiming the truth as a prophet or evangelist wile exercising the gifts and calling of god through the office which god all one into

god even actually said to wives to live a blameless and a god fearing life and in doing so even with a single word god will and can uses that consecrated life to convert her unbelieving husband ,,that even seems like a we could say a striking contrast to the ordained way god uses to save sinners ,,never the lest that is also a command from the heart of god to his precious daughters who are married

much blessings to you brother

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From Apollus

This woman obviously counted the cost and spoke and I personally think it would be a mistake to focus on her rather than on what she said. If what she said is true, then men should rather consider the seriousness of God not being mocked. Or, they can laugh in the smugness of their unbelief which only adds to their judgement in that case..........bro Frank

Amen, Apollus.

Testing the spirits has nothing to do with the vessel or the delivery. Balaam's ass was not a choice vessel but God used the unsuspecting donkey. He can even make the "rocks cry out". God is not impressed with elocution or appearance, especially if the truth is sacrificed in the delivery.

This woman is much more than Balaam's ass presumably possessing the spirit of God and burdened and zealous for the truth.

I think it was remarkable that she stood up and let out a battle cry raising the banner of Jesus Christ. The principalities and powers were dumbfounded.

Her flesh may have been uncomfortable, but she over-rode it and delivered the message on her heart.

Who knows, God may have first called a brother to deliver that message.

 2013/10/18 19:28

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