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This is just funny that some would choose to divide over. It is symptom of the problems in the church of Jesus Christ.


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 Re: Can A Christian Have Tattoos?


I do not know if you are single or married although I suspect you are single...

If you are single someday you may want to get married. You should be aware that most godly females do not like tattoos. I have a cousin whose adopted son, while living in sin, got a lot of tattoos on his chest. My cousin's wife (another cousin) told me he looks awful! "I sure would hate to be married to a man with a body like that!" This lady has a valid point: if you want your body to be attractive to a godly wife someday, you are going to have to keep it pure, holy and free of the marks of selfish living.

Too many males do not agree with my point here, but they are not a woman. As a female I find them repulsive, have about them an evil look, are disgusting. Do as you please, but know your body is not your own.


Sandra Miller

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Hi ginnyrose,

That is a good point, what will a future spouse think ?

It could easely cause difficulty in finding a Godly spouse, in a day in which finding a Godly spouse is already extremely difficult.

I am from a generation that is covered in Tattooes.

I have many friends whom have tattooes. As they are getting older and more mature, many of them, and most of those whom are Christians have expressed to me regret for ever getting them.

I think if we examine the motives behind getting tattooed, we will have the answer rather or not getting a tattooe is a none issue for a Christian.

For those whom have been tattooed in the past, lets embrace them with the same Love and respect as any one else.

We all have done imature things in the past that we came to regret.

I do not have any tattooes. but their are things in my past that I would gladdly exchange the regrets for, for just the regrets of a tattooe.

But lets attempt to raise the next generation as regret free as possible

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 Re: Can A Christian Have Tattoos?


I just left the computer for about 12 hours and there are already 22 replies with 530 views. I wasn't expecting that this thread could be such a heated topic.

Thank you everyone for the input.

Just for your information, I am a single man and I am not intending to get a tattoo for myself.

Like I mentioned in my opening post, this is only for healthy discussion and exchange of ideas.

Maybe I should post more questions like this more often so that we can exchange more ideas.


David Kendrick

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 Re: Can A Christian Have Tattoos?

And oh, how about ear-piercing?

David Kendrick

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 From a secular source

I know this is not biblical information, but found some of these findings rather interesting-

Frankie J. Johnson from the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford conducted open-ended interviews, over a period of six months, with four tattoo artists and thirteen people that have tattoos. He also spent time in a local tattoo studio talking with people who were getting a tattoo or who had already been tattooed.

The reasons and the meaning behind getting a tattoo were found to vary as much as the number of people getting tattoos. THE SIMILAR THREAD RUNNING THROUGH THE REASONS FOR GETTING A TATTOO, HOWEVER, WAS THAT TATTOOING IS A FORM OF SELF-EXPRESSION.

His conclusion was that the reasons for getting a tattoo and the meaning behind what is visibly seen are as varied as the people involved. Whether a person gets a tattoo “just because he likes how it looks” or because it symbolizes something for them, THE TATTOO IS A FORM OF SELF-EXPRESSION. The purpose of wearing this art on one’s body rather than hanging it on a wall signifies a total commitment to what it stands for. IT IS THE MOST PERMANENT FORM OF SELF-EXPRESSION, with no escape from it. It is everywhere they go, they carry it with them, and it is a part of them. It is connected to one’s mind and one’s body for their time spent here on earth, AND CONNECTED TO THEIR SPIRIT, THEIR INNER ESSENCE FOREVER.

On this secular site, under Tattoos – A spiritual perspective - Mrs. Yoya Vallee, who has advanced sixth sense ability studied the spiritual effect of tattoos. And found that regardless of where on the body a tattoo is made, it has the following effects –

1 a Distressing energy covering is created around the person
2 a ring of Emotion is activated on the forehead
3 distressing energy is attracted to the back of the neck
4 a ring of Enticing energy is created and emitted from the person
5 spiral waves of Distressing energy is transmitted into the body
6 and activated Distressing energy particles is emitted into the environment

The site also states the following reasons why tattoos have harmful spiritual effects:
1 Most people tattoo their body out of fashion and this causes Enticing energy (Mohini-shakti) to be attracted to it. As a result, emotionalism and attachment to the external world or the Great Illusion (Maya) increases.
2 The majority of tattoo designs are not sāttvik .That is why they activate distressing energy.
3 Tattoos increase the proportion of distressing energy in the environment and make the individual physically and spiritually restless. Also, the covering of distressing energy around the individual’s body increases by 1.5%.
4 The possibility of negative energies (ghosts, demons, devils etc.) affecting the body, mind and intellect of the individual who has a tattoo on their body increases due to the tattoo.
5 Tattoos also increase heat in the body. An increase in heat can represent an increase in the proportion of Raja-Tama in the body (coolness represents an increase in the proportion of Sattva).

