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 Re: commentary helps

[b]Psa 119:62 -[/b]
[i]At [b]midnight[/b] I will rise to give thanks unto thee[/i] - In the usual times of repose; when men are commonly lying in unconscious slumber. My heart is so interested in thy law - my soul is so full - that I am kept wakeful by meditating upon it, and I arise from my bed and offer thee praise. The Hebrew here means, literally, “the half,” or “halving of the night,” the night considered as divided into two equal portions. The idea is, that his mind was so full of the subject that he would take this unusual time to give vent to his feelings. The mind may be so full of love to the law - the word - of God, that nothing will satisfy it but such unusual acts of devotion. The Saviour rose up a great while before day, and went out into a solitary place and there prayed Mar_1:35; and on one occasion at least he continued all night in prayer to God Luk_6:12.
[i]taken from barnes commentary[/i]

Will we be found slumbering at midnight or will be found 'that I am kept wakeful' by a supreme overflowing devotion and intrest in the things of God. Is God the first and last things you think about? And as Tozer said what first comes to your mind when you think of God? Hopefully we have an awful vision of His Holiness and Divine rule over our life and this world. I fear that many first think of God as something to protect them or get them by in life.

[i]“At midnight I will rise to give thanks unto thee because of thy righteous judgments.”[/i] He was not afraid of the robbers; he rose, not to watch his house, but to praise his God. Midnight is the hour for burglars, and there were bands of them around David, but they did not occupy his thoughts; these were all up and away with the Lord his God. He thought not of thieves, but of thanks; not of What they would steal, but of what he would give to his God. A thankful heart is such a blessing that it drives out fear and makes room for praise. Thanksgiving turns night into day, and consecrates all hours to the worship of God. Every hour is canonical to a saint.
[i]treasury of david - Spurgeon[/i]

'Every hour is canonical to a saint' WOW what a statement. I have been felt led of God to wake at 3 or 4 am and read the bible and pray. Allow God to have complete rule over your time and life. Leonard Ravenhill said this one thing: 'I know that in my life I have given God time, much of it'.

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wrtbooks wrote:
[b]Psa 119:62 -[/b]
[i]At [b]midnight[/b] I will rise to give thanks unto thee[/i] - Spurgeon[/i]

'Every hour is canonical to a saint'

Tremendous, "every hour is canonical to a saint"

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