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Here is an update on our son. This is a letter we are sending to everybody for an update.


Hello Friends and Family,

Kristen and I wanted to give you a brief update on how things are going with our baby. We are still working on a special name for him. First we thank you so much for your prayers and support for the past few days!!

Baby Boy Renz was born breech 12:37PM at home on Tuesday July 17th. Kristen had 3 contractions in the early morning and then none for a while until she had one contraction at 12:15PM and noticed the baby was arriving breech with his hands above his head and feet first; (called nuchal arms during a breech delivery) The prognosis for this type of birth is not favorable.

We thank God for our son Nathaniel's fast patience to call 911 and also the midwife. Kristen was home with just our oldest sons at the time.

Once the paramedics arrived our midwife gave directions to the head paramedic and he was able to maneuver the baby out quickly and give CPR for a few minutes until the baby started to breath and show a pulse.

Baby Boy Renz was then transferred to ParkRidge Hospital and then finally to the UofR Strong's NICU were he has been for the past three days.

Initial observations showed some concerns but much healing from God has occured and we are believing for complete healing. After current examination, tests and observation our son is doing incredible with excellent
vital signs, normal EEG results and has started to eat today. He has an MRI exam scheduled today on his head.

He has an issue outstanding with his right arm not moving properly but we believe God will heal and strengthen his arm.

Please pray for healing to his brain, central nervous system, and nerves in the vertebrae. And please pray for a miracle for new brain cells if needed- only God knows that answer.

We are praising God for this miracle of saving our sons life. Thankyou for you prayers and support.

Love, Doug & Kristen

Doug R

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Oh praise God for what He has done already! Still praying....thank you for the update :) To God be the glory!

 2012/7/21 14:29Profile


Brother Doug, whenever you can update, please do.
Thank you.
Jesus lift your hearts.

 2012/7/23 1:52

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Hi Doug & Kristen,

Thank for the update!

Will be praying.


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New York

 Re: Baby in NICU

Praying for you your family and your new son Doug.

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Still praying brother. The Lord is good.


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Celina, Texas


Our prayers are with your family.

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Please pray for healing to his brain, central nervous system, and nerves in the vertebrae. And please pray for a miracle for new brain cells if needed- only God knows that answer.

We will continue to pray dear brother.

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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Today is our son's 1 month birthday!!

We are still praying about a name for him.

He is doing very well and we are seeing improvements with his right arm/shoulder every day.

He had a brachial plexus injury in his right arm / shoulder which has caused some nerve issues and use of his arm as a result of a breech birth.

Thanks so much for those that have prayed for him!!


Doug R

 2012/8/17 12:53Profile


GOD Bless you Brother Doug and your very precious Family.

 2012/8/17 13:02

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