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Discussion Forum : Scriptures and Doctrine : Afraid to call Roman Catholicism Heresy? (moderators please read/respond)

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 Afraid to call Roman Catholicism Heresy? (moderators please read/respond)

Help me understand something: why is there an apprehension to call a spade a spade when it comes to Roman Catholicisim? I have noticed something that GREATLY concerns me about brethren thinking they are doing God a service of love and humility by not clearly warning the church of Catholicism and calling it what it is - a heretical, devilish, deceptive, twisting of the Word of God that has/deceive millions upon billions throughout history and today.
There was a thread opened on IHOP warning of their focus on Roman Catholic Mystics' Teachings and it was locked with statements about the brethren discussing these matters like they were purely being divisive. I understand that we are not to be "harsh/hasty in our judgements" and aren't to spend all of our time being "sin-sniffers" or "heresy-hunters", but brethren, you don't have to be "looking for something that may/may not be there" when it comes to the Roamn Catholic Church.
Remember, this is the heretical apostate cult which burned men like William Tyndale at the stake for trying to give the people the ability to have the Eord of God for themselves. This is the false religion which killed millions of Muslims "in the name of Christ" during the Crusades. This is a TOTALLY false religion which worships Mary, prays to the dead, worships dead saints, bows before idols, etc., etc., etc.
Please tell me the moderators of this site are IN NO WAY, willing to defend/protect Roman Catholicism to any degree. I don't understand what is going on in these cases. In fact, there is a very well known teacher/preacher who's stuff is on this site who even did likewise in conversation with me, who made the statement, "What do you do then with Mr.Theresa? She was full of the love of Christ." WAIT A MINUTE! C'mon saints, how do sincere brethren and ministers who understand the Apostacy, the Word of God, Sanctification, etc., etc. fall prey to this level of deception? By the mother of all harlots no less, Roman Catholicism? You see, Mr. Theresa made SEVERAL quotes wher she said she "came to teach a Christian to be a better Christian, A MUSLIM TO BE A BETTER MUSLIM, A HINDU TO BE A BETTER HINDU", etc. She made MANY otherbsuch statements throughout her life and "ministry". How do we not immediately recognize the spirit of the Anti-Christ for what it is and cry out like Paul, ANANTHEMA!!!?
I frankly need clarification from the moderators, in love. If this site is going to shy away from pointing out error among the brethren when it comes to drinking from the cup of devils in mixing fellowship/doctrine with the Roman Catholic Church, lock out threads that exposé the topic, and think that somehow this is an "act of meekness" or love, I need to know this plainly and clearly at this point. If that is the case, I will be greatly grieved and saddened. I'm not talking about attacking anyone/everyone who disagrees with me on some doctrinal issue, but Roman Catholicism is just like Islam, Mormonism, Jehovah's Witness, Hinduism, Buddhism, etc. It's an anti-Christ cult to the core. Only it's much larger, much more deceptive, and has spilled more of the saints blood down through the ages than all the others combined. Please clarify this for me and explain why the previous thread was locked. Many are deceived by Catholicism's mixture and doctrines of devils, why should we not even "jump the fence" to protect the sheep from such wolves and those who toy with their doctrines? I'm not being hasty or harsh (obviously, you don't know me REALLY in real life apart from forums), but this willingness among the church to tolerate this wicked cult lately burns in my spirit with a holy fire. If that bothers the moderators, I will pray about my withdrawing permanently from this site. Please tell me I am wrong and misunderstand in some way....
In Him,
Jeff Marshall

 2012/11/13 9:28

 Re: Afraid to call Roman Catholicism Heresy? (moderators please read/respond)

I am just adding this link to Chuck Smith's view on the Catholic Church in his sermon on Revelation 2-3. He says the Message to Thyatira in Revelation (rev 2:18-29) is also a message to the Catholic Church.

direct link:
the word for today c2000 page

edit: Thyatira starts at 32:25

 2012/11/13 9:42


I'm not going to listen to Chuck Smith's message right now (time) or anyone else's, but I will take the time soon to quote a multitude of scriptures directly from God's Word which show the Roman Catholic Church for what it is. No church at all, but a "synagogue of Satan". You see, they have MURDERED the saints down through the ages, primarily because they wanted their own Bible and to follow the Word of God and not the traditions of the Roman Catholic Church. What else needs to even be said about what spirit that is? I will outline all the scriptures when Imhet a chance that clearly are in DIRECT opposition to official catholic doctrines.

