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Discussion Forum : News and Current Events : International Codes May Force Home Churches, Small Groups to Pony Up, Shut Down or Go Underground

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Is anyone aware of other communities where home Bible studies are banned. I am speaking of communities in the U S or Canada?


 2012/7/15 17:20


From what I read about the San Diego incident, the ACLU entered the picture which the county dropped the citation. That was back in 09.

I wish believers were a bit more wiser, why not spread their cars out evenly so it doesn't look like there is a convention or to draw attention to one's place.

 2012/7/15 21:20


"Build bomb shelters?" /o:

Paul was a Roman citizen and appealed to the laws of Rome.

There is nothing - no laws anywhere that say that you can't have as many people over to your house - for whatever reason - as long as they have parking on their property or legal parking on the street and there's no loud noise after 10pm [in most towns].

JUST because someone opens a Bible or prays while these people are at your home should never put anyone in a differing position with the State.

Many Churches have to split up their mid-week meetings to a number of homes.

Many Churches meet for fellowship dinners at someone's home After they've attended the morning Church service and OH MY, someone may actually open a Bible or a hymn book after these fellowship dinners.

Most of these mid-week groups that I'm aware of - the people hosting these have ample parking on their own property and large enough homes to accomdate groups larger than just 12.

It is no-ones business what you do with your company at your house as long as no-one in your house is doing drugs or anything criminal.

This is making the having of guests in your home and opening a Bible "criminal behavior".

Where does this slippery slope go from here. Making any family over a total of 12 people illegal?

To me, this is paranoid behavior on the part of the government. Fearing more than 12 people "might do something." What? I don't know! You'd have to be a paranoid State official to answer that one.

Bomb shelter. /o:

 2012/7/15 21:24

 Re: Approved

Brother at least they could car pool. Not only create less attention. But save on gas.


 2012/7/15 22:15

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