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 Re: How about both sides of this issue stepping back and taking another look at it?

Our nephew and niece came over today with their adorable baby girl and mentioned Duck Dynasty to us. They were shocked at the opposition that DD gets regarding praying on the show and talking about Jesus. We only discovered it a month ago and yet they have been watching it from the beginning. I think I heard the 4th season is coming up where the oldest son, Alan will be on it. We have been told that he is a pastor. Anyway, they told us that early on A&E network told them they had to stop talking about God and Jesus and they said they would just as soon quit the show if they had to do that. Needless to say, A&E backed off right away.

We only have antenna so we are definitely late comers to this show. But as my nephew and niece spoked endearingly about the Robertson's and defended their right to talk about Jesus, I could not help but think how incredible God is that He uses this family to open the hearts of many people including my Catholic relatives who are not very good Catholics (their own admission). They don't see the Robertson's as. Religious and maybe this is what has drawn them.

Of course we all want people to know about the deeper life in Christ, but this is usually not the starting point.

I know I probably would have made some people on this site proud if I condemned the show to my nephew and niece and took the opportunity to tell them that this is not representative of Christianity in any way, shape or form and then extolled all the true virtues of Christianity by talking to them about discipline, and sacrifice and daily reading of the word and how they must flee all these things in order to be accepted by God. That they should also fast and pray and witness because people are going to he'll everyday including them.

But, I did not. We laughed with them and loved on them and got to know one another a little more. They just moved into our area (Texas) from Alaska about a year ago and this is the 3rd time we have seen them. They actually live 45 minutes away.

We are sowing seeds of love with them and. Had some laughs over Si's strange idiosyncrasies.

Let's pray for the Robertson's that they draw closer to the Lord, that He reveals Himself more and more to them and that He protects them from all harm.

 2013/9/3 3:07

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 Re: How about both sides of this issue stepping back and taking another look at it?

I see it as added to the American gospel deception where people can confess Christ but never change their way of life.

Brother, with some of the things that I am reading, I find it hard to put them in that category. They are quite vocal on the subject of living a changed life to a generation that desperately needs to hear such things:

"'Duck Dynasty' Stars Jase and Missy on Abstinence Before Marriage

Jase and Missy Robertson from A&E's popular reality TV show "Duck Dynasty" said in a recent interview that they chose to remain abstinent until marriage as per God's desire, and also spoke about their family values and faith in God.

"We were both virgins when we got married until our wedding night," Jase said in an interview, whose video recording has been posted on the website of the non-profit group Abstinence Clearinghouse. "We decided to do it God's way and basically had a godly agreement that we would help each other get to heaven," he said.

"What attracted us to each other was what we saw in each other in our faith," Missy, Jase's wife, said. "We've been very happy for 22 years before the money started coming in," she added.

Missy said they can now see the same commitment in their children. "And what an influence we can have on our children with that testimony. Our oldest son has been dating a great girl for over a year and a half and they also have the same commitment," she said. "So it's just such a wonderful joyous time as a parent to see that and the commitment they have as children wanting to do that also." "

Another one:

"Phil Robertson, the patriarch of hit A&E show "Duck Dynasty," spoke at a community event at the University of Louisiana at Monroe on Tuesday, and said that "where there is no Jesus, evil always reigns."

"I'm not an ordained preacher," Robertson told the student-sponsored event, according to The News Star. "I'm just a guy who builds duck calls. I love my country. We have a great family structure that you see on television. I'm just trying to get America and the rest of the world to do two things – love God and love your neighbor."

Robertson and his family have often spoken out about their faith and love of God. The show, based around the family and their duck call making company, Duck Commander, in West Monroe, La., has been praised for creating family-friendly entrainment without sex, violence, and harsh language. It has also scored huge ratings throughout its run, hitting a staggering 11.8 million viewers for the premiere of its fourth season last week.

Robertson shared a quote from James Madison, the fourth President of the United States: "The belief in a God all powerful, wise and good, is so essential to the moral order of the world and to the happiness of man."

"Why don't politicians talk like that anymore?" the patriarch added. "I think our problem is a spiritual one ... Where there is no Jesus, evil always reigns." "

Here is a video where one of them makes his views known about a changed life:

As I said earlier, I have only seen one episode over the internet and I have seen interviews like these. If there are fruit seen in other cases that would make one draw the conclusion that they are wolves in sheep's clothing, I haven't seen them yet. I only hope and pray that there is a turning point in this pagan nation, and if their popularity is an indicator of such a yearning for a return to The Book that has been so rejected, Thank God!