 2012/11/13 9:53


You're not wrong. There is no salvation in the RCC. Those in it need Jesus just as badly as those involved in any other cult. The "Jesus" that the Roman Catholic loves, is not the real Jesus from the Bible, but a repackaging of Tammuz (Madonna and child)and other pagan cult deities they've absorbed over the centuries. It's a false gospel that needs to be addressed as such, in love. Just like the JW's, Mormons, Muslims, etc. etc. They all claim it's the same "God", but this is most certainly not the case.

My best friend in Japan is a former Roman Catholic, and he would be the first to agree with what you're saying.

 2012/11/13 10:04

 Re: Afraid to call Roman Catholicism Heresy? (moderators please read/respond)

i agree with every word you wrote.

the leadership of the roman instition is wholly evil, its the DEAR SAINTS who love Jesus trapped within this dark instituion my heart grieves for.

 2012/11/13 10:11

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northern USA

 Re: Afraid to call Roman Catholicism Heresy? (moderators please read/respond)

Great post Jeffmar. I entirely, 1000% agree with you.

 2012/11/13 10:23Profile

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Hey Jeffmar-

You asked

Help me understand something: why is there an apprehension to call a spade a spade when it comes to Roman Catholicisim?

A few things that you might consider with your question-

1. This is a horse that has been beaten to death again, and again, and again, and again. Do some searching of past posts. No need to rehash what has been hashed over dozens and dozens and dozens of times on the forums already. BrotherTom posts about it a lot. I do not always agree with all his conclusions... but regardless.. no one can say that the topic is one that hasn't been explored in depth again and again and again and again.

2. You may not have had the chance to read the statement of purpose for Sermon Index. From the "About Us" page.
'The mission of SermonIndex is the preservation and propagation of classical Biblical preaching and the promotion of Christ-centered revival to this generation.'

As you can see....heresy hunting is not a primary purpose for the site. The moderators have been specific and consistent in the application of this. It simply does not fulfill the purpose for which Greg believes God has led him to raise up this site.

There are hundreds of sites out there dedicated to apologetics, heresy hunting, etc. The moderators have consistently stated that the purpose of SI is different from that. They are not necessarily in disagreement with the other sites/ministries who have that as a primary mission. It just is a different calling and application than the specific one SI is called to.

If SI begins to major on areas that are outside of their God given mandate then they will begin to suffer in fulfilling their actual mandate of preserving and propagating classic Biblical preaching, and the promotion of Christ centered revival. So... while they have allowed a vast amount of the Catholic attacks to be discussed in the forums it is clearly not the primary intent or purpose of the SI site.

So you see... there is no soft peddling going on here. It has just been done to death over and over and over. Even that has been something that was "allowed" much more than "desired" as it at times has become a real distraction to the actual God given mandate for SI.

Hope that helps bro.

I do not mean to speak for the moderators. However, I have seen them respond in this way and heart multiple times. As a ministry leader I am always thrilled to have someone else from the group express the same heart and ideas that I hold to. I hope the moderators find that same happiness from we SI members when we can accurately address thoughts expressed here with the same heart and maturity they have exhibited.


By the way...I minister in an area that as of the most recent demographics have 65% of the people claiming to be "practicing Catholics". I understand the thoughts you express....I see them strongly in the community I live in almost daily. I lead one of only two "evangelical" fellowships within our regional community. However, SI is a different site with a different purpose.

 2012/11/13 10:26Profile

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Solomon101 wrote:

I do not mean to speak for the moderators. However, I have seen them respond in this way and heart multiple times. As a ministry leader I am always thrilled to have someone else from the group express the same heart and ideas that I hold to. I hope the moderators find that same happiness from we SI members when we can accurately address thoughts expressed here with the same heart and maturity they have exhibited.

I think that Solomon101 has rightly captured our views of the subject. I would heartily recommend reading the entirety of what he has written a couple of times. He is spot on.

Robert Wurtz II

 2012/11/13 10:39Profile

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I don't think any of us will disagree with you on your stance against the church of Rome. It is certainly an apostate religious structure. But we choose to not fixate on Rome here, or the church of LDS, or the Watchtower, or any other false structure. Our object of desire on SermonIndex is focused on Jesus Christ, and Him alone.

There is a tendency to become over-zealous in our quest to stomp out anything we feel doesn't measure up to true evangelical Christianity. There is definitely a place in ministry to rebuke, correct, reprove, but these forums are not the place to indulge in such. Moderators are here to make sure we don't go too far to the left or right, but stay focused in Christ. When we feel something is going out of kilter we try to step in and regain balance.

