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 Bible Prophecy and Obama

Bible Prophecy and Obama

Bible Prophecy and Obama
By Chris Schang

An interesting question many people are asking is whether U.S. President Barack Obama is to be found in Bible Prophecy? Many people ask this question because they see many characteristics of Barack Obama matching those of the future Antichrist. While Obama has excellent oratory skills, has risen quickly on the world scene as a leader of the world's lone superpower, been anti-Israel, etc it is understandable why people might ask this question. Some have even suggested that his father's Kenyan roots make him part of the historic British empire and thus he is able to be a part of the revised Roman empire, thus fulfilling the prophecies about the coming "man of sin" - the Antichrist.

However, while Barack Obama stands for many evil things with his political stands for abortion, gay rights, gay marriage, support for sexual perversions, and many other similar liberal and socialist leanings this in itself does not make him the Antichrist or even being a prominent part of Bible prophecy for the end times. While it is true that Barack Obama operates in the spirit of antichrist, it is my humble opinion that he is not THE Antichrist. Further, Barack Obama is surely not the false Prophet either.

The Bible states that the future Antichrist will come among the people who destroyed the Temple and City. The Temple is referring to the Second Temple that was built by Solomon.

Dan 9:26 And after threescore and two weeks shall Messiah be cut off, but not for himself: and the people of the prince that shall come shall destroy the city and the sanctuary; and the end thereof [shall be] with a flood, and unto the end of the war desolations are determined.
As we can see from the above scriptural reference we can see that the future Antichrist will be the "prince" of the people who destroyed the Temple and the City. As we all know history records the fact that the Romans where the ones who destroyed the Temple and City in 70AD. The City of course would be Jerusalem. This would indicate that the Antichrist would come from the region that was the primary source or home base of the Romans. In fact, Dr. Arnold Frutchenbaum in his book "Footsteps of the Messiah" makes an excellent case that this verse refers to the nationality of the Antichrist as being Italian. Whether the Antichrist comes from Italy or another Western European country remains to be seen, yet they remain the most likely area of origin for the beast - the Antichrist.

While Barack Obama has a very liberal, socialist, and anti-God agenda I am of the belief that Obama's primary role in prophecy is to simply reduce America from the superpower status it currently holds to a status of neutrality or one on par with the rest of the nations of the world. In my honest opinion, I do not think it would be far fetched to see Barack Obama as a forerunner of the Antichrist. Just as John the Baptist was a forerunner announcing the arrival of the Lord, it is amazing to think that Barack Obama could be working in the same capacity but instead to announce the arrival the Antichrist. While Barack Obama has not nor is it likely he would verbally announce the Antichrist it is apparent as we watch Obama's dealings with other world leaders that he easily and shamefully bows down to lessor leaders on the world stage. I do not have any problems with seeing him step aside when the Antichrist arises in the last days.

In fact, I believe that Barack Obama is just the kind of leader that will help fulfill the passages from Ezekiel 38-39 where the rest of the world does pretty much nothing as the Russian lead moslem coalition marches down towards Israel for what they think is her final destruction. While the truth is that God will supernaturally intervene to save Israel, the only thing in my opinion holding up this war is that America stands in the way of letting it happen. This is where the rapture of the church and Obama's systematic and socialist destruction of America from within comes in to fulfill Bible prophecy.

For these reasons I simply do not see Barack Obama as a significant end times player so much as that he is the foretold Antichrist. However, I do believe that Barack Obama has a role to play in making America a non-factor in the future as he continues to practically destroy America from the inside with his massive spending plans such as his recently passed universal health care program that is likely to add trillions and trillions of dollars to the nation's debt. Which in effect will end up sinking our economic boat. Without a strong economy, we will be ripe for the picking. Obama's socialist takeover and reform of many of the United States financial and banking sectors does not bode well for the United States. The fact is that many of these "plans" Obama has for America are leading us faster towards a one world government as America has always been the main impediment to this globalist vision of power and lost sovereignty of the United States. In order for the future one world government to occur, the world's last remaining superpower must have it's power eroded to the point that it simply "falls in line" with the rest of the world. Only then can the globalists achieve their dream of controlling the entire world. This is exactly the kind of thing that will make the coming mark of the beast more easily accepted once other end times prophecies like Psalm 83, Isaiah 17, and Ezekiel 38-39 come into fulfillment. The power vacuum left behind after these events will be the perfect scenario for the rise of the beast - the Antichrist.

So, in the end while the Bible does not in my opinion directly mention Barack Obama in Bible prophecy, I do believe that he has a role to play in these end times whether he realizes it or not. Let us continue to pray for the peace of Jerusalem and that the lost come to the loving and saving grace of the Lord Jesus Christ.

God bless!

 2012/5/11 2:42

 Re: Bible Prophecy and Obama

I would agree that Obana is an antichrist representing the antichrist spirit that resides in governmental systems. But certainly not the man of lawlessness that one reads about in scripture. Another thing is Christians are for the most part are on guard against Obana. For him to make the statement that he supports gay marriage will be a clue to believers to steer clear of him and pray for his soul.

What we need to be on guard against is the antichrist to decieve even the chosen of God if it were possible. Jesus warns us in Mat.24 that false Christ and prophets will arise and decieve even the elect if it were possible. I don't think I need to warn people about Obana. He just opens his mouth and watchful Christans will know what he is about. Besides the devil will not be that obvious in his deception.

