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 Jihadists at work in Syria blaming government. 14,000 dead.

President Bashar Al-Shad is the last major dictator to stand, defiantly resisting the Muslim Brotherhood, and United Nation mandates to evacuate power. As the violence heats up, it is discovered that Al-Qaeda like groups are behind much of the mayhem, with Al-Shad being blamed for the slaughter.

This shows the true nature of Sharia Islam. The 14,000 dead Muslims are but pawns in the religion of murder as salvation. They figure they are with Allah anyhow, so violent death is a good thing.

When the Caliphate cements, and I think it will be soon, and when Pakistan falls or capitulates, they will have access to Nuclear weapons. Remember, they do not view their cities and country as material; counterattack means nothing to them; Martyrdom means everything and sacrificing your family and children is an honor in Holy war; Jihad!

As we speak, American warships are sailing to the Gulf, as Iran has threatened to close the Strait; and this over their Nuclear ambitions that are close to fruition. World wide War may soon be upon us.

June 27, 2012: In this photo released by the Syrian official news agency, SANA, the damaged Ikhbariya TV compound is seen after it was attacked by gunmen, in in the town of Drousha, about 14 miles south of Damascus, Syria. (AP/SANA)

A group that observes jihadist chatter on the Internet says that a new anti-government militant group has emerged in Syria and has claimed responsibility for dozens of deadly attacks.

The SITE monitoring group said late Tuesday that a shadowy group calling itself the Al-Nusra Front said in statements on jihadist websites that the attacks sought revenge against the regime of President Bashar al-Assad for killing Syrians.

Little is known about the Al-Nusra Front, and the statements could not be independently verified. The group has claimed past attacks in similar posts.

Syria's widening insurgency has raised fears that Islamist extremists are playing a larger role in the fighting.

One attack that the Al-Nusra Front claimed responsibility was a raid last week on a pro-government TV station that left seven dead.

An Associated Press photographer said the attack on the Al-Ikhbariya TV station in the town of Drousha, about 14 miles south of the capital Damascus, left bloodstains on the ground and bullet holes in the walls. The attack heavily damaged five portable buildings used for offices and studios.

Al-Ikhbariya is privately owned, but strongly supports the regime.

Last month, two Al-Ikhbariya employees were shot and seriously wounded by gunmen in the northwestern town of Haffa while covering clashes between government troops and insurgents.

Much of the violence that has gripped Syria in the uprising has been sanctioned by the government to crush dissent. But rebel fighters are launching increasingly deadly attacks on regime targets, and several massive suicide attacks this year suggest Al Qaeda or other extremists are joining the fray.

Anti-regime activists put the death toll in Syria at more than 14,000.

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 2012/7/4 12:44

 Be-headings and Crucifixions: Muslim Brotherhood Savage Acts in Egypt

The USA essentially financed and supported "The Arab Spring", including the overthrow of the dictator of Egypt, an American ally, Mubarak; and To date, rulers have been forced from power in Tunisia, Libya, and Yemen; civil uprisings have erupted in Bahrain and Syria; and protests have broken out in Algeria, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Morocco and Sudan.

MORE protests have occurred in Lebanon, Mauritania, Oman, Saudi Arabia, and Western Sahara, as well as clashes at the borders of Israel in May 2011. In neighboring Iran, protests by the Arab minority in Khuzestan erupted in 2011 as well.

Weapons and Tuareg fighters returning from the Libyan civil war stoked a simmering rebellion in Mali, and the consequent Malian coup d'état has been described as "fallout" from the Arab Spring in North Africa.

The sectarian clashes in Lebanon were described as a direct result of the Syrian uprising and hence the regional Arab Spring...[ info from wiki ].

Not only do we finance these political overthrows, we contributed arms and planes and various weapon systems to the radical Jihadists, many that we KNEW were of Al Qaeda level and the Muslim brotherhood status.

