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Amen, Miccah and double that for everyone that read that and DID NOTHING.

 2012/7/18 0:52

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Here in Greece because of economic crisis every day
many people suicide.
Is this has to do with money or lack of confidence?
See the report

 2012/7/18 3:18Profile

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 Re: Suicide

Miccah and Jesus-is-God - you do not know the gospel.

You are the ones who do not know the truth and what salvation is.

You believe in salvation by works, not salvation by faith.

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RighteousNew, what a name! I do want to be called righteous but are white-washing sin?

In any case, you better be extremely careful here when you say that suicide is OK. You do NOT know who you are talking to or who is reading this! Your advice is HORRIBLE, comes from the pit! You repent! and NOW is barely quick enough.


So, I wrote in caps - and for good reason. I am very upset, extremely upset! God have mercy on you!


EDIT: Or, maybe you are the abuser of this poster?

Sandra Miller

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 Re: Can suicide be forgiven?

LORD I lift this child of Yours up before YOU now. LORD YOU know the heartache and pain that is being endured and only YOU can bring healing. I pray LORD that YOU will cover this child from the enemies attacks and touch their heart in such a way that they would know how deeply YOU love and care for them. I pray that YOU would just wrap YOUR arms around them and hold them close until this storm passes and they are able to see through the darkness unto the light of YOUR love.
I pray this in JESUS name

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 Re: Can suicide be forgiven?

4givn-or-4gtn you are infinitely loved by the Father. Suicide is indeed sin, and those who state otherwise need to repent of their error. I have dealt with suicide in my family (step-dad), and have lost one sister in the faith because of his death. I pray often for her. It is a hard task to witness to her now. Please, stay on the forums.

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 Re: Can suicide be forgiven?

Suicide is God's loss of the destiny and righteous life HE intended in creating a person.

We are praying that through our spiritual weapons of prayer and faith, these stongholds will be dis-mantled.



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 Re: Situational Ethics: Leading to inconsistencies within God's grace?

Can suicide be forgiven?

It is unthinkable, it is forbidden, and a blasphemous rebuke to God Himself by rejecting the extreme grace of the gift of life itself. Consider abortion under these same indictments that you bring upon this person, whoever it may be.

"If suicide can't be forgiven, then how does someone that is worthless, and is nothing but a waste of space continue to live in such a depressed stage in life? "

It is this exact sentiment that causes many mothers and fathers to murder their unborn children who may be deformed, retarded etc.. Their life has no value.

There have been a number of "substitutionary suicides" in history that may not fall into the category of sin. The most obvious might be when a soldier in battle falls on a hand-grenade in a crowded foxhole. He commits suicide to protect and save others. How would God see this? Maybe differently than the depressed case you offer. Think of all of the Israeli warriors who fell on their sword, [ suicide in battle] rather than endure capture?

I must say that your post has a ring of "Situational Ethics" wrapped up in it; very similar to the perverted doctrines of Bonhoeffer, who in effect saw that offering his own life, committing sin, in a commitment to save others was justified, even noble to the Christian cause.

"so that their spouse may be free to marry someone that they are in love with and can be happy? ".............

This is disgusting in it's perverted empathy,and because of an emotional detachment you possess, while yet clearly expressing the context of the torment, and I think it unreal.

It leads me to believe that your post is contrived, in order to get a read on a sense of MORAL RELATIVISM, and take some sort of satisfaction as to the different Biblical responses, knowing that there will be a divided forum over this emotionally charged issue.

So, am I wrong? If so, is this post about you? or is it a vested conundrum designed as a humanistic riddle?

The answer to your question is that there is no answer in that every suicide may be different, and only God has the individual answer, and the question was "Is it Sin?", not if a person could still be saved if committing suicide.

If God forgives murder, as in the case of King David and in the case of Paul the apostle, then is suicide out of His reach of mercies? God must, and is the only righteous judge in these matters of the saving of the soul, and His mercies are beyond us, and cannot be fathomed.

I think that you are playing a game. I hope I am wrong.

 2012/7/18 10:47

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4gvn is a hurting person...please realize this when you post. Yes, I have talked with her...

Pray for her - she needs to feel your comfort and love.


Sandra Miller

 2012/7/18 11:22Profile


GOD Truly BLESS you, Ginnyrose - MaryJane - Narrowpath - Learn - Lordoitagain - Miccah - Dvndsn and Rufnrust.
I feel the love from you all is so very tangible and Blessed of Him.

I know that I can't find words for the others or at all here, with what is going through my mind about those that would read this thread and walk past a thread like this where a human being is on the very precipice and either say something devilish or Nothing At All, except for the verse that The LORD gave me last night regarding all of this ...

Rev 2:4&5 about "Loving GOD and others/His Creation" ...

John Wesley on Rev 2:5 - ""I will remove thy candlestick, unless thou repent" = Remove the flock now under thy care to another place, where they shall be better taken care of."

 2012/7/18 12:07

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