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Bro you are a good defender of the status quo. You and a few others din't want to hear about conspiracy theories. Then explain the more obvious signs of the return of Jesus Christ. What of the great earthquakes occurring over the planet? What of famines and diseases? What of apostacy and the increase in persecution? These signs are clearly spelled out in the gospels. Spoken by Jesus himself.

I assume I am not violating SI protocals by referring to Mat.24, Luke 21, and Mark13. But then again maybe I am. Perhaps the return of Christ is taboo in this forum.


 2012/5/4 19:44

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Alberta, Canada


About the mark of the beast... please read Rev. 13.16-14.1 taking out the chapter division (which was never there in the first place).

You'll note that Rev. 14.1 tells us of certain ones who have the name of the Lamb and His Father written in their foreheads.

Question. Do you think this means that these ones have Jesus and Jehovah (or Yahweh) written literally across their forheads? Do you see yourself safe from the mark of the beast by having J-e-s-u-s written across your brow in indelible ink? Or 7-7-7, maybe?

...So then, just what does it mean to have the mark of the beast, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name in one's right hand or forehead?


Allan Halton

 2012/5/4 19:52Profile


No one is saying that we shouldn't research and present those things if we feel the Lord leading us in such a direction.

The thing that I fear is interpreting the word of God based upon conspiracy theories and urban legends.

Many years ago they thought that the mark was a tattoo, then came the idea of the barcode, as technology and microchips came into circulation they turned their attentions to the latest fad and books were written on the subject and a great wave of information swept the Churches.

Just because something is popular doesn't mean that it's right. I am investigating this RFID through illumination of the Holy Ghost to see if this is truth or misinformation.

That is my take on it.

 2012/5/4 20:06

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"Pilgrim and Sojourner." - 1 Peter 2:11


I believe everyone here has valid points to this topic:

1. Focusing on the return of the Lord more and the signs of His coming

2. Not submitting to something that will release our control as humans or being weary of it.

3. Desiring not to over emphasis on conspiracy theories and possible scenarios.

4. To have more trust in Christ and not given in to a spirit of fear.

5. To compare all current events with the light of scripture.

I feel a lot of the brothers have great ideas and views and may we be willing to learn from each other.

One suggestion I will add is in my observations particularly in America there seems to be a focusing on the christian world-view from just an american stand point. Therefore if it happens in America or can happen in america it must be right.

This is where you get pockets of believers in america believing in KJV onlyism yet that principle falls apart once you travel across the world to other language groups. If the American government required chips to be implanted but the rest of the world didn't this would show it would not be the mark of the beast. I am not advocating receiving an implant of anything, common sense says no to this!

May we have a broader perspective then just the country we are living in.

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

 2012/5/4 21:13Profile


"...So then, just what does it mean to have the mark of the beast, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name in one's right hand or forehead?"

Those are good questions allen and I wouldnt mind hearing more about what you shared.

In Christ -Jim

 2012/5/4 21:19

Joined: 2007/2/3
Posts: 835
Alberta, Canada


Hi, Jim. Personally I think the idea of a microchip or some such thing "misses the mark."

Having the name of the Lamb and His Father in our foreheads—this is about the mind of Christ, and His character, not some external thing on the skin.

The same with the name of the beast, and his mark and the number of his name written in the forehead, or the right hand. I feel this has to do with the carnal works of our hands and the mind of the flesh—but come to fullness and energized by Satan himself now. This, I believe, is the significance of 666—six being the number of man (for man was created on the sixth day along with the beasts of the field), and three being the number of fullness in which there is a progression unto fulness. First the blade, then the ear, then the full corn in the ear. The outer court, the holy place, the holy of holies... Or James on the wisdom that is “earthly, sensual, demonic...” There’s a threefold progression that comes to fullness.

And so three sixes—this is unregenerate man grown to fullness, the man of sin, who sits in the temple of God portraying himself to be God. His mind, his thinking, His plans, and the works of his hands... it is energized by Satan, not the Holy Spirit. And he has set up shop in the church.

My point is that we can be wary about taking the mark of the beast and be concerned about some cunning scheme, but if we are not earnestly seeking to come into the mind of Christ, the mind of the Spirit... if we are involved in the works of the flesh and are not mortifying our members which are upon the earth — including our right hand — how can we know that the mark of the beast maybe isn’t being written in our hand right now?

Maybe it's more reassuring to put that the other way around. We don't have to be fearful about taking the mark of the beast if we are seeking with all our hearts to let the Lamb of God write His Name and His Father's Name in our forheads and in our hands... though there will be a cost to that.

