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 Critics slam Obama for "protecting" Monsanto

By Lindsey Boerma CBS News March 28

There's no love lost between Washington and the American public, it seems, five days after Congress for the first time in years managed to handle a budget-related issue without reaching the brink of crisis.

Protesters have descended on Pennsylvania Avenue outside the White House this week, enraged at a potentially health-hazardous provision they allege lawmakers inserted surreptitiously into a continuing resolution (CR) that will fund the government through the remainder of the fiscal year. The bill sailed through the Capitol on Friday; President Obama signed it into law on Tuesday.

Opponents have termed the language in question the "Monsanto Protection Act," a nod to the major agricultural biotech corporation and other like firms geared at producing genetically modified organisms (GMO) and genetically engineered (GE) seeds and crops. The provision protects genetically modified seeds from litigation suits over health risks posed by the crops' consumption.

Food safety advocacy groups like Food Democracy Now, which collected more than 250,000 signatures on a petition calling for the president to veto the CR, argue not enough studies have been conducted into the possible health risks of GMO and GE seeds. Eliminating judicial power to halt the selling or planting of them essentially cuts off their course to ensuring consumer safety should health risks emerge.

Seeking a "balance" to the newly minted law, Food Democracy Now has shifted its tactics to encouraging supporters to sign and send letters to Mr. Obama, chiding him for signing the legislation despite that refusal to do so would have expired the federal budget and triggered a government-wide shutdown this week.

Part of the template for the letter reads: "In an effort to balance this violation of our basic rights, I am urging you as President to issue an Executive Order to require the mandatory labeling of genetically engineered foods, something that you promised farmers while on the campaign trail in 2007. It is urgent that the U.S. government rectify the 20 year old politically engineered loophole and allow for open and transparent labeling of genetically engineered foods," the letter continues, "a basic right that citizens in 62 others countries already enjoy."

Other groups have aimed their ire toward the more worthy target, criticizing Congress for slipping the language into a must-pass bill without review by the Agricultural or Judiciary Committees. The International Business Times reports that the Center for Food Safety is putting in the hot seat Sen. Barbara Mikulski, D-Md., chairwoman for the Senate Appropriations Committee, for not giving the amendment a proper hearing. According to Salon, many members of Congress who voted to approve the bill were unaware the language existed.

"In this hidden backroom deal, Sen. Mikulski turned her back on consumer, environmental and farmer protection in favor of corporate welfare for biotech companies such as Monsanto," Andrew Kimbrell, executive director of the Center for Food Safety, said in a statement, according to IBT. "This abuse of power is not the kind of leadership the public has come to expect from Sen. Mikulski or the Democrat Majority in the Senate."

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 Re: Critics slam Obama for "protecting" Monsanto

i'm confused....this issue relates to Jesus and Him crucified in what way?

i'm not trying to be contentious, just confused.

 2013/4/11 3:24

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Hi HezWelling

HezWelling asked ////i'm confused....this issue relates to Jesus and Him crucified in what way?
i'm not trying to be contentious, just confused.////

This is an issue of conviction for many.
It makes since to discuss areas of conviction on these forums.

I was unable to copy and paste this artical but here is the link to an artical on this subject:

GM food crops & the Bible, Gods view of Genetically modified food

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Greetings ProudPapa

I know a few moms are watching this unfold and I really upset that this is happening. At the very least there is a push in the direction of where we can buy certain foods with the restrictions of the sale of eggs, meat, and milk from smaller farms is some states.

I do believe all these additives, and chemicals and modifying that is done can and has been harmful to many children in this country. Did you know that many breads are made with L-Cysteine, this is an amino acid made from human hair. Now to be fair it can also be made synthetically but apparently human hair remains one of the richest sources of this amino acid. There is a company in China that uses hair clippings to make L-Cysteine and sells it to bakeries all over the world. The thing is the labels don't tell us what the L-Cysteine is made from while it may not bother some there are those who are very bothered with the notion they are eating human hair. The amount of antibiotics in our meat is another concern especially as more and more germs become super bugs, and now many medicines are no longer effective on them. In all of this I see the government as wanting more control over what people do, the food industry and some of the things put into our food may very well be responsible for the increase in childhood diabetes, and asthma. Its like a circle, some of the chemical additives in the growing and processing of our food makes us sick so we go to the pharmacy and take more chemicals to get better... around and around it goes.

