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Discussion Forum : General Topics : 3 new church movements seemingly at odds

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 Re: Wonderful Testimony

Dear saints,

Do take a look at Andy's site.
Quite a testimony there


Very humbling

Mike Balog

 2005/3/5 11:33Profile


Pastor Andy,

I am glad to hear that we have pastors today that are willing to "re-examine" themselves and what they are preaching from our pulpits. Thank you for challenging yourself. My hope is that you are now in a fellowship that matches more of what the 1st century church was than what you may have experienced in the past. Having come to this recent revelation, I also hope that you have seen fit to remove yourself from that "high priesthood" of American pastors and placed yourself back into the "Priesthood of all believers". If not, I can certainly understand that it may be too late in the game for you to pull out of what may indeed keep you and your family physically fed and cared for financially. Either way, the Lord is with you my brother, do not lose heart.

In regards to your assessment of the Church, I think you are correct in your observance of it's condition. However, to suggest that we are a "Cult" may be a bit harsh. Out of respect for the "invisible" church that "Grows as God causes it to grow", we should refrain from such libelous accusations. I agree that many doctrinal positions, creeds, practices, and Pastors within the papal leadership of some denoms and non-denoms are indeed cult-like in appearance
Some even teach "Satan's deeper secrets" within the walls of the church.

However, I really believe that God, in his sovereignty, has proven in the past that he preserves the well being of his "invisible" body throughout the thousands of years. Through divergence, famine, sword, persecutions, reformation, and even through the Calvinism/Arminianism debate, the Lord has proven faithful to both preserve and purify his church. Not to mention that he also causes it to grow according to His will and not our own through all the centuries. Why then would it be any different today. His body is still very much alive, thriving, and growing "as God causes it to grow" even today.

I say these things to you not to become combative with your statements (I can agree with all of your observations) but rather to, in hope, disagree with your assessment of the Church's condition. I wish to project Hope and certainty on you that the church you have served these past 30+ years has not gone astray. Your brothers are still here amongst you and wanting deep fellowship with Christ alongside you.

The true Church, which only God sees, that is "hid in Christ" is also existant (in varying percentages I'm sure) within these many denoms and non-denoms that you spoke of. Perhaps they are just as dissatisfied with the direction of their churches as we who observe them are. Perhaps they have yet to be awakened from their slumber. But, nonetheless, they are there and God sees them.

I realize that perhaps my concepts here are elementary to you reflecting that which you already know but maybe you just needed to hear it again. I hope this has been a blessing and encouragement to you that your service to the body has not been in vain.


P.S. My name "Picky" is not because I'm a picky individual, but rather because I play the guitar professionally. Just thought you might like to know.

 2005/3/5 15:01

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