Luk 15:17 And when he came to himself, he said, How many hired servants of my father's have bread enough and to spare, and I perish with hunger!

When a person is spiritually dying of hunger, even just the whiff that he might get from Duck Dynasty (as faulty and lacking as it might be) could whet his appetite.

Michael Strickland

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just-in wrote:

"But, I did not. We laughed with them and loved on them and got to know one another a little more. They just moved into our area (Texas) from Alaska about a year ago and this is the 3rd time we have seen them. They actually live 45 minutes away.

We are sowing seeds of love with them and. Had some laughs over Si's strange idiosyncrasies.

Let's pray for the Robertson's that they draw closer to the Lord, that He reveals Himself more and more to them and that He protects them from all harm."

Amen to the 10th power!

I am truly amazed at what some people post on here.

It would seem the only TV show worth watching (to them) is Paul Washer or the like preaching for and hour or so.

Now, there is nothing wrong with Paul Washer preaching for and hour or so. But that is not what TV is designed for. TV is designed for less intense things. We need some less intense things in our lives. Someone previously posted the Ecclesiastes passage about there being a time for everything. How true this is. There is a time for Paul Washer and a time for DD. There really is.


 2013/9/3 20:12Profile


The thing about surrounding yourself with sermons from Spurgeon, Washer, C.T. Studd, Andrew Murray, A.W. Tozer, etc, etc, is that you get an idea of what they believe but not how they lived or interacted with people. In Jesus, we see how He lived and walked among people.

Somehow, we develop some spiritually romantic idea that these guys never laughed or had a sense of humor. That they never had any personality idiosyncrasies and spent all their time on their knees. We just assume they were excellent in a relational sense and knew how to relate to everyone and walked in love and were perfect evangelists. That they were perfect husbands and fathers, too.

This is unrealistic and could border on idolatry. When our answer to people's problems is always, "listen to this sermon", or "read this book", we are in real trouble, spiritually.

You can surround yourself with dead people and their teachings yet never get too close to other living human beings.

If we entertain an imagination that all of our "ducks are in a row" (excuse the pun), spiritually, we may even come to disdain those who we perceive as not spiritual. In fact, I see that all the time. We exclude people from our "inner circle" because they are not worthy of our fellowship.

What bothers a lot of people is that in the Richardsons we are seeing how they act with one another (warts and all) and somehow it is shattering our preconceived idea of what spirituality is supposed to be about...spirituality we have received from listening to too many sermons instead of getting out and walking as Jesus walked, getting involved in people's lives.

Personally, I don't have the slightest desire to be a Spurgeon, Tozer, Murray, Washer, etc. Sure, I like some of their articles, but I want to be like Jesus.

I see how He treated the saved and unsaved alike. He did not have any character change when He was with one or the other (like Peter did in Galatia).

I think many times, we treat unbelievers differently than those brethren we approve of and sometimes we treat brethren we don't approve of the same way we treat unbelievers (which is shamefully bad).

Our character should be consistent, like Jesus Christ, regardless whose company we are in. If we treated unbelievers and "lesser brethren" more like the people in our "inner circle", maybe we would see some revival.

Sinners experienced the love of God in Christ.

Jesus really did not like hanging out with the Pharisees. He ran into them every once in a while, but He would rather be with the hurting and the sorrowful. He came for the sick, not those who were under the mistaken impression they did not need a Physician (pride).

P.S. I do appreciate all the work that goes into SI and am glad this site exists. This post is only to caution our hearts and how we treat others.

 2013/9/4 7:49

 Re: Are we lushong television now?

TMK wrote "That is not what TV was designed for. TV was designed for the less intense things.". Is TV not the biggest distraction to the American believer?


 2013/9/4 8:22


I don't know. They just opened the first computer/internet addiction center in Los Angeles.

I hardly ever watch TV. I spend more time on the computer. Hopefully, I'm not addicted. :-)

 2013/9/4 9:21

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bearmaster wrote:

"Is TV not the biggest distraction to the American believer?"

Indeed it likely is. But part of it depends on how you define "distraction." It is a matter of discipline not to allow it to become too much of a distraction.

If you think every waking monent must be spent in prayer and Bible study, the everything else is a distraction, including our jobs, playing with our kids, hanging with friends, etc.


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