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Neil... just curious... how many posts have you made under the 3 or 4 different names you've had over the years?

---> smiling.


probably about 1500 to 2000, between "Natan4Jesus", which i asked Greg to remove, and one other in which i was booted because i believe it involved arguments with YOU, over the sinfullness of the 2003 invasion of Iraq.

one thing i never did on this forum was lie as to who or what i was or did in my life, Steven.

 2012/5/11 13:25


Why single me out?

I think I know.


 2012/5/11 13:25

 Re: Krispy

Unity? Krispy to what end? If we are speaking unity to advance the kingdom of Christ through the preaching of the gospel. Then bro I will go with you to the gates of hell to do that and drink some Carolina shine with you afterward. But if we are speaking unity to elect a Mormon? No go bro. But I still may drink the shine with you.


 2012/5/11 13:25


This election will be impacted only through prayer. We have come to a point in our nation where, if we do not fall on our faces and pray for His deliverance, we will move into history very quickly and judgement will come. We have debated too long. We should pray for both of these men, but foremost we should repent of our loud political rangling that declares our faith in men, and our belief that our times are in our own hands.
We are to be light to the world. We are the ekklesia...the called out. We are strangers and pilgrims.
The harshness by which brothers here address one another grieves my soul.

 2012/5/11 13:39

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"Pilgrim and Sojourner." - 1 Peter 2:11



to read the conversations and accusations in this thread is grieving. May God see fit that no one reads such things in a public setting of Christians. If we disagree with others let it be done with such HUGE grace and not speaking ill of each others in front of the assembly of saints and the entire world watching.

It is an issue that can be talked about is it ok to see a mormon as president. I feel personally this is an issue that needs to be understood that there are ancient prophecies by the founders of the Mormons when the constitution hangs by a thread that the mormon elders would come and help America (and essentially lead it). this moral collapse has happened.

I am locking this thread and we are considering to delete it. Please saints refrain 100% from speaking ill of each other and just give any grievance to God in prayer.

this thread is locked.

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

 2012/5/11 13:48Profile


The harshness by which brothers here address one another grieves my soul.

Yes... it's gone from harsh to intentionally and spitefully hurtful.

Which why I posted that we should cease the political discussion. I noticed that one barely gets noticed, which says a lot.


 2012/5/11 13:49

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