We had the power to stop every one, but we did not, but instituted a regime controlled by the Muslim brotherhood, or worse....and here is the shocker; at least to me.


Here is some realities of a true anti-Christ agenda, as it parallels the New World order now being pushed down America's throat; and is at the height of terrorism's Ruthless endeavors to strike fear into ANYONE who will not bow the knee to Allah. we support this; we endorsed their take-over.

"CRUCIFY HIM!" Muslim Brotherhood Savage Acts in Egypt.

"Raymond Ibrahim, reports that Muslim Brotherhood has crucified people, hanging victims naked and on trees in front of the presidential palace. A YouTube Video shows the unspeakable brutality that has emerged from the Islamic barbarians who had taken over Egypt.

" This video shows the beheading of an apostate, man who rejected Islam and likely convert to Christianity by Egyptian members of Muslim Brotherhood.

Muslim barbarians beheaded a Muslim apostate and the video shows him being slaughtered to cries of “Allahu Akbar"...

 2012/8/20 14:19

 Re: Be-headings and Crucifixions: Muslim Brotherhood Savage Acts in Egypt

I had always considered the New World Order to come out of Europe, and the old money/power bases of the Rothschild's and the Bilderberg group, the Illuminati, ancient Freemasons etc., and somehow powered and endorsed through the Roman Catholic Church.

This seemed to be typical with those who considered the reality of it's coming, as per the Beast prophesied; The World wide ruler; The Anti-Christ.

As time had went on, I have changed in my thinking. I now believe that the anti-Christ will be the Muslim Savior who will claim top be the incarnation of Mohammad/God himself, and will be accompanied by the mightiest prophet ever seen proclaiming his divinity, literally calling fire down from Heaven and invoking inanimate objects to speak.

God has ordained all of this as a method of attaining His pure and spotless Bride, and redeeming Israel as a part of her; according to His Holy promises to Abraham and Israel, and of course the Universal true church.

The White Horse; the conqueror: Islam and Allah; this is the seat of the anti-Christ, but I have had a harder time lately reconciling the whys and how's OF Communism/Socialism uniting with Islam as a political force could occur. Islam wants everything, Communism wants everything. Why would Communism and Islam ever ally up as one force?

This is what we are seeing today, and it appears to be very, very contrived; we are being set up, and it appears consciously by our politicians. We have entered into the age of the anti-Christ. Here are some ideas as to why Islam and socialism are uniting.

Glen Beck...[ No, I'm not a Mormon...but Beck always has some good points on this issue, and is well informed.]

1. "Groups from the hardcore socialist and Communist left and extreme Islam will work together because they are both a common enemy of Israel and the Jew."
2. "Groups from the hardcore socialist and Communist left and extreme Islam will work together because they are the common enemy of capitalism and the western way of life."
3. "Groups from the hardcore socialist and Communist left and extreme Islam will work to overturn relatively stable countries, because, in the status quo, they are both ostracized from power."...Glen Beck

Why did America finance the Arab Spring? and hijack Mubarak, their president? Why did we empower the Muslim Brotherhood [ the father of Al Qaeda and Hezbollah etc.] to enforce these world wide overthrows and revolutions?

We know that they hate us. They hate America and seek to murder us all; yet, we support and finance this power to our own destruction.

My question? Are our elected leaders involved in our own destruction in order to establish a world-wide Caliphate where some of them share the power? It seems they know what they are doing, and the only logical answer.

China and Russia are practicing secret war games together. They used to be sworn enemies. China and Russia have made treaties with Iran and Iraq and other oil powers in the mid east, and are sworn enemies of Israel. I believe that they are preparing to strike America suddenly, and nuke every military base and ship of consequence, on American soil and abroad, and invade her in a weakened state.

At some time after that, Communism and Islam will become one, with one global monetary system under Sharia law....with a mark given to buy food, or water, or blankets...and we will have a new World Order...beneficial to only those who bow down and submit, while they confess that Allah is the one and only True god, and his only true prophet was Mohammad and that God had no son.

