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Discussion Forum : News and Current Events : Can an Evangelical Christian Vote for a Mormon? by Franklin Graham

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 Re: Can an Evangelical Christian Vote for a Mormon? by Franklin Graham

meaningless, vapors, mist, vanity, all of it.

yes, the state of the body politic, as evidenced by that CNN article i pinned up the other day, about how people are turning AWAY from God...away from. that fact is grievous enough, heart breaking enough as these are all like foolish children playing beneath a smoking volcano....what really has me has me smoking like this, WHY does anybody with one whit of wisdom, love, mercy....let the fact that we now have, at least, (IIRC) 85,000 of our boys and girls, in uniform parked in that unwinnable hell called Afghanistan, and for what?!?

friends that support the President? i ask them, you scream and holler about this and that, and when i tell you, that your President promised to END our involvement in Afghanistan, and yet says they stay till the end of 2014...and you say NOTHING?....friends that support Governor Romney? they follow the talking points of the Republican candidate, and say the President is weakening the which i have respond, spending a trillion dollars a year on defense, and maintaining 750 overseas bases is weak? this nation spends more on their weapons, than all the countries of the world combined....but forget about all that...what about the 85,000 troops STUCK in an unwinnable hell called Afghanistan?

to me, that is issue ONE, and nobody speaks about it.

it was much like this in mid 2002 ON THIS FORUM, when many posters HERE, were cheerleading the all too obvious ramp up to the invasion of Iraq in 2003....i kept asking 2 questions, and NEVER got what would even mimic a coherent response,...two questions....why?..and.....what does 'victory' in iraq "look like", what are the conditions of victory?

and many posters, many of whom, say "Lord, Lord"...went head to toe with me, but gave no answers that resembled reality....just mindlessly cheerleaded a President, who was under a cloud of delusion, as they were.

and if any of the posters that went head to toe with me in 2002, remain...what say you NOW about Iraq?....hmmmm?

i'll stop there, with one final sentence, the Judgement that is coming upon this country, will be shattering, and i write that with no joy, neil

 2012/10/12 10:49

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This world is not my home anymore.


bearmaster wrote:
Yes, an evangelical Christian can vote for a Mormon and be quite comfortable with it. But then the average evangelical, Christian has compromised his faith with the world. And feels no grief over his sin.

Now can one who denies himself, takes up his cross daily and follows Jesus Christ vote for a Mormon? My answer would be no. Because one who follows Christ in this fashion realizes his citizenship is in heaven. Such a person has crucified himself to the world and is cleaving as unto Christ.

Such a disciple will not grieve his Lord by voting for a cultist controlled by an antichrist spirit.


I respect you as a brother in Christ but we could not disagree MORE with each other on this issue!!

I would beseech you to be careful on the tones of your words and back-to-back questions because you’ve already run off InLove! :) More important than anything, we are to love one another before we run each other off! Just saying, brother.

I said this when this thing began, I am voting for whoever is running against obama, period. That is my God-given right as an American and heavenly citizen and I’m exercising it! :) And I know that you know the Lord loves you and He still loves me!

Love you in Christ brother!
God bless you my friend,


 2012/10/12 11:14Profile

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This world is not my home anymore.

 Re: Krispy

krispy wrote:
We are not voting for a spiritual leader, altho your religious freedoms are at stake.

The funny thing is that when JFK was running for office everyone freaked out because he was Catholic... and people tried to scare others into thinking that if he got elected the Pope would be the one calling shots for America. That never happened.

Now we are repeating history... vote Romney in and the LDS will control America!! C'mon... no it wont.

Another topic we agree on Krispy!! I think that’s two now!! LOLOLOOLOLOL (forgive me brother, I could not resist!)

God bless you,


 2012/10/12 11:21Profile

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I have to confess that for myself personally, committing to any of these political platforms dulls the prophetic imagination. I often recall to myself the line "Youre so concerned with squabbling for the scraps from Longshanks' table that you've missed your God-given right to something better."



Mike Compton

 2012/10/12 11:29Profile


And this is exactly why we are not supposed to debate politics on this forum.

Now we have bearmaster adding works to salvation by stating that no one who takes up their cross daily and follows Christ can vote for a Mormon. So now who we vote for is the litmus test for who is saved and who is not? No he didnt say that in those words, but that is certainly what is implied.

