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Amen, jimp.

The point of the post was not to judge the survey and then to scorn the survey. Find the good. The best use of the original post was to consider its results and to find the best response as it applies to ourselves first and then perhaps later as it applies to others.

Reality is that not all who call themselves Christians now will be acknowledged later by Christ as His and will inherit eternal life. Some will be shut out.

Passages like Philippians 3:18 tell us that there are many in the churches "whose conduct shows they are really enemies of the cross of Christ."

Faith works by love.

Those branches in Christ's vineyard who are without fruit were threatened by Christ that they will be cut off and cast into the fire.

Christ promised that his yoke is easy and his burden is light but there is a yoke and burden to carry. Yes, Jesus spoke comforting words but he also spoke many words that are hard to accept.

Jesus said, "...if any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily, and follow me."

Some are waiting for Christ but they have no oil in their lamps.

Some are in the multitudes that follow Christ for what He can give but they lack genuine faith and love and have no ears to hear and are compromisers rather than overcomers.

1 Corinthians 6:9 - Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God?

Christ's righteousness in the born again believer is both imputed legally and imparted practically. Those living under saving grace enjoy pardon for past sins but they rejoice in continuing power to hate sin and wickedness and to love godliness and righteousness.

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The problem with that logic though its true and sound is it doesn't apply to the quiz. And I understand what your saying wholeheartedly but if the quiz is faulty then the results are faulty and in the original post that is what seems to be the focus. Possibly with the intent to make us say what a shame we are in the last days 1 out of 4 people that say they are Christian don't act like it.

And even if the original post wasn't with this intent the original article with it certainly does have that intent. The problem is, is the quiz itself is giving false results that are giving a false outcome. The quiz itself is incredibly vague on details on the Christian walk.

I agree we are to walk out our faith by taking up our cross but the quiz itself doesn't even ask those kind of questions. I don't think anyone is scorning the survey itself but if we see something that could be a danger and something we believe is giving people false hope and false security then we should point that out.

Matthew Guldner

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by turn on 2012/12/28 2:23:16

Amen, jimp.

The point of the post was not to judge the survey and then to scorn the survey. Find the good. The best use of the original post was to consider its results and to find the best response as it applies to ourselves first and then perhaps later as it applies to others.



My problem with the quiz was for these two reasons. First as I was answered the questions honestly I felt at least some of them could be answered differently based on what was happening in my life in the "now"...for example the question on getting angry if I am cut off in traffic, have I done so in the past?(yes!) have I done so these past few weeks(no!) will I get angry if I am cut off in traffic at some future date in time(not sure but I hope not) so to me the questions were flawed or could have skewed answers. My second issue with the quiz is that my final results said I was a mature christian based off my answers...I do not see myself as such. I know mature Christians some from this site and they are so far ahead of where I am in my walk so yeah the results seemed flawed to me.If I am taken those results given to me there could open a door to temptation to think I was where I needed to be or that I had some how arrived...kind of a dangerous door to be opening in my mind at least.

I personally believe that only GOD can show me where I am in my walk with HIM and I will add that I think since I am growing daily that relationship is always in flux...I wonder if even the disciples would have allowed themselves to be labeled as "mature christian" by others without pauses and considering, "What have I done with today LORD for YOUR namesake?"

Just my thoughts

God bless

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"great love and good works.this is what faith is all about.we are the problem in the church if we are not showing humility and kindness and joy and love" -jimp

I have to add that the survey should also have questions about how depraved we are. Most people are so worried about being humble, kind, and joybful. But they don't know how they are suppose to derive these things. So you have people trying to force it with their own might, which will end in burnout, disaster and maybe even a turning away from the faith.

The survey does not mention it because it's made specifically for "religious" worldly performanced based christians. The pharisee would score a perfect 10.

I say this because until I found this forum, I was the typical performanced based christian, trying to earn my way to God. And if I took this survey, it would further lead me away from Christ. This is how 99% of christianity in the media is designed. Why do you think I was so lost for decades of my life.

I say this also because many thinking that they are good performing christians will do the survey thinking that they are saved when they aren't.

I know I was and all of my friends still are.

It fails to mention that without God, none of the humility, kindness, joy and love could ever exist. After all, aren't our hearts desperately wicked?

 2012/12/28 17:01

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dear codek, i understand the trap of trying to be good instead of faith in Christ and His finished work. i also understand that after 50 years of walking with Jesus and being in your mid 70s helps with ones holiness. i am amazed at the tests God has me go through get more wisdom as you make the same mistakes over and over.all holy living begins and ends inJesus and what He has done for us. we need to rest in His finished work.jimp

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I agree with you jimp but this lukewarm test leads people astray. Look what happened to this this supposed converted marine who killed his wife after giving a testimony in 2010. The modern church failed him. God let him be deceived by these false teachings. God could've gave him true bread when he was seeking God. He let him do this.

And for 3 decades I was lead by false teaching and God didn't do anything about it. And he still is very silent after I gave up everything for Him. I've been searching and seeking God with all my might and still no answer.

 2012/12/30 8:24

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