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Quote Travis: spend great amounts of time studying the written word of God at the exclusion of other books, television, talk radio, movies, entertainments, etc. This foundation of the Word is the filter through which we run each thing that we sense that God is saying.

This is so important, Brother Travis, that I wanted to put it up in that quote.
It's been proven, even scientifically, that media of any sort does in fact affect not only how the mind works physiologically but also perception, opinions, judgments, reasoning and more.

I Can understand why GOD is a jealous GOD over our minds and He won't compete with other voices that we've chosen.
Even "other books" as you've written. Only His Word is "Living" - is 100% Divinely Inspired Truth and is His Voice and should be respected as such.

Pro 3:5,6 Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. 'In All thy ways acknowledge Him', and He shall direct thy paths.

Child-like faith in verses like this and John 10 about His Sheep knowing, hearing and following His Voice and will not follow another. John 16:13 and other passages of His Faithfulness to guide continually - if we're looking to Him Alone for answers and giving Him our every thought - our full attention - not distracted by other sources or voices.
Wide-eyed child-like Dependency by faith and looking up to Him to answer our questions and guide us - but no need for the passive mind type of waiting ... but just trusting like a little child.
A little child has no confidence that they Know all the answers, or any answers at that.
It's very freeing to be a helpless, dependent child - walking in complete trust in GOD. That our Father will speak to us and make Himself known to His Own.
That's a Promise from a Father that never lies.

What a Freeing realization, to find that He can fill our thoughts and not with static or mere humam wisdom, direction, or opinions - as we just Trust Him with all of our hearts for what He's promised -- An intimate Relationship with us. Of a Good Father and His child.
He speaks as much as we depend solely on Him and not on ourself or other sources - as we look up to Him in that total, complete dependence.
Saving, protecting, reserving our mind and thoughts for Him alone.
What comfort and joy to trust in an All-knowing GOD that wants to fill all of our thoughts with Himself, His Love, His guidance and His answers ... to the degree that we look up in expectant Trust to Him Alone.
Trusting: None of self and All of Thee. [our Beautiful, Joyful Life song.]

 2012/7/24 4:43

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hi, what you can never do is earn the voice of the Lord.this is another religeous should spend time as a child laying on the neck of abba. spending time reesponding to the overwhelming Love that flow usward from our Father.we need to labor to enter into this rest that is in the finished work of Jesus and nothing yhat you are doing or have done. if you realize that we are idiots of sorts that are saved by grace and loved by a loving father we are somewhat in position to hear from Him.

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Such a thread of blessing. One of the things that has struck me and convicted me from this dialog (might that be God talking?) is the effort we must put forth for this rest. It would seem contradictory to work at being dependent but that is just what He desires of us. In His rest we are weak and His strength is manifest.

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