It's fun to come here and pontificate and say brash and bold things. It's easy. I've done it, you've done it... we've all done it.

Nothing brings out foolish talk like politics... and this thread prooves it... once again.

If you vote then vote! Pray before you vote and make sure you know all the facts before you pull that lever. If you dont vote, then dont vote... dont vote as unto the Lord. And if you dont vote please dont post negative stuff about whoever wins the election.

If you're Canadian... keep making maple syrup, y'all got that down to a science!


 2012/10/12 11:30

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Monroe, LA - USA


Krispy wrote:

This much I can tell you: not voting for Romney, or not voting at all... is a vote for Obama. Obama is more than happy to see you sit this one out.

Regardless of how any of us stand in this issue of whether or not to vote, Krispy has stated a simple reality that CANNOT be refuted! The political and voting set-up of the United States of America leaves NO room for neutrality.

The only way to avoid voting, or to avoid putting someone in office (by not voting) is to renounce your citizenship and move to another country. If you are talking about fleeing Babylon, I hope you have your passport ready. I have mine ready for that very purpose. This nation WILL crumble one day. I am just praying for God to have mercy on me and allow me to flee to another country (that has mountains --- “flee to the mountains”) before the crash that is coming.

While I am still living in Babylon, I am forced by the laws of Babylon to either vote, or put someone in office by choosing not to vote. Quite frankly, those of us who face that reality are looking at those who are screaming “don’t vote for Romney!” as screaming “keep Obama in office!” Obama has some great supporters in this thread (whether they want to admit it or not)! If you can feel good about putting Obama back in office by not voting for Romney, that is between your conscience and God. I am not trying to pass eternal condemnation on anybody. I am just re-stating the reality that exists in the USA.

We will all give an answer to God for how we handle these important situations. That should strike our hearts with awe and the fear of God, and cause us to pray for our brethren instead of trying to condemn them.

Michael Strickland

 2012/10/12 11:38Profile


What does voting for a Mormon has to do with anything?

That is the man's religion.

Obama said that he was a Christian and Christians voted for him left right and crooked.

Obama hid his true identity, he hid behind Christianity and entered through flattery and we were flattered by his flattery.

We know now that Barack Obama is not at all Christian.

But Romney is not hiding behind Christianity, he is more specific. He is a Mormon.

I am not an American.

But if I were voting there, I would vote for Mitt Romney.

Because he is Mormon? No!

Because he is the better choice than all the unrighteous, abominable anti Christian acts of the current administration.

 2012/10/12 11:53


If you're Canadian... keep making maple syrup, y'all got that down to a science!

Well, not so much all that. That stuff they sell in the stores today is not the real stuff. It's something like politics though, or modern day Christianity, a water down version.

The best maple syrup (which is hard to find) is what they call "Dark Amber. You kind of have to go *ahem* way back up into the back of beyond where a still, er..a..I mean where the sap is boiled to get this. This is the way it was made back in the day, they boiled it down, I mean down down (not bam bam). This thicker ooze that has the consistency of Corn Syrup is what true old fashioned maple flavour that we (at least this canuck) crave for.

 2012/10/12 12:04

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by KrispyKrittr on 2012/10/12 7:41:15

i was agreeing with most of your post until this part. are you trying to "guilt" another believer into voting? some clarifying please??

A preface to everything I say here should be "if the Lord convicts you to a different conclusion than mine... by all means obey the Lord!"

I've been around here long enough sometimes I assume people understand that.

That is a disclaimer to anything I say on this forum, henceforth and forever more.

I never said anything about anyone sinning whether they vote or note. Let's try and stay focussed here and not get hysterical.:-)


hey Krispy i was so tempted to come back after reading this response and say something like "you are only saying not to get hysterical because i am a woman" but then i figured it might not get taken as the joke i would mean it to be;)

thank you for the preface, thank you for the response. i did not mean for my words to imply that you were saying it was sin to vote or not vote(although I have heard that from both sides) i was just sayin maybe we could all step back give each other room to follow the Lord leading in this and not get caught up in accusing or throwing stones.(again not saying you are)just a reminder for me and some who might need it:)


 2012/10/12 12:11Profile

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After watching the VP debate last night, this scripture comes to mind. :)
Proverbs 29:9
(9) If a wise man has an argument with a fool, the fool only rages and laughs, and there is no quiet.


 2012/10/12 12:18Profile

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