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Discussion Forum : News and Current Events : Can an Evangelical Christian Vote for a Mormon? by Franklin Graham

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By the way, I will be voting for Romney... and I am not deceived. I know full well what he believes in regards to Mormonism. I probably understand what he believes better than 90% of the people on this forum.

By voting for him I know full well where he is coming from spiritually. Cant say that for a lot of those who voted for Obama last time around.

I know when it comes to national security and the economy his platform is way more in line with what I think it should be than his opponent's is.

I also know he is too soft on the abortion issue, but that could change.

I could go on... but I would be interested in hearing a further explanation from you about how I will be deceived if I vote for Romney.

And by the way... Romney certainly is not my first choice, but at this point he is the only choice.


PS: All the pontificating in the world will not change the fact that God has a plan... and He will put the person He has decided on in the White House. His perfect will is going to take place.

 2012/10/15 11:53


Micah brother, a very wise man told me to leave this thread. I encourage that wise man to do tbe same. Come on our call tonight and join in praise for what God is doing in his faith remnant bride. For surely exalting Jesus is far mire edifying then political discussions.

Bro let us go after Jesus. For sure he is far more satisfying than any political candidate.


 2012/10/15 13:13

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Quote: "Youre so concerned with squabbling for the scraps from Longshanks' table that you've missed your God-given right to something better."

Hold on if I am not mistaken thats a William Wallace/Braveheart quote...

Here is another "Men don’t follow titles, they follow courage"

And I can't see any courage in the current American President.

Colin Murray

 2012/10/15 15:33Profile

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Krispy. I love you too.

bearmaster. Miccah standing down.

I may join the call tonight, but do not count on it. The twins have been having a fun time not sleeping lately, which in turn means that my wife and I have been having lots of "fun" not sleeping as well. Trying to catch up on some sleep, but not likely.

Blessings my brothers and sisters.


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Miccah wrote:

"Miccah standing down."

I hope you don't stand down quite yet-- I was hoping you might define what you mean when you say someone is "deceived" if they vote for Romney.

I know the definition of "deceived" but perhaps you are using it in a way that I am not familiar with.

To me, deception involves trickery, or slight of hand, or, well, deceit.

If someone votes for Romney KNOWING that he is a Mormon, I am not sure how that is deception. Deception would be if he tried to convince us that he wasnt really a Mormon and people fell for it.

I think you can legitimately say that, in your opinion, people are MISTAKEN if they vote for Romney, but I don't see how you can call them deceived.

Unless you are saying that a Christian is deceived if he believes it is ok for a Christian to vote for a Mormon; but again not sure if that is deception vs simply being mistaken.

But as KK has pointed out, if that is what you mean then it is simply your opinion.

For example, I have friends wrapped up in the charismatic movement that i believe are deceived on some points because they dont know all the facts about certain aspects of the movement. Once they know all the facts, but still persist in following certain elements of charismatic-ness, they are no longer deceived but merely mistaken, perhaps egregiously so.


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TMK... I love Miccah, and we have rarely ever had any kind of heated disagreements. He is a godly brother, to be sure.

Unfortunately tho there is a trend on forums like this to make statements like he has... and then refuse to explain the statement.

Like you I wish he would expand upon his statement too. Maybe he will.

Normally tho there will be no explanation.

It's unfortunate too because the prophets of God in the Bible would announce God's judgement is coming, and then spend almost half of a book of the Bible explaining why God's judgement is coming... and then explain what the people must do to turn away God's judgement upon their nation... and then describe God's promises of blessings if they do turn away from their sin and turn to God.

(Remove Miccah from this next part. I dont think for a minute that Miccah views himself as a prophet on this forum)

All of these things, except the judgement part, are missing from the "prophecies" of judgement on this forum. People come and declare judgement on America... or judgement on His church... no real explanation of why, no real exhortation or explanation of how to turn it away... and no promises of His blessings if people turn from their sin.

Just an observation.


 2012/10/17 9:03

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I am not concerned about Romney's Mormonism as far as the Presidential thing is concerned. After all, wouldn't the media be all over him if he started to spout Mormonism?

The Flaw I see in Romney is he is hiding something and dances around certain things. It is almost as if he doesn't know how to answer simple questions without having to go into some big speech about it. Such would be a typical politician OR big time businessman. The common people have to jump through hoops to understand what he says sometimes. Obama does the same as well. I keep hearing the 5 pt plan but what is that? Is it Nancy Pelosi's thing in which we need to vote for Mitt in order to see what is in it?

Most people don't care about a President's faith or religion. They have voting on how government is going to have the impact on their lives such as the economy, healthcare and defense. All else doesn't matter.



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Brothers and Sisters,

May I humbly suggest our eyes on focused on the "seen" and not the "unseen?"

On the one hand, we Saints pray for revival, and on the other, we get snagged in to an earthly political debate. Rather than focus on who is Mormon or Muslim, we should be praying that God's Will be accomplished throughout the United States.

God may decide that the best way to wake up a slumbering, worldly, backslidden church in to a revival is to allow a president who ushers in persecution. A cursory read of the NT speaks much of the benefits of trials, tribulation, and refining fire. Not that we seek it out, but I Peter 4:17 reminds us that judgment first begins with the house of God.

Neither politician will lead us to repentance, but their actions may. Now is the time to repent and ask God what His will is for the US, the church, and ourselves. We know what's coming, so let's keep our eyes on the prize.


 2012/10/17 11:10

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 Re: Can an Evangelical Christian Vote for a Mormon? by Franklin Graham

I am a passenger in this government (just passing through)... I have a unique responsibility to maintain it... NOT TRUST IT... Just as I allow my car to carry me down the road... This government was designed to carrying my family down a moral path (laws), an economic path, and a international path .
My responsibility is to look "under the hood" AND "down the road" and make the necessary repairs, and replacements, being mindful of the direction it is taking me.
Just as when I ignore the needs of my car I put my family in danger... so also when I ignore the needs of my government I put my family in danger.

In biblical times there was NOT a government of the people by the people and for the people... designed to be accountable to God fearing people.

Sadly, some God fearing people have chosen to leave the responsibility of "looking under the hood" to the godless... and then complain about the direction of the government.

Again, I trust the government about as much as I trust my car... but, I DO get involved with both of their maintenance... because they carry my family down the road at lethal speeds.

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Krisper and TMK, I respect you and your concerns, hence the answer that I am going to give. I stand by what I have said.

I have explained my views on this subject in different threads before, and in this thread. At this time, I am feeling (best word that I can use to describe) that the Lord is leading me to leave this thread. I would love to come on and defend my views more and more, but it would not be edifying to my brothers and sisters, whom I love much.

Please know that I am a sinful man who stumbles daily. I do not wish or intend to have any brother or sister stumble or fall because of my words or on my account. There are times that things just need to be brought up to prayer, and prayer alone. NOW is one of those times.

I love you all.

If you would like to get a hold of me or jump on my facebook, look me up at Christiaan Hanson or email me at [email protected]

Blessings brothers and sisters.



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