I don't look to conspiracy theories but I do think there is a link between what the government allows to go on and big businesses like the food industries, the drug industries, and the agriculture industries. I do believe the real motivation in all of this is money. The Word does tell us that money is the root of all evil and the love for money has caused many to look the other way through out history.

I don't know if some of the laws making it harder to grow your own food or share it with your neighbor is apart of the government attempting to control food supply but I do think there could come a time when those who are unwilling to deny the things of JESUS and HIS KINGDOM could be subjected to being restricted unless they relent. I believe persecution in many forms is coming, when I don't know, but I believe it is on the horizon.

There are many things that are allowed to go on for the sake of profit in this country and again you can see it is for the love of money and power. We need to be in prayer and seeking HIM. There may come a time soon when difficult choices have to be made on who we will follow, JESUS or man. To follow CHRIST might mean not having medical treatment, or food to eat, or being placed in prison, being denied the WORD and ability to fellowship...I pray for my faith to be increased all the time and for discernment to know HIS heart in all things.

God Bless

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Hi MaryJane,

very well said,

The net seems to be closing in on us from every angle.

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I bought some whey protein earlier this week and I noticed on the label that there is a small amount of soy protein in it. The soy protein is marked as genetically engineered. I brought it to the attention of the salesperson. I wonder how much of this is making it into other whey protein powders?


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Very Dear Papa,

There it is again....'The kingdom of God / heaven'...
Would you think that I was just trying to say something ugly / smart,
if I will humbly speak this Truth in love,and I am truly not trying to cut you
short,...because we all can...I too,....get to careing,if we pause to think much.

Sometimes, seeming more all the time now,..that we
will need to just get wraped- up in Jesus,..and let the world go by?..
Loving Him with all of our heart,soul, mind,strength,..if that is possible,..
And the Word lets us know that it is possible. We will need
"much strength" be over-comers in these times,that seems are just ahead ?

Steven,must have had this type of relationship with The Lord...the Lord saved Steven to the utter-most,...He brought him all the way through and out the other side,..'still IN Him', ...

Now,for the Kingdom of God / heaven :

We are to seek ye the Kingdom of God,and His righteousness ( how He judges in all maters ) ....and He will take care of our food and clothing,..even in the 'mark of the beast ' times.
( what would Thou have for me to do Lord ?,..every day, and always.)

" heaven and earth shall pass away,but My Word,shall not pass away."
And He has given us His Word.
....Set our mind on things above....

Only with much care and love,

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Montosanto has Geneticaly altered SoyBeans , to be what they call Roundup Ready. That is their farmers will spray the roundup herbacide on their soybean crops and it will kill the weeds around the crop but not the soybean plants

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Our dear sister Elisabeth speaks very wisky from her gentle heart. Very well said dear sister.


 2013/4/11 12:10

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I do understand the heart of wanting to keep our focus on CHRIST and I would never want to lose sight of that but since I know some who have children who have been sickened because of the additives in some foods and the sorrow the parents go through I don't think there is harm in being aware. Especially as a mom it is very difficult to come to terms with the thought that I bought something I thought was safe and fine and fed it to my child only to find that it made them very ill. Of course we realize it was not mom's fault but so many of us do put things into our bodies everyday with out thought to where they came from or if they are really good for us. I believe JESUS does care about every part of our life including what I eat, and how much. I know some moms who are now planting and growing their own fresh veggies, and even some fruits. Even my daughter plans to begin raising her own chickens and gathering eggs for her family. Food allergies can be deadly for some children and with out labeling on what is being put into the food it does cause one to pause and consider. OF course even in this we must submit to the LORD and not be fearful. One can be wise in CHRIST and yet walk by faith in doing what HE leads them to do. One mom is learning to plant and grow her own fresh foods so that her daughter will be healthy that is good wisdom and I think pleasing to the LORD.

I appreciate the reminder to keep our focus on CHRIST as well as proudpapa sharing these things with us. It is good to be aware of what is happening.

God bless

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