J Kruger

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 Re: Can A Christian Have Tattoos?

If the context of this discussion is having the liberty to do whatever you want or the context of the Western church, then of course it is acceptable to get a tattoo. Neither of these pathways requires anything of those who follow.

However, you mention the word "Christian". If that means a Jesus follower, if that means a person who the Son of God shed his blood for, if that means one who is entering the narrow way that only a few will find, if that means a person whose entire life revolve around God and Jesus, then the answer is simple. There is no good reason for a Christian to have a tattoo.

You asked in the original post, "What do you think?" but it really doesn't matter. The question to ask is, "What does God think?" And the will of God is not different for every person on basic subjects. The will of God for a saved person is to be pure, lovely, right, and able to minister to all. A person seeking to get a tattoo after coming to Jesus is no longer seeking to please the one who saved them.

If we are saved, the Bible says we know God. The God of the Bible will never tell one of his children to get a tattoo. Do you think if Jesus came to earth today, one of the first things he would do when beginning his ministry is to get a tattoo? Such a though has no connection with anything written in the gospels about Jesus.

Some people say a tattoo is just ink. Yes, and marijuana is just a plant, guns and knives are just steel, and pornography is just pixels. No one thinks plants or steel or pixels are wrong, at least not when used for good purposes. A tattoo has no good purpose (apart from the medical uses). Just because tattoos are ink does not mean they are without morality. A tattoo is a permanent image on the body, something which is definitely not neutral. Tattoos are always sin.

Of course, God always allows that we can recognize what is wrong and repent of it, but a person who is close to God and becoming more like Jesus will never want a tattoo.

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You're funny, Koheleth.

How can you say that you know what God thinks regarding this? You are putting Him in a box. You have no idea whether God would choose to use a tattoo or not, or more importantly, choose to bless and use the man or woman that has the tattoo.

Again, ink is neither pure or impure. It can right pure, edifying words or evil words.

I went to a funeral once and it was full of Bandidos (like Hells Angels). My wife's cousin was the Bandido Treasurer. He had lost both legs in Vietnam and found love and friendship hooking up with the Bandidos, years ago.

While at the memorial I met some of them, but also met some other guys who were former Bandidos. They were still members of a motorcycle club, but their club was called "The Lion of the Tribe of Judah", and "Bikers for Christ".

I noticed they had tattoos. Lots of them. And they were Christian tattoos ("I love Jesus", pic of a cross, etc), which I don't think they got prior to Christ coming into their life.

Sadly, most people prejudge based on outward appearance; something that God never does. Incidentally, this made it much easier for these guys to witness of Christ to other bikers and live out thea principle that Paul lived, “to be all things to all men” (I Cor 9:22). God is no respecter of persons and He looks at the heart and not at the outward appearance so neither should you or I.

Tattoos are of little consequence to God since the heart is so important to Him.

 2013/7/9 16:58

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How can you say that you know what God thinks regarding this?

My dear friend, I am a Christian, and God is my Father and Christ is my brother. I put God in no box, but God does box himself in. He says that he cannot lie, he cannot look upon evil, and that he tempts no man. If I say that God is in such a box, it is only because he has revealed himself. God is not black and white, holy and unholy, good and evil. He is holy, uncompromised, pure, and dwells in light that no man is able to approach.

Is God in a box because he says drunkenness is wrong? Yes, he is. Is God in a box because he says adultery is wrong? Yes, he is. God is a God of boxes, if you will. Boxes, so to speak, just mean right and wrong.

So, back to the subject of tattoos. With God, they are always sinful and wrong. Tattoos are of great consequence, because they reveal the heart. No one ever chose to have a tattoo, but that it revealed their heart.

It is not possible to be "all things to all men" when you have a tattoo. First, it excludes "all men" and reduces it to "some men". Second, Paul never recommends any choice that permanently restricts you to one group or subgroup, something tattoos do. To think this verse has anything to do with tattoos is just taking license with the gospel, something that Jude called "licentiousness" (which means taking license or excuse to do whatever you want). This is always sin.

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Bottom line, Ko,

You can make the judgment for yourself, but not others.

That's all...

 2013/7/9 17:44

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