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Bretheren not down playing the need for physical preparation. What about spiritual preparation?

I ser this as a pkoy to bring the US into the NWO. If this nation defaults on its debts a sceneteo would ensue of a world wide economic collapse. A good time for an antichrist figure to step in and save the world.

Another type of scenereo would be the US defaults on its debts and China, probably under UN mandate occupies the US to oversee payment if its debts. Again bringing this nation into the realm of the antichrist.

However you look at this the outcome is not good. Ultimately whatever does happen Christians will be persecuted. That is why I ask what about spiritual preparation. How much time is one spending in the word and prayer. How much time is one spending seeking Jesus.

One might say Bear you are crazy. You are paranoid. No one is going to persecute Christians. The death camps you keep mentioning are urban myth. The guillotines are just some fabrication of your imagination.

Then I ask you is the government shutdown part of my imagination. Is the possibility of defaulting on it's debts. You br the judge.


 2013/10/10 17:53

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NO,..You are not speaking crazy words.I believe we all know, that ' in Him"
Is our only solution for all ill's.

They are good words for encouraging us to turn our love and concern
to the one who created life and death.He who,not even a sparrow falls
to the ground that He does not know about.Even the hairs on our heads,..
He knows.

We must know how to be over-comers, in Him no matter what happens,...remembering Steven also,..that The Lord saved Steven to the utter-most,when He brought him all "The Way " through and out the other side,still in Him.
John the Baptist and Jesus came preaching 'The kingdom of God / Heaven. And on and on Paul and others preached things pertaining to,
and the principles of that Kingdom,..the gospel,..the whole counsel of God,...How we are to live in that Kingdom,
under the leading of His Spirit,under the leadership of that King.

What I am trying to get at,..Jesus said, if we will seek the Kingdom of God ,
and His righteousness,( this is the key to our hope and help.)He would take care of our food and clothing.)

If we have not done so already, we could and should begin crying out to The Lord,to put that desire within us.( this Grace of drawing us,to Him,
and His 'Way'.)

Isn't that a great comfort He has given us?We do not know how He will do it,when rough times come,.even in the sever ' mark of the beast' times).but God will surely do it ! We know that He cannot lie.Even from the beginning of time, He did-not just throw people upon the earth and not have a provision for us,...but provided all down through time,with new know- how,where people could have jobs to provide for their families.

But doesn't it take a LOT of love for Him,for us to do that , seek His will?..(Thy will and not my will)..But we can remember that it says perfect love casteth out fear.(Perfect love is loving God,with all of our heart,mind ,soul,strength) (only then,can we have peace,..a trusting in Him.

' Loving God'?....but do I know what I am saying ?
In the beginning was the Word,...Spirit,Speaking,and then what came out of Jesus' mouth,...the Word of God ! We cannot have Jesus,and not have
the Word's of God,that He spoke.

Not all of us,...but there may be some here, that are maybe young in The Lord,Who might would say " But how do we seek the Kingdom of God,and
His righteousness " ?

To these I would say, Repent,and believe the gospel.,....the gospel is centered around and about the Kingdom of God.
A place where the King comes in by ' Way' of the Holy Spirit, live inside of us , give us Life from our old dead life..... to rule / be Lord , our lives.

To seek Him is to ask as Paul asked,in the book of Acts,...'What would Thou have for me to do,Lord?
And I believe that was a constant desire and asking of Paul,to The Lord.

Is it a must that we be built- up in Him before the perilous times are completely upon us,..are isn't it a real danger,that one might run low or out of the Oil,.. be weak and we will take the mark,and be doomed forever?

Not that The Lord may direct us in provision,as He has done before in His people before as to storing up,but all one can store-up in those times, will not help for the long run,if we are not His children as far as bringing us all the Way through,still IN Him.

We all know,He is our ONLY solution,...and has always been man's ONLY
rightly solution.

Am I being too blunt ?
Neither that I am speaking down, and I,myself am higher up,...No no !

But I am sharing my Bread.

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Watched the video. Was really interesting. It's good to be informed of what most the popular media never discloses.

In Luke 21, Jesus tells us of distress of nations with perplexity. And also of men's hearts failing from fear.

As Jesus also said, the scriptures must be fulfilled.

They must.

If our trust and confidence is in Him, that fear will not be there.

For even in the most difficult times, He is our peace.

God bless.

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Quote: "Bretheren not down playing the need for physical preparation. What about spiritual preparation? "

I agree with you Bear. That's what I get out of considering these events. We have to recognise that the video posted is produced from a 'worldly' perspective, so while the facts and predictions are useful, the emphasis is how can you protect your wealth. Obviously as Christians this should not be our focus. I watched it through the eyes of 'how is this going to affect the social and spiritual life of a nation'.

I thought was interesting that they related the current debt crisis and eventual economic collapse to what happened before in history and in particular Germany in the 1930s, which gave rise to the Hitler and the Nazis. We know the pattern and we know scripture. These events should not take us by surprise, but it's getting closer by the day!


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Quote: "Bretheren not down playing the need for physical preparation. What about spiritual preparation? "

What I see happening is a move of God, in the middle of a debt crisis.. I don't see it as Judgement but rather it's God disciplining us. So that we turn back to him.

One of the things God said to me about the move of God, is that it will be the preparation for us, and he will raise up a people to confront the anti-christ.

You could say that is a headline news, but I don't know all the small details.

At the sermonindex conference in Greenock, Scotland, Carter Colon mentioned that God spoke to him, when he was a police officer and that we will see a move of God but during a time of financial stress. He mentioned that goverments will have no money, and public parks and the like will not be taken care of because of the lack of money...

What we need to prepare for is debt crisis, move of God which will will us to confront the anti-Christ.

Colin Murray

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