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I'm going to have to end my time here. I thank you all for giving an ear to my explanation before about the fruit of transformed lives we have seen from people who have become members of our church (like the two former Navy men). People who have come to Christ through our outreaches feeding the poor, missions trips, our prison ministries, soup kitchens, etc.

People who have given up drugs & alcohol and joined any said ministry above, who have been transformed into a New Creation in Christ, amen.

We believe in salvation through Christ and Christ alone.

My prayer for you all is that you would commit to a group of believers which is the Church. We can sit here and criticize everyone who has a ministry all we want, but I have no clue who I am responding to on here and what their background is.

It's easy to criticize those who preach and lead a ministry than to actually do it yourself and subject yourself to the same scrutiny.

I keep checking this thread and I need to stop defending myself to people I don't know, and who don't know me.

I so look forward to a sit down with Joe, and if Joe would have stuck around would be able to meet the man who wrote this and discover he is nothing like Copeland.

We all have a measure of error in our way of thinking, or we'd be perfect. Our church has gone through transformations of it's own, "Seeker Friendly" snuck in, then the pendulum swung and we were all about letting the "Spirit Move" and now I'm excited we have found a balance of order but also freedom (like how Joe was able to take the mic and pray for lost relatives as I explained below).

We are going to continue to go to the poor that live under the bridges of our local town an host "church" there, as well as visit the most remote tribal villages beyond and preach Christ crucified for our sins.

Be blessed, thank you for your time.

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People who have given up drugs & alcohol and joined