...I wrote something on this a while back and could send it to you if you like.


Allan Halton

 2012/5/5 1:06Profile

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Calling reality a conspiracy won't change the emerging of that reality, or this particular law known to exist since three years already, what we are supposed to do is to investigate the claims made and verify if this is actual legislation or not.

Jesus did set us free from fear to be able to overcome this willing ignorance the flesh finds so much comfort in.

Let's have a closer look of this weeks news, what are the up and coming news that could give us a hint whats up with that emerging reality, as it is visible today, where are we at? I just checked my mailbox and picked 3 random incoming messages of today:

The economical and coming social aspects:

The simmering global political aspects:

The spiritual aspects:

That might be the real news, it was to me. However I got the point of the message that now only scripture can accurately interpret scripture, not my already exisiting audio file library. If I can receive that much truth I already gained from that message, after recovering from the first shock and picking up my Bible to either confirm - or refute the message. Whatever you do with it, don't forget to use the key that is left to us now that determines truth, nothing else is reliable any longer: After we heard all doctrines of men and every wind of opinion there is - Now, only scripture can accurately interpret scripture. And it's good in that regard to have a scripture search engine, to find all related verses by keywords. That's what I used to verify the claim of the author. It's a Bible software with included keyword search, use that to find All and every verse of any keyword or phrase used, this really helps, because if God speaks about certain things we can find all and every instance of that phrase or keyword He uses, and also the previous instances. That's how you find related content as intended to be related by the Author of the scriptures, so we don't have to make up your own definitions just because we cannot identify the root theme and its related details. How marvellous!

 2012/5/5 6:21Profile


RFID chips are a reality, debit and credit cards have them embedded. They're passive tracking devices.Cell phones have GPS in them. Greg posted an article on how their is a push to put "black boxes", or "event recorders" in cars post 2015. Which is ironic, seeing as how we wont up CAFE mileage standards, but there's a push now for 'event recorders' in auto's.

drive down any interstate, and you'll see cameras mounted on light poles, and we're talking sometimes in stretches that pass thru rural areas. Urban areas have more cameras that you could imagine.

my point? it seems that we are moving into a surveillance society.

to surveil what exactly? i dont know.

i do know several things, the Constitution is in the process of being shredded, while people sleep. i do know that there is much consternation from many quarters about the tear-a-rist threat, usually the mohammendan variety.
lots of worry about sharia law coming to a mall near you.

if you give a full study to the variants of the sons of Ishmael, they are totally divided, much like the 'church', little c, except these boys just love to kill one another, almost as much as 'infidels'.

i do know that 'authorities' view cyber social media, as a potential threat, facebook type platforms, twitters, discussion boards.

THE WHOLE POINT, i trying to make is this, all i wrote in the above is 'of the world', and when i repeatedly write, "flee babylon', what i'm trying say to say is this, take yourself OUT OF THE EQUATION.

i'm not saying to be unaware of the times, but recognize them for what they are, the debris of babylon. Since they have NOTHING to do with Christ, they are ANTI-Christ, and the Bible is VERY clear about what happens to anti-christ entities, or spirits, or darkened men, who embrace the spirit of anti-christ. The Word is very clear on this.

Now how WE or i or you, walk this out, in your life, is to be led by God the Holy Spirit, Wonderful Consuler, Who is the Yes and Amen of all Truth.

Now, it was a roman imperial functionary, Pilate, who asked Jesus Messiah, "what is truth?", just before our Lord shed His Blood as the Final Pascal Lamb...right?

then 280 some odd years later, it was a roman warlord, that had his men paint a "cross" on their shields, and the "holy roman church" was born.

he who has ears......

 2012/5/5 9:41


Adisciple, I love your thoughts on this subject.

Now let me ask you a question that has come to mind while reading this,

His mind, his thinking, His plans, and the works of his hands... it is energized by Satan, not the Holy Spirit. And he has set up shop in the church.

How was Satan able to prevail against the Church? Taking from the verse, "And the gates of hell shall not prevail against the Church".

 2012/5/5 10:43


it seems that we are moving into a surveillance society.

One day it will be under a socialist regime, all great countries all end up being under another type of system. Rome was a republic it didn't stay that way, it changed to another system where the government was above the law.

I remember watching a news program from the Al Jazeera news network (the best place to get middle east news). The news anchor man who was talking behind the cameras was being interviewed by the host of this program and the question was asked how America would be brought down. His answer was incredible. He said, "I am confident that the American people will bring themselves down, that I am sure, it's just a matter of time. Their constitution will turn against them".

 2012/5/5 10:54

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