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The blood of Christ cleanses from all sin but we must be willing to give it up.

 2012/7/7 17:14

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 Re: Do you sin?

krautfrau I understand it is very difficult to explain an entire theology in a few brief posts which could be easily understood by one of an opposing view. There are simply too many aspects in which to consider introduced contradiction.
I think you are aware we have very opposing theologies. You have been very accommodating in regards to my questions in this thread. I respect and appreciate that and do not desire to bring pressure by over extending my inquiries. Should you post additional explanatory comments for myself and others I will certainly take note and remain in appreciation. [edited spelling]


In your name precious Jesus, praise and all glory to you. Thank you Lord for your saving grace of infinite expression and actions at Calvary. Lord thank you for your shed cleansing blood, for each priceless drop from your brow on your path to the cross. Each drop so desperately needed by man. Lord Jesus, I prostrate myself before you, a saved sinner revealed in shame, humble and undeserving of such Holy compassion. In this blood Lord, I plead mercy and light for all who seek your truth and that in this light we might thru this blood achieve that which is ever pleasing and true according to your word. Amen

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South Yorkshire, UK


Yes. And it sickens me more now, after years of knowing Christ, than it did then. I hate it more today than then, both in me and in others. I hate what it does to God's children. I hate how it seperates us from him, how it deludes those still lost, and entangles those who have been made free by Christ, dragging them down so they lose their freedom and joy, perhaps even turning away entirely for one reason or another.

If not for grace, which of us could stand before Him? Who would dare?

But for that blood....

Praise God!

Jamie Adam

 2012/7/7 19:34Profile


Yes it's imperative to give it up, how shall we who are dead to sin live any longer therein? But as long as we don't know we are dead, sin will continue to go until it finally dawns on us. It's not enough to read it in the bible, it's enough when the Spirit imparts life to that knowledge.

Do you think that God's people just want to live it up and wallow in filth? They do not. They falter because some of them have no idea how to overcome. They fail because condemnation has set in and they figure whats the use, "I can't beat this thing".

So through God's grace, there is a squirrelling around the tree until we exhaust ourselves, the sin repent has run it's course and with a final word of "I give up, I can't live this Christian life" then God whispers, "I never said you could".

Our life is hid in Christ, HE IS OUR LIFE!

He alone lives this Christian life through us. My part is to recognize that I am dead and the life that I now live I live by the faith of the Son of God.

If I sin I have an advocate with the Father, that when I confess my sin He is faithful and just to forgive me of my sin and not only that but He will cleanse me from all unrighteousness.

So to say that if we sin AFTER we've received the knowledge of the truth that we are no different than Adam when he sinned, your saying that the blood of Jesus is unable to take away that sin and we are left doomed.

Adam had no remedy. There was no balm in Gilead for him. He didn't even know about Mercy. He acted just like children act, point the finger at someone else. So God tells them that a solution for sin would come in the distant future. Mercy was the only thing that was granted from God and the occasional Grace that was extended to certain persons that God highly favoured.

The Old Testament law had no mercy whatsoever, if it was transgressed it demanded justice. It was hard to live under, there was only one way to keep it and that was loving the Lord their God with all their heart. THAT was the righteousness that was contained in ordinances, rarely few actually saw that.

It was a covenant of death. Set by itself it's Holy, if we touch it, it will slay us. It couldn't be kept with just going through the motions, there had to be a love for God and a heart that will obey.

So enters Christ. The solution!

He loved God more than anything, He was obedient to every jot and tittle that the law demanded. And because He became sin for us, the law demanded that He be put to death to fulfill all righteousness.

Once the law was fulfilled, the law was perfected in Christ, hence it is finished, it's complete.

Today if any man tries to obey the law, the law demands that our eyes be pointed to Christ. "Hear Ye Him"!

If the law could speak it would say, "What are you coming to me for? Do you not know that Christ fulfilled all righteousness?"

I said all this to say that if we fail God by sin AFTER we've been born again, your saying that there is no remedy that we are to go back under law to obtain favour before God so we can be forgiven. Christ's sacrifice wasn't good enough is how I perceive your postings.

 2012/7/7 21:03

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 Re: two strikes

krautfrau...aka Brenda,

Why are you adding sin upon sin?

You are not only teaching damnable heresy, but you ought not to be even at-tempting teaching men, as it so happens that God has created you a woman!

Let a woman be learning in quietness with all subjection.
Now I am not permitting a woman to be teaching nor yet to be domineering over a man,, but to be in quietness"
(for Adam was first molded, thereafter Eve,
and Adam was not seduced, yet the woman, being deluded, has come to be in the transgression)."
Yet she shall be saved through the child bearing, if ever they should be remaining in faith and love and holiness with sanity." 1 Tim. 2:11-15

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If the moderators have a problem with her sharing her views along with the other women on this forum, I am sure they would have let her know a long time ago, so why do you presume to censor her?