The more dangerous man to be aware of and steer clear of is Mit Romney. He is a Mormon and not a casual Mormon. He us just as devoted to his satanic system ad any radical Moslem. This man has been groomed and indoctrinated into the secret mysteries of the Mormon temple and Masonic lodge. This man could be the fulfilment of the Mormon white horse prophesy to come and save the U S Constitution as it hangs by a thread. This will be the man the devil will use to decieve the chosen of God if they are not walking with Christ.

Mirmons come across as very patriotic, lovers of God and country, worshippers of the U S Constitution. I mean when you see Mitt Romney speaking against the backdrop of the American flag this would resonate in the heart of any God fearing American. This is the man to defeat that big bad Obama. This is the man Satan will use to decieve the elect or those who profess to be such.

I warn again in this forum that Mormonism is satanic. It is evil. It is just as evil as Islam. Mormonism is spin off of the masonic lodge. The masons are evil. To this day masons regard the Mormon temple in Salt Make City as unofficial masonic lodge.

Yet I fear many believers will compromise their conscience and vote for Romney. Saints I warn you do not do this. A vote for Romney could be tatamount to taking the mark. In the words of one poster. Flee Babylon! I say again for the sake of your eternal soul flee Babylon! Do not be de decueved by the likes of either Obama or Romney. You have a third choice. His name is Jesus. Cast your vote for him. For sure his promises are true. He will never fail you.

Bearnaster standing down.

 2012/5/11 10:02

Joined: 2005/2/24
Posts: 3345


bearmaster.....I say again for the sake of your eternal soul flee Babylon! Do not be de deci3veda by the likes of either Obama or Romney. You gave a third choice. His name is Jesus. Cast your vote for him. For sure his promises are true. He will never fail you.

I am still looking, but have not found Jesus name on the ballet for President of the United States. Jesus is doing a fine job at his present job, so let him be.


 2012/5/11 10:13Profile


The problem with using certain bible prophesy is that you have to use the whole thing, not just certain pieces, it flows like a river, either we use the whole thing or we don't use it at all.

For example, when prophesies concern Christ and Anti Christ reside together in the same area we have to assume that what Christ was doing in His day Anti Christ was making his debut in the very near future. We can't lift scriptures out to suit our way of thinking, we have to leave them there and let the Holy Ghost tell us what they all mean to which they were ordained in their day. It is error to do otherwise, in fact that is how false teaching is started, it's started through this rearranging of scripture, lifting verses out of their proper context and strewn all over the place and it's no wonder we are divided on this subject.

Peace Brethren

 2012/5/11 10:22


Jesus is actually a King... we can't elect Him!

In fact, (brace yourselves!) ... Jesus elected us! That election was made before the foundations of the earth.

I know Romney will blur the distinctions between Christianity and the cult of Mormonism. Thats not Romney's fault tho. Dont blame him for evangelizing. Blame the preachers of this country who have committed a colossal failure to teach their people the Word of God... and blame Christians themselves (many who are only Christians by name) for being fat and lazy and not studying their Bibles.


 2012/5/11 10:30


To say cast your vote for Jesus is a figure of speech. But to imply there is a third choice for the believer. One does not have to vote for Obana or Romney. But boycott the election, come out of Babylon, and follow King Jesus. This is one way we can make certain our calling and election. Not the political election.


 2012/5/11 11:07


As long as there is a clear vote for and agaist the murder of unborn children... it is my opinion that Christians need to be involved. To boycott will only allow more and more innocent blood to be shed.

If you're comfortable with that, then boycott. Be like the German Christians who said and did nothing while millions upon millions were hideously murdered.

Boycotting accomplishes nothing except to allow evil to increase unabated.

This is one way we can make certain our calling and election

Wow... the Bible says nothing like that pertaining to making certain of our calling and election. In fact, Paul used his status as a Roman citizen to advance the cause of the gospel.

Basically what you are saying is "if you dont do what I think you ought to... boycott the election... then you are not a true Christian." Thats wrong, brother. You're preaching "works" when you say things like that. It's also very manipulative.

Boycotting elections is not one of the fruits of the Spirit.

All this talk lately about pulling out of everything and holing up somewhere sounds spiritual on the surface... but we are never called to behave like that. We are to be seperate from the world in the sense that we are not to participate in sin and be just like the world... but voting in an election for candidates that at least are against the shedding of innocent blood is a godly thing.

"True religion..." is what? That we take care of widows and orphans. If can be argued that the unborn who are in danger of being murdered are orphans.


 2012/5/11 11:50

Joined: 2007/9/13
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I posted this on a different thread, but feel lead to repost it here...

How can anyone who calls themself a Christian vote for a Mormon to lead them? I am not questioning your Christianity, but only your common sense.

Think about it folks, your endorsing a CULT HEAD/LEADER to lead our nation. If that doesn't make you step back and say "WAIT", I don't know what will.

The Lord is in control. He will do as He wishes.


 2012/5/11 12:38Profile


I work for a company that is owned by a man who is not a born again believer. Should I quit?

Just curious.


 2012/5/11 13:03


Boycotting elections is not one of the fruits of the Spirit

really? Chapter and Verse, please?

didnt Greg say something to you all about this?

i guess he labored on this website CANTED TO REVIVAL, for ten years, to be disregarded by those who have no concept of being in submission to leadership in minstry.

i predict this thread gets locked as well.

 2012/5/11 13:06

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