Many saints will graduate on that day as they behold their own blood for the last time, and meet Jesus on His Throne.

 2012/8/27 12:45

 Remember the Martyrs beheaded in Revelation? DANCE MARTYRS.

I see the black hand of Allah gaining ground. We need to pray for those trapped in demonic Islam.

17 partygoers beheaded by insurgents in Afghanistan.

KABUL, Afghanistan – Insurgents attacked a large party in a Taliban-controlled area of southern Afghanistan and beheaded 17 people, officials said on Monday.

The official, Neyamatullah Khan, said the Taliban killed the party-goers for flouting the extreme brand of Islam embraced by the militants.

Ahmadi said all of the bodies were decapitated but it was not clear if they had been shot first.

The Taliban has controlled large parts of the district of Musa Qala, an area encompassing more than 100 villages, since 2001.

They enforce the same strict interpretation of Islamic law that was imposed on all of Afghanistan during Taliban rule of Afghanistan from 1996-2001.

Many Afghans and international observers have expressed concerns that the Taliban will try to re-impose strict Islamic justice as international forces withdraw.

Under the Taliban, all music and film was banned as un-Islamic, and women were barred from leaving their homes without a male family member as an escort.

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 2012/8/27 17:35

Joined: 2008/10/25
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North Central Florida

 Re: Remember the Martyrs beheaded in Revelation? DANCE MARTYRS.

Brothertom, You bring up compelling points and I agree with you.

Have you seen this

There will be 2 hours of Islamic prayers at the DNC. They can not make it any plainer.

'Off with our heads,' is coming. I am not promoting fear of Islam but fear of the Lord God Almighty and praise to Jesus Christ, the Son of God.



 2012/8/28 11:55Profile

 Scores of Children Kidnapped in Bangladesh Being Trained for Islamic Jihad

This has been going on a long time, especially in N. Africa as the Jihad is sweeping south. Children, by the millions, are being taught the glories of martyrdom and war against the Jew and the American, the Great Satan herself: USA; the religion of murder, homicide/suicides, total disrespect of women, and children in the middle, to die gloriously for their demon god, Allah.

They are an easy target in India and Bangladesh, where this story originated. This shows the war that is coming, and the evil intent of the proprietors of it; The Caliphate under the supreme Caliph himself; the reincarnation of Mohammad himself, and our anti-Christ himself.

"Scores of Children Kidnapped in Bangladesh Being Trained for Islamic Jihad."

"At least 80 Christian children have been kidnapped from their homes by radical Islamic clerics in Bangladesh, sold to Madrasas and forced to convert to Islam, reports state.

According to the organization International Christian Concern (ICC), only 11 of the 80 children that have been missing for more than half a year have been located and rescued. After seven months of desperate searching, the parents of the missing children contacted the Hotline Human Rights Trust (HHRT) to request assistance in retrieving their sons and daughters, who were later located.

When questioned, the children testified that acts of physical brutality were practiced against them when they refused to pray, read the Quran or learn Arabic, and that they were placed under forcible circumcision.

Acts of physical abuse were evident on the hands of one young girl that was rescued after she refused to study Arabic for six hours a day and participate in Muslim prayers five times a day.

The location of the remaining 69 missing Christian children, believed to be held hostage by abusive and violent radical Muslims, is still unknown and the search is ongoing.

A group of radical Islamic clerics known as Mullahs have reportedly taken advantage of the lack of local schools at the remote areas of Chittagong Hills of Eastern Bangladesh in order to traffic Christian children for Jihad."


 2012/8/28 20:14

 BEHEADING CHILDREN: a warning to those who resist Jihad and Sharia

Aug 31 (Reuters) - An adolescent boy and a young girl have been beheaded in two separate incidents in Afghanistan, local officials and police said on Friday, in the latest brazen attacks that have raised fresh questions about a splintering Taliban.