Do you believe women have the Spirit of Christ and that Christ opens His Word to them and gives them revelation?

And how is she dominating you? (the word actually says "usurping authority") Your patriarchy is showing so I have to ask where have you been seduced? Most patriarchy that I have seen manifests itself in "spiritual bulliness" and that is exactly what you are doing. You have no authority over anyone in a public forum where views and opinions are shared. None of us do. Instead of coming back to her with a spiritual rebuttal from the Word you would rather choose to shut her down using God's Word of all things.

Since you are all about grace, how about extending some to her?


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 Re: Patriarchs

pilgrim777 said,

"Your patriarchy is showing so I have to ask where have you been seduced?"

The only "patriarchy" showing here is not one of seduction but of Biblical record and definition. If "patriarchy" has become a bad word to you due to your subjectivist experiences I cannot help that.

The word “patriarch” properly means “the head or ruler of a family”; and then “the founder of a family, or an illustrious ancestor.” It was commonly applied to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob by way of eminence, the illustrious founders of the Jewish nation, Heb_7:4; Act_7:8-9. It was also applied to the heads of the families, or the chief men of the tribes of Israel, 1Ch_24:31; 2Ch_19:8, etc. It was thus a title of honor, denoting “high respect.” Applied to David, it means that he was the illustrious head or founder of the royal family, and the word is expressive of Peter’s intention not to say anything disrespectful of such a king, at the same time that he freely canvassed a passage of Scripture which had been supposed to refer to him. - Barnes

Seeing that Abraham shall surely become a great and mighty nation, and all the nations of the earth shall be blessed in him? For I know him, that he will command his children and his household after him, and they will keep the way of the LORD, to do justice and judgment; that the LORD may bring upon Abraham that which he hath spoken of him.
Genesis 18:18,19

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Hi! 'Pilgrin777'

However, your comments were needing to be said.

I've been following a few Threads here of recent days which are addressing sin and sinless 'er whatever.
I've noticed that nearly all the people participating were arriving with all sorts of suppositions, assumptions and ideas which had nothing to do with the subject matter itself but which were, nevertheless, unconsciously framing it.

I hardly think there are any two people in here who might agree together what exactly sin is in the first instance. Consequently, there is no possibility of a mutual conclusion being reached with this Thread because all the participants are mostly talking past each other.

Any hope of a conclusion with this subject can only be found 'line upon line' and 'precept upon precept' and a Discussion Forum can be a very awkward place to accomplish that goal.

Unfortunately, I suspect that the Threads about 'sin' and 'sinless' will only get more convoluted as persons begin to shout even louder past each other.

by pilgrim777 on 2012/7/7 21:27:52


If the moderators have a problem with her sharing her views along with the other women on this forum, I am sure they would have let her know a long time ago, so why do you presume to censor her?

 2012/7/8 2:41Profile


It is hard to describe what it is like to be in this state. It can be compared with being in love, that feeling of joy and excitement inside, that feeling of being in exctacy, bubbling up inside and the presence of God being so strong like the time when you first came to Christ and were forgiven. Once one has experienced it there is nothing to compare it to. The words in scripture suddenly have real meaning and especially the words joy and freedom. In this state there is absolute healing of all the scars of life. I went for over 30 years not knowing what I was missing but now I do. Nothing is impossible when one is in this state and sin is not even in the picture. Pleasing God is the only thought.


Sister, I've experienced this part as well, but as I've just posted on another thread - I can't say that I believe in "sinless perfection" but I'd like to clarify why I say that.

I believe that the definition of "sin" is "to miss the mark" and I believe the "mark" is the completed Image of Christ.
That would be where we are identical to how Jesus walked while He was here on earth. His only thoughts were The Word of GOD, communion with The Father and 'doing' only what The Father gave Him to do and speak and nothing more.
That would mean, no thoughts of self at all. I believe that's how He was. Thinking of others-only-always.

I believe that those that claim "sinless perfection" mean that they don't practice the obvious-in-Scripture sins anymore but by what I believe - that I've stated in the paragraph above - is lacking of what He was totally, while here on earth.

I love the verses that Paul wrote in Phil 3:7-21 - Romans 8:28 being for vs 29 - Heb 4:15 and the promise of 1John 3:2.

Of course there's more that 'encourage' me to press on to perfection, but those are just a few.

GOD's fullest blessing to you!


 2012/7/8 3:05

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 Re: censorship

Re: If the moderators have a problem with her sharing her views along with the other women on this forum, I am sure they would have let her know a long time ago, so why do you presume to censor her?

You are correct in that it is evident that the mods have not intervened in this regard. Nor have they intervened regarding my posts addressing them.

I have not addressed you pilgrim777, nor have I addressed you Blayne. Yet you presume on censoring my addressing and questioning of others here on the forum.

And Yes! I am 100% for God's Free Grace in His Gospel of Grace.

Faith alone in Christ alone to the Glory of God alone.

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