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 US Military warns evangelical christians no1 threat.

Sad days indeed.

Matthew 24:9 Then shall they deliver you up to be afflicted, and shall kill you: and ye shall be hated of all nations for my name's sake. (KJV)


 2013/4/6 19:01Profile

 Re: US Military warns evangelical christians no1 threat.

In the srticle, one of the soldiers who was a Christian, said he was offended that evangelical Christians were considered a threat by the US military. Actually we should consider this an honor to suffer for Jesus. In persecuted nations the believers consider it s high honor to suffer and ultimately lay down their lives for Jesus.


 2013/4/6 20:05


So I wonder, is my name on the red list? To be on the red list would be an honir as unto Christ.


 2013/4/6 20:21

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by bearmaster on 2013/4/6 17:05:06

Bearmaster Greetings,

You speak often of the persecuted church, the persecuted nation and suffering. I believe you know NOT of what you speak.

We have a friend in Jesus, Jesus laid down his life for his friend. Do you remember the story about how Jesus was about to be thrown of the cliff, and somehow he just walked in the midst of them. Yes, he walked away.. He walked away until the appointed time in which he was to be crucified. You see bearmaster that was his destiny. Although it hurt Him deeply i'm sure to leave his disciples, he understood the fathers will.

Returning back to your comment: as to the soldier that was offended of an Evangelical Christian and considered it a threat by the US Military. They should know better.

I do not believe for one bit that if the Christian is an Evangelical, or one who studies Chrisdom, or be that of a Reformed mind, should in any way feel threatened. Pleaes read my reply in the previous post.

 2013/4/6 20:45Profile

 Re: Arkp

Brother or sister you say I do not know what I am speaking of when I speak of the persecuted church. Then in all sincereity I ask you. Please instruct me. I moderate a prayer conference call 3 times a week where we pray for the persecuted church. As one who is a prayer coordinator I incur a stricter judgement. I am guilty if misleading my team.

I ask you or anyone in this forum show me my error. I take my position seriously. Please do not accuse me of something and not show me what the error is.

Blaine Scogin
Persecution Watch

 2013/4/6 22:07

 Re: A Warnibg

Brothers and sisters. Hearken to this warning. You must stop thinking with the mind of man. That is the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights and awaken to the urgency of the hour. Persecution has come to America and it will intensify. It is only going to get worse.

The very fact the US military is shifting its doctrine to regard Christians as enemies of the state should say something. Yet some still say that I and others do not know what we are talking about when we speak of persecution and suffering for Christ. Yes. Here in America.

Forum, I ask you. Are we so arrogant to think that we are spared from the sufferings of Christ to follow him? Countless verses in the New Testament speak of a cross to follow Jesus. Someone, please tell me, where in the New Testament are American believers spared from this?

Believers in N. Korea are paying a heavy price for their faith in Christ Jesus. Not to mention 59 other nations. Some in other nations pray we may awaken to the urgency of the hour. That we may withstand persecution.

Someone has said I do not know what I am speaking of when it comes to the persecuted. I have asked that person to instruct me. But may I point you to someone who is respected by this forum (I assume he still is). Get the short message by Paul Washer where he warns of upcoming persecution on the church in America. Then please tell this brother he does not know what he is speaking of.

Saints I implore you. Wake up. Turn away from your arguments over various things like Bible translations. The waves of the tsunamis are already lapping at the shore. For there will come a time you would gave wished you had spent mote time storing your KJV in your hearts. Particularly when the Bible is declared illegal or politically incorrect or banned as a hate book. Forum. Wake up. Before it is too late.


 2013/4/7 8:18


Paul Washer said in his video while we are playing soccer mom and soccer dad. I might add while we are on our key boards arguing our various doctrines. The net will be thrown over us and it will be too late.

Forum dismiss me as a raving lunatic. But pay attention to what our brother, Paul Washer, is saying. Then I ask will you dismiss his message.


 2013/4/7 8:27

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"Pilgrim and Sojourner." - 1 Peter 2:11


Brother Blaine amen. We must awake to realize this is happening around us and respond in love to our enemies and those who will misunderstand us.

On a practical note this is why I have been involved with to practically encourage saints to gather together in small groups with like-minded believers so when persecution does increase much more then we will be able to stand strong in the coming storm and be able to love our enemies and share the Good News of Christ with them.

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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Scotland, UK


God wants a people who will confront the powers of darkness in this generation, he intends to send a Move of God onto this earth the likes on which have not been seen before, as God is going to raise up a Victorious People that will live, challenge and confront the Anti-Christ…

Colin Murray

 2013/4/7 9:43Profile

 Re: US Military warns evangelical christians no1 threat.

you are all being played!!! go to the page...look at one link, as to this "prsentation" comes from "adfmedia dot org" you know exactly who ADF Media REALLY IS?

Alliance Defending Freedom!!!! the original article at WND, provides a "link" to this so called "presentation", which takes you to 32 page pdf wrapped file, that will NOT completely download but the URL is adfmedia dot org.

the military HASNT 'been warned' about some "evangelical threat"!!! this is some kind of hideous disinfo!!

if you go to adf dot doesnt have the sweet odor of Christ...its some sort of bizarre babylonic mess.

i would urge everyone who belongs to Jesus to be very very cautious and careful about what info they read on the net.

the devil is cunning and crafty.

 2013/4/7 10:38

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