A 12-year-old boy was kidnapped and killed in southern Kandahar province on Wednesday, his severed head placed near his body to send a warning to police, said provincial governor spokesman Jawid Faisal.

The brother of the boy, neither of whom were named by officials, was a member of the Afghan Local Police (ALP), a U.S.-trained militia charged with making Afghans in Taliban strongholds, like Kandahar, feel more secure, Faisal said.

"It's a Taliban warning to the ALP and to others who support the government," Faisal said of the killing, which happened in Kandahar's Panjwai district.

Taliban spokesman Qari Yousuf denied the group was involved.

Separately, a 6-year-old girl was beheaded in eastern Kapisa province on Thursday, said provincial police chief Abdul Hamed.

"We are not sure if she was beheaded by her family or the Taliban, but we know the Taliban control the area," Hamed said of the killing in Jalukhil village. He added that he could not send investigators to the area out of fears for their safety.

The murders follow the shooting or beheading of 17 young revellers attending a party in southern Helmand province this week, which officials said was the work of the Taliban, a charge the group also denied.

 2012/8/31 13:54

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"I had always considered the New World Order to come out of Europe,"

"As time had went on, I have changed in my thinking. I now believe that the anti-Christ will be the Muslim "

I agree exactly.

The longer I study Revelation the more unease I sense about this issue. I, too, have concluded that Muslims will figure predominately in the end-time events.

Thirty+ years it ago it was the Communists we feared because they were ruthless, or so it seemed. Preachers were declaring they and the Catholics will be in cahoots to bring about a one world government. It may still happen, but there is another power that gives me pause for concern.

The method of execution of the commies were shooting. For Nazis it was gassing. The Muslims? Beheading. Oh. Oh. Revelation talks about beheading being used in the end-times to execute. This method of execution has not been the method of choice in many years but it appears to be changing. This is making me sit up and take another look...

Sandra Miller

 2012/8/31 16:24Profile

  Open your eyes and prepare your heart; Islam is at the door, and they want more than cookies.

America financed the "Arab Spring", which has strengthened the hand of the Muslim Brotherhood immensely, and today, they blatantly war and attack anything American. In Cairo, the embassy Walls have been breached, and the American flag replaced with a Muslim one.

Mainly ultraconservative protesters climbed the walls of the U.S. Embassy in Egypt's capital Tuesday and brought down the American flag, replacing it with a black Islamist flag to protest a U.S.-produced film attacking the Prophet Muhammad. Hours later, armed men in eastern Libya also stormed the U.S. consulate there and set it on fire as anger spread.

It was the first time ever that the U.S. Embassy in Cairo has been breached and comes as Egypt is struggling to overcome months of unrest following the ouster of Hosni Mubarak's autocratic regime. U.S. officials said no Americans were reported harmed in the assaults in Cairo or the eastern city of Benghazi.

The unrest in Cairo began when hundreds of protesters marched to the downtown embassy, gathering outside its walls and chanting against the movie and the U.S.

"Say it, don't fear: Their ambassador must leave," the crowd chanted.
Read more:

 2012/9/11 19:47

 Ambassador to Lybia murdered...Riots across the "Arab Spring" over mocking movie.

..The Confrontation rises!
US embassies in Algeria, Tunisia warn of protests
Published September 12, 2012
Associated Press

ALGIERS, Algeria – The American embassies in Algeria and Tunisia warned of more protests Wednesday, following attacks by protesters in neighboring Libya in which the U.S. ambassador and three embassy staff were killed.

Ambassador Chris Stevens and the three other Americans died in an attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi by armed protesters angry over a film by a California filmmaker that ridiculed Islam's Prophet Muhammad.

In an emergency message, the embassy in Tunis warned Americans to avoid crowded places, saying that even gatherings "intended to be peaceful can turn confrontational and possibly escalate into violence." The embassy in Algiers had similar advice.

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 2012/9/12 10:38

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