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Discussion Forum : Scriptures and Doctrine : If we say Jesus did it all for our salvation and there is nothing for us to do . . .

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 Re: If we say Jesus did it all for our salvation and there is nothing for us to do .

Let us not forget that true salvation is really enjoying the person of Christ inside of us. He is the GIFT.

Phip. 2:13, "For it is God which worketh in you both to will and to do of his good pleasure."

It is Christ within us that gives both the willing and the doing of His will.

Responsibility is the RESULT of Christ within us. It is simple, He gives us the ability to respond.

I live in a constant stream of grace and I joyfully respond as he gives me the ability.

God in Christ has done it all for me and in me. Now everyday I just rest in HIM as works in me both to will and to do his will.

 2012/11/14 12:56

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by Sree on 2012/11/14 8:50:41


In this perhaps you might see that maintaining the 'car' is not the challenge. Maintaining my relationship to Him Who gave it, is. I love Him and I am learning more how to love Him__as He first LOVED me. Why??? Because I love Him. Can you see "necessary" intimacy in this perspective?

I agree with most part of your post. You post the same thing as I did with more focus on the motivational factor which is love. I did not focus on the motivation factor, for me the motivation is to please him who gave himself for my sins and is willing to pour all his powers to help me confirmed to his image. As long as you understand the responsibility to battle the flesh to love him by obeying him, I am fine with it. The car example is not the best to compare the gift of Eternal life as nothing can be compared to the knowledge of one and only True living God.


The motivation factor is the whole tamale. Not only that but within the motivation factor exists the reason for my love shown the Father. He has something in mind, set in Himself that desires my love TO Him___and yours.

I clearly said in my previous posts that man gets no credit for anything that he did, the glory is for him alone who choose us and empowered us to do is will. Who will remember the servants who filled the jars with water? It is Jesus who gets the glory for the miracle.

Credit for what after we both understand we are saved by grace through our faith in Jesus Christ?
What are you getting at, some sort of works accusation you wish to see me alluding to? Forget it. What you should not forget is that there remains a work to do AFTER we are saved. You do believe that, I hope?

 2012/11/14 15:51Profile

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