The accusations against the RCC may be legit, but the spirit we do it in often is not. There is a very fine line. The folks that rejected Christ certainly deserved fire to come down from heaven and destroy them, but Jesus said "No." The disciples who indicted the villages were instead rebuked by the Lord.

My advice is, on SI, leave the apostate religious structures alone. Concentrate all your energy instead on exalting Jesus and bringing others to see His glorious light. By doing this you will do more damage to Satan's kingdoms of darkness than you can ever imagine. Light banishes darkness with instantaeous effect. Penning "exposure" articles about the RCC is like killing the Egyptians, one by one, but exalting Jesus Christ opens the entire sea and drowns the multitude. Seek to project Christ and His light will expose all corruption.

Brother Paul

Paul Frederick West

 2012/11/13 10:39Profile


I understand some of what you are saying, and agree with the intent of some, but disagree with much of what/how you are implementing.
All of our focus is to be on Christ. That's a given. That doesn't somehow negate the call to "expose the deeds of darkness", "give no place to false teachers", etc. Christ's Exaltation is paramount to our walk. That still doesn't promote/make right a "head in the sand" "fingers in my ears" approach to exposing false teaching. In love brethren, that's in part how the current state of the American Apostate Babylonian church got where it is in the first place. Besides, we are to preach "THE FULL COUNSEL" of scripture, not JUST focus on parts we choose and reject others
It doesn't matter what I think, or you think, etc., but what does God's Word/Spirit say about such matters. MANY are falling prey to RCC from the "ranks of Christian churches" & to be silent, silence those who speak up, clarify, expose, teach/preach on the subject, etc. is to work against the work of God, the Word of God, & the "under-shepherding" of the people. Shepherds are ready to fight off wolves, seek out lost sheep, pick off parasites, etc. ALL of what comes with protection of a flock.
True, many are over-zealous, will be in the wrong spirit at times/degrees, etc., but that shouldn't silence the Word of God, cause us to throw out the baby with the bath-water, & leave "little ones" (young, still lost, immature, Or ignorant) to fend for themselves and give credence to the RCC by refusing to talk about it.
I frankly don't care how many times some feel this "dead horse has been beaten", RCC influence is actually GROWING, ignorance on its dangers among sheep/shepherds is growing, and new people visit SI EVERYDAY!
As far as the "purpose of SI", let me address that briefly. In our fellowship, there is also driving purpose, given by God, a certain message the Holy Spirit is working in/through us at given times, etc., but if someone stands up and supports blatant heresy, is confused in such matters, etc., we will not worry about "what our focus" (overall) is/isn't. We will address that quickly & thoroughly lest someone believe a lie and our silence propagate and further such ignorance. Paul didn't do that. I'm no Paul, but he said himself, "Imitate me as a I imitate Christ".
Besides, my "job" is to sell janitorial/custodial supplies. Nowhere in my application, list of job duties, etc. did it say my "focus/job" was to preach the Gospel, evangelize, protect sheep from wolves, etc. But that's really immaterial, because God's Word tells me to, so "let God be true and every man a liar."
I know several ex-RCC decieved who got truly born again. They mighta got saved in that place, but once they got filled with God's Spirit, they couldn't stay there. They were no longer "trapped" cause the Spirit of God and Word of God set them free. I likewise know people saved in spite of sitting under Word of Faith false doctrines of false teachers (bound for hell themselves), but they didn't stay there, make peace with a lie, or just say, "well, we've already beaten that dead horse".
Again, the point is that there is an outright AVOIDANCE of calling the RCC a satanic lie. How can people trapped get free if no one speaks the truth in love? If we avoid the subject (locking a thread and giving the "that's not the purpose of SI" appears to me to be avoiding the subject and trying
To silence a truth many need to hear).
"The purpose of SI is....", so we can post news articles on Texas succeeding from the union, the election, Hurricane Sandy, etc. (none of which I am demonizing, I read them all), but the subject of involvement with the RCC becomes a dead locked thread because it's not SI's "purpose"? Brethren, in love, I ask that you do what your own rules state which is read this, pray, & carefully consider before you post. Before "defense" kicks in an answer, I ask you, implore you, plead with you to prayerfully consider what's being stated in these actions. If we can't expose/warn people of the greatest deception in Christ's name in history, who has martyred more saints than all others, what are we saying?
I'm not attacking anyone. I'm begging you: think, search the scriptures, & pray before defending this stance. Focusing on Christ is right. Meanwhile ignoring countless other biblical mandates is against God's Spirit and His clearly expressed Word.

 2012/11/13 11:18

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