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Discussion Forum : News and Current Events : Obama declares support for gay "marriage."

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Brother bearmaster,

I don't know which Christians that you associate with, but I don't know anyone who is waiting for a "king." I also don't know any Christians who believe that any man -- Romney, Obama or anyone for that matter -- is going to "save" anyone else. The people that you are speaking to here (and "warning") are believers who know and love Jesus Christ.

Also, please reconsider repeating terms like "Hiyooh Silver" when you try to make a point -- especially when you announced what you deem to be "sin" in others or question their "intellect." I know that you feel strongly about this...which is probably why you say the things that you do. However, there is a right way and wrong way to share your concerns.

Making light of something that you previously and immediately thereafter equated as being so seriously important might not be the best way. We all have opinions about this matter. It would be better to refrain from casting rhetorical stones at others with whom we simply disagree.

I do love you, brother. I just think that this can be discussed without being captious with our words.


 2012/5/11 12:43Profile


Bearnaster standing down and back to pray in the den.

Maybe you need to come down off of your spiritual high horse too. Your posts have become more and more filled with pride, brother.


 2012/5/11 12:59

 just terrible

scanning this thread, just makes me both heart and physically sick.


forget it, didnt Greg say something about "political posts"?....and now this is going to be the recurring stench of a meme inherent on this website, until Nov 2012?

i predict this thread gets locked.

 2012/5/11 13:00

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