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Southeast USA

 Re: Song


You wrote:

"holy is as holy does"

What a short and sweet explanation of how holiness manifests in our lives!

Also, via your posts you appear to be one of the few authentic Christians I've been blessed to come across in my life. Not many Christians love the Lord enough to faithfully "confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed" (James 5:16).

In spite of this calling from James, Christians of this age are notorious for hiding the truth of their lives and presenting only a "Sunday Morning" version of their faith. And all of this spiritual "posturing" has proven to have a tumultuous effect on us when we are enduring our most intense trials.


Self-disclosure is one of the most powerful and loving tools we can use in the sincere attempt to alleviate the suffering of our beloved. The evil which you have suffered sounds dreadful! The enemy attempted to destroy you - body, soul, and (if he had been successful) spirit.

Yet, though the suffering sin your life intended to do harm to you, "God intended it for good, in order to preserve a numerous people, as He is doing today"
(Genesis 50: 20). Sharing your painful experiences with our beloved sister has delivered comfort and even joy to her spirit at such a time as this!

Isn't it amazing grace to see how the Lord uses our very suffering for good? If we endure it through Him.



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@ learn thank you for the link

@ everyone , thank you for your prayers. Just knowing that someone is actually praying for me, really truly absolutely makes a difference and means so so so so much to me! Really.

@ ginnyrose & Jesus is God,

I want to let you know for the next several weeks, and probably months,I will not be able to communicate with you via internet ( e-mail, this forum , etc. ) this includes telephone ( I have a Google Voice phone number - and use my laptop as a telephone ).

This morning when I went to turn my computer on, it wouldn't turn on. Where I am staying, often the circuit breakers need to be reset. In the middle of the night, the power went out and when it did, the outlet the laptop was plugged into must have had a short in the wiring, because the whole outlet was blackened and the outlet no longer works. I wasn't using a power surge protector when charging my laptop, apparently when the outlet blew, it fried the battery to my laptop.
I tried to plug it into another outlet, even removed the battery and plugged it in, and it won't turn on at all.

I needed to let you know what's going on so you do not worry to much about me, I am using a computer and accessing the internet at the public library right now. There are 3 libraries within 5 miles from me, 2 of them are about 2 miles away. I rode my bicycle here, it didn't take as long as I thought it would riding over here. I need to remember to bring WATER with me next time!! It is about 103 today, but with the slight breeze it feels like its about 97-98.

It is NOT often I leave the house, so I do not know how often I will make it to the library. It is a daily struggle for me just to get out of bed. Even more of a struggle to walk out the front door.

It was difficult for me to leave the house today and come here, but I knew I HAD to.

The library has a time limit on the computer/internet accessing (sometimes you may have to wait for one to become available ). Anyways, I only have a few minutes remaining, so I better end this so I can submit and post.

Oh, the Library has WEIRD hours:

Monday 1pm - 8pm
Tuesday 10am - 5pm
Wednesday 10am - 5pm
Thursday 1pm - 8pm
Friday Closed
Saturday 1pm - 5pm
Sunday Closed

Thank you again EVERYONE for praying for me!!!!!!!

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You can call me anytime. I keep my cell-phone nearby at all times. I will keep calling you perchance I may be able to get through sometime.

I am glad you are going to the library and access their computer...

Do not forget you have people praying for you. And that Jesus' love for you far exceeds that of any other human being on this planet. I am praying you will experience his redemptive love that will also strengthen you - whatever the devil puts in front of you to trip you up.

God bless..


Sandra Miller

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Michelle and JIG--no problem.

post deleted as i don't think a public computer allows you to use skype.sorry.


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Dear Michelle,

Will be praying for you.
You are so loved by the Lord!


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Michelle, Hope you don't mind if I just say one or two words to JIG here...

Dear JIG

Thank you for sharing your story with us.
I have seen some of the same events in my relationship with my ex-husband. And I am still praying for him to come back to the Lord.
He was a preacher once as you know... And it hurts to see him in this situation.

Thank you again for all the encouraging words you have given to Michelle (and me), also in the last email you'v send to me... dear and beloved sister...


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God Bless your heart sister, and may the power of Christ rest upon you and to all.

David C

David Cisneros

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 Re: Can suicide be forgiven?

It is very good to see the concern for one who is suffering so much.

But, as usual, I am again saddened to see how we tend to attack each other, even in the midst of that anguished one.

