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 Re: Today's God is far too small

Brother Mike,

Our Lord is just getting better and better to me everyday ... it's like i'm experiencing some type of break thru and so many spiritual things seem so much clearer to me now ...

In His love,


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Joined: 2004/3/24
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 Re: Today's God is far too small

Maybe i'm wrong, but the way i see it is that we The Church would fare much, much better (and i think the OT backs this up) if the complacent amongst our number were the remnant instead of vice-versa ... It seems to me that when the leadership of Israel was totally asleep at the wheel and the majority of the Israelite people had become dozing passengers along for the ride, even tho the faithful remnant had been locked in the nations trunk, it didn't stop all from experiencing the crash ...

For me personally if the great majority of the Church was walking in the joyous admonition of our Lord then i'm joyous ... But on the other hand if the great majority is walking in apostacy, or even just half stepping to the grief of God, then no matter how well i might be doing in Him, or the faithful remnant, i'm as sad as Jeremiah about it ... We're all parts of Christ Body, we're all connected, and if there's any sickness, even if one thinks that sickness is not being caused by us individually, or our own particular church (congregation) in The Church, we're still ALL affected by it ...

That's why i believe we've ALL got to get on our faces, and weep and pray, and then pray some more, and we've got to be completly open, surrendered and vulnerable to Holy Spirit if in fact He wants to use us as His megaphones to speaking out His prescription of "repentance" before our continued binging on sin winds us ALL up in God's Pottery Barn and the dashing of the old pot, it's regrinding and remixing with a fresh rewatering of Holy Spirit, to be remade into a new vessel of mercy pleasing to the Master Potter ... Unfortunately to me personally the great majority of the Body of Christ don't realize that we're at the brink of God's reworking of our broken pot ... And like the church of Laodicea most of us think that we're doing pretty well ... By human standards yes ... By God's standards NO!!! ...

i think today's Church, like Israel of old, won't sit up and take notice until the total disruption of our habitual everyday lives ...

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You know bro Rahman concerning the state of the church and how well we think we are doing you're on point. I think we have gotten comfortable with the status quo and as a result we have a tendancy to embrace any new working of the spirit, or any working of the spirit at all in some cases. We settle for mediocracy when we should be stopping nothing short of excellence. For the saints that will have to prophecy to the world, therein lies the difficulty. People being so content with things as they are to want to get involved in the new things that God will be doing. God thus far has been so misrepresented that many are lost and don't even know it. Many don't know that God wishes us to worship and serve in spirit and in truth and going to church once a week or reading your bible every day is not enough. One could know the bible back and forth and up and down and still miss it (like the pharisees). The spirit is where it's all at. I may have gone off on a tangent here but that is what God has been placing heavily on me, that we should all be seeking Him in spirit.

Farai Bamu

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