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 Re: I don't wear labels either.

I made that stipulation , "Pentecostal" on this forum in answer to the website that ages of war posted up, because that website highlighted guys like John Scotland, very confused men like John Scotland and was saying, "here's a Pentecostal". Saying that John Scotland is Pentecostal is like saying that ..........Michael Jackson is a child care provider.

I would agree with you. That site is not a good site to get info about Pentecostalism. It is extremely anti-pentecostal to the point that it paints all charismatics with a very wide brush stroke. It is extremely cessationist so I'm condemned already by them for simply being a practicing pentecostal.

Jeremy Hulsey

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even if you look at Jesus ministry they never came to know him, it says "he had no appeareance to make us desire him" they came for healing and deliverance it was hand in hand when he preached and thats what happens in benny hinns crusades, half of them get healed walking in without asking and they are hindus and get saved Jesus walks amongst the crowd doing his own thing

a little side thought towards how we start or finish,
a friend has said
well when your bringing 7million to hear the gospel at your crusades to hear the word only Jesus, then your critcism is valid.
i have to agree its how we end
we so leave out the POWER OF GOD
who knows all our hearts,
why we were there, what we wanted, what we will do,
he can save to the uttermost or not, as my friend said
even if you dont agree jesus would have been walking through the crowd doing his own thing


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Please Note:

The Web site spoken of by Hulsey in the quote below was posted a while back by me, and was only to show some video and audio clips, I never even read into the site's theology.

I personally do believe that the Spirit of God grants gifts as listed in the Bible, and I believe He does so in this Last Age.

However Benny hinn has gotten himself into the Prosperity Gospel and has made a lot of false prophetic statements, as well as hinting at a form of Necromancy.
Also He Uses the Holy Spirit in a way that does not line up with JESUS.

However if you Read Amos you will find that GOD uses things that are meant for evil for GOOD.
Benny can do no harm to the true Children of GOD, for they are in the Hands of JESUS.
However He can hurt new and inexperienced Christians when they put there hopes in a man instead of The Man.

In Christ Michael


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