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 Re: Floggin' a dead horse? Maybe so....

Edti: After some thoughtful counsel from another sister here I decided to remove my reply. She was right and it was not edifying to the body.

I have not read this book but am going to now.


 2012/7/17 15:51Profile

 Re: Floggin' a dead horse? Maybe so....

"Sometimes we must think and act alone."

Well brother, on that we can agree :) I definately would agree with that and walking the path can be a narrow lonely experience. All I would say, in conclusion BT, you were never asked your opinon about this man. This thread started of with the purpose of doing a book study. You mad e a decision to " tear him down,' and I am sure you are fully convicted in doing that. But that was not the purpose of this thread, it might even be a hijacking of this thread which is not the purpose of the forum. Perhaps you could have started another thread, in fact you may want to start a thread and give a list of people that you consider to be heretical and in no way Christian. It may be your "Paulean stand," but others will be able to see where you are coming from and who you would consider heretics. I know of two others at least who would be on your list as we have bumped heads on that before :)

My request for you to start such a thread is obviously tongue in cheek. It would probably be more encouraging for you to share writers from the past who you do consider Godly..................bro Frank

 2012/7/17 16:37

 Iron sharpens iron.

Frank: Done floggin'. At least you know where I stand. I will continue , as I am allowed, and with respect, to express my views on issues , and ministries, and express my views as in relation to truth and error.

I am not ashamed at all about these views, and I am either wrong, or right, but I would say them again, if I see a deceiver, or error; and let the axe fall where it is, as I also do when I am blessed and ministered to.

I have no desire to offend what-so-ever, and often I post about more edifying topics than the expose'; they will offend those who esteem that minister, I have learned. I hope to live the entirety of the rest of my life bonded to this idea, and hopefully bare fruit out here, in the real world, outside the confines of persona's and ideology.

What people believe as truth is important to me, for it shapes what they believe, and ultimately WHO they believe, which in turn shapes their faith, which will mandate their entire eternity; with Christ Jesus or without Him, forever and forever. True love is wanting a person to be with Christ and His heaven.

I want to give myself to loving the truth, and allowing it to slay me, while forming the Truth in me, a PERSON. I am a miserable failure in this endeavor, yes, and exhibit much more pride and flesh than truth, but I get up again, beg for mercy, and move on.

The often barbs and jabs and cries of "How dare you!".....[ and I won't mention those who so minister to me, there are many..] serve to keep me more balanced and patient, and clear-minded. This is but a discussion forum after all, and there will be many who disagree.

In the end, I want to preach the gospel to the poor, see men saved in Spirit and Truth, and established in these Kingdom Truths, so that they will be able to grow and endure the great winds of error and deception sweeping down upon us in Tsunami intensity.

I have about 35 articles I have posted on my log-site. If you are interested in more of the "positive" stuff, teachings and prophesy and the like, you may check this out.

I am soon to take a sabbatical from this Internet, and all things electronic, and escape somewhere to be broken, and repent of a very hard heart. Then, in September I am headed for a gospel mission into the war torn, jihad infested part of Africa, by the command of the Lord; Eritrea. This is the most sobering mission I have ever considered, and I must go.

Iron sharpens iron, and I appreciate everybody who has put my nose to the whetstone, and I mean that. I am sharper for the experience.

 2012/7/17 18:01

 Re: Book Club starts 07/27/12 @ 7:15 pm

Dear KP, this is your thread and I love your idea of going through this book together.

Could I just beg a question ... Could you start it on another fresh thread, on whatever date you come to?

Thank you Brother!

 2012/7/17 20:52

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Southeast USA



And, by the way, I am a "sister" in Christ, not a "brother". But that is okay, I wrongly assumed that my gender was irrelevant in a forum such as this. Yet, when attempting to reach out to others, it does become an issue (I guess???).

I plan to reread DB's book as a book...nothing more.
I am confident that I was never, ever deceived by his writings on "discipleship". Everything that I read, see, hear, touch, taste, etc. has to be consistent and in agreement with the Word of God in order for me to even accept it as "reality". DB's book, (which I still plan to study and comment on starting July 27th - in a separate thread) is a beautiful portrayal of Christ's teaching regarding the nature and character of a disciple. It inspired me to align my walk with that of a true follower of Christ - abiding in Christ and His Word abiding in me-at ALL times.

I hope that others will join me for a spirit-motivating examination of the principles of discipleship and see if we can trace any of these characteristics in our own walk.

I consider him to be a faithful brother in Christ.



 2012/7/19 18:47Profile


That's Wonderful to know, Sister! :) Makes it easier for me in certain ways to not feel intimidated to just speak freely. Have truly appreciated you - your zeal, burdens and down-right friendliness & sincere kindness.
Have been glad your skin is thick enough to hang around. Atta Girl!

His Love to you as well and All His Best!

 2012/7/19 20:04

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