Also, I am saddened by how we tend to advance doctrine as though it will touch a heart. The Scriptures are a living Word. Can we not find loving Words of our Lord and of our Father to restore a broken heart?

If Jesus strictly adhered to the doctrines in Scriptures to answer their doctrinal question, the woman caught in adultery would have been stoned. But gracious Jesus looked at something altogether different. If He had simply and equally condemned the others with Scripture, they would have been busy throwing their stones at one another.

But He asked them to look within themselves and then have only mercy and compassion on her. Did she know she was doing wrong and worthy of stoning in John 8? Yes, they all knew that, even Jesus. But the murderously violent mob was turned into a merciful, if not compassionate, gathering. How? Not by giving the obvious and clear answer to what He was asked. And in His way, a sinful, despairing woman was turned into a loving, cleansed child of our Father.

Those in despair need one thing. Not to hear our opinions and dogma. Jesus said, "My sheep hear My voice." When we hear His voice, it comes with peace, joy, love, and hope. We often can not help them with that, because we can not hear His voice? And if we can not hear His voice, what can we offer but our dogma?

Jesus said, "He who does not love Me does not keep My Words, and the Word which you hear is not Mine, but the Father's who sent Me, "John 14:24.

We must learn the holy art of communing with our Father and His Son in order to pass on His inner voice to those suffering in darkness, and then teach them to hear their master's voice.

When we speak for our God, there must be a blending of the logos, written, Word of God with the rhema, spoken Word of God, in order for His Word to be a living Word.

Paul said, "Our gospel did not come to you in word only, but also in power and in the Holy Spirit, and in much assurance, "1 Thes 1:5.

I always hope that my Words are mere reflections of His, carrying His love, hope, peace. Otherwise they are empty, as am I. Our Words need to come from the Spirit and go out from with His Spirit. Then healing will come quickly.

The Lord bless Michelle, and us all, with that healing voice from above.

Robert Sands

 2012/7/22 18:45Profile


Dear Sister,

Walk, run, or ride your bike to the nearest woman's shelter. Your husband is not your problem, let others pray for him now. God can heal you and restore you to a place of clear-thinking, mental health, and joy.

 2012/7/22 22:25

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Dear brethren and sisters in Christ.I am new to this, and I'm not always available to get on SI as much as I like to.  I've not read all the posts but I have meditated on this for a while now and I am disturbed. I'm glad to see that everything with our precious sister was resolved. Having been one close to taking my own life, I know well the painful experiences and agonies of nights gone by thinking of how to end my life the suffering of thinking I was all alone. But dear sister, you are a servant of God and His Word said in Matthew 28 He would never leave you, nor forsake you, and in 1 Corinthians 10 He said He would never suffer you to be tempted above that ye are able. But I am burdened that there are some uncertain on the issue of whether suicide is a sin or not. There has been some great saints of God answer this already but for my conscience sake, I have to clarify. If at any point I step out of the Word or have a bad attitude please correct me with Scripture. IS SUICIDE A SIN?  Yes! WHY? Because God plainly said in Exodus 20:13-'Thou shalt not Kill.' The Scripture says in 1 Corinthians 3:17-17 If any man defile the temple of God, him shall God destroy; for the temple of God is holy, which temple ye are. The Scripture is plain on the subject. Killing is sin, whether yourself or someone else and makes you a murderer. The Bible says in 1 John 3 that no murderer hath eternal life abiding in him. Will suicide be forgiven? No. Some might say but what about where Jesus said that all manner of sin and blasphemy would be forgiven except the blasphemy of the Holy Ghost in Matthew 12? He did say that. But He also said in Luke 13. But except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish. You can't repent if your dead. The Bible says if we confess our sins He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and again that with the mouth confession is made unto salvation. Only the live can confess their sins. The dead confess nothing because they're dead. Yes, the sister needs our prayers, and our compassion but she also asked us a question that if we don't answer her Biblically the blood will be on our hands. It is vital that we study to shew ourselves approved unto God. The Bible says in 1 Peter 3:15- to be ready to give every man in answer. If we can't answer people with the Bible here on earth, we won't be able to give an answer to God on Judgment Day. For the ones that question whether salvation and judgment is based on your works or faith, the Bible makes it clear. By grave are ye saved through FAITH. How do you get faith? Romans 10:17-Faith cometh by hearing, hearing by the Word of God. What does Word of God(Jesus) say? John 14:15- If Ye love me, keep my commandments! Faith in Christ saves you, obedience to Him is what keeps you that way. Love everyone, God bless. 


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