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 Re: Rethinkibg the ussue

After praying for these cases last night on our persecution watch call. I have had to rethink this issue.. One brother pointed out that the cases represent an attempt in Great Britain to force Christians to practice their faith in private and keep it out of the public. I suppose it is not the magnitude of the case itself. But as to what the cases are representing. That is the prevailing hostile demonic attitude toward the things of Christ.

I would agree that this may be more religious discrimination than persecution. But we are seeing a political correctness taking root in Western Europe and developing in this country. Moslems and other faiths are allowed to express their faiths but Christians are being marginalized out of the public sector. And this being in the West.

Again it is not so much the wearing of crosses or displaying Christian symbols that is the issue. But the hostile attitude behind it. We are certainly seeing that displayed in this country.

On further reflection I would support these sisters taking their redress to the EU court. Not so much to gain justice for their cause. But to bring attention to the discrimination of Christians around the world. In o words to expose the devil's plot. Even if the sisters lose their case. World attention may be focussed on the hostility being shown to Christians by western governments.

Just my thoughts.


 2012/9/5 8:31

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It has saddened me, as a Brit, that the media focus on Christians, already unsavoury enough, has picked up on these cases. When you hear Wurmbrand it pales into insignificance.

Are the biggest concerns of God's people today their right to wear certain things? I personally wouldn't involve the courts - let life be a witness, and if that loses us our jobs then so be it, but only for God, not for something we think we have a right to.

Ginnyrose - I agree this may defy an absolute answer. My concern is that this may divert the attention of His children when we ought to be dealing with things closer to His heart.

Jamie Adam

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 Re: Menderfonets

I am in agreement that the wearing of crosses is pretty trivial in and of itself. And personally I do not see that a Christian can get redress from secular courts. But the hostility of western governments toward Christians needs to be exposed.

I agree that persecution is coming and we cannot escape it. But let the light be shed on what the enemy is doing. If they are going to persecute us by jail and death. Then let it be done in the light as a public witness of Jesus Christ.

Just my thoughts.


 2012/9/5 8:49


Again I am reminded of Daniel. There was a command that prayer would not be done in public. Daniel could have prayed in private. But he opened his window toward Jerusalem and prayed where everybody saw him. And you know the rest of the story.

The early disciples were commanded to not preach Jesus in public. But they chose to obey God rather than men.

Just reflecting on these truths.


 2012/9/5 9:11

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We seemed to have focused on the two cross wearing cases, but let's not forget the other two persons.

One, a marriage councilor refused to give marriage council to a homosexual couple and the other a registrar of marriages refused to marry same sex marriages. So the outcome is that Christians cannot work in certain employments because they will be forced to do things they just cannot. When you put this together with other things like adoption agencies and foster carers having to accept and even encourage homosexuality then you can see this is a much bigger picture we are looking at.

Bearmaster: I'm not sure that Daniel praying in Babylon or the disciples continuing to preach is an example of the same thing. They chose to continue to obey God and accept the consequenses. They did not appeal to a government court to allow them to continue...they appealed to the highest authority, which is God.

I think it is a good point that these people are at least taking a stand and being seen.

One other thought I had was about people such as Richard Wurmbrand. We regard him rightly as a Christian who suffered greatly for His Lord. However in Romania at that time most people (apart from the Christians) would have considered him a criminal of the state, because that is how it would have been seen. It will be the same for us if we suffer persecution. The world won't look at us and say 'look at Him suffering for Christ'. They will consider us to be the refuse of society, intolerant, biggots, and enimies of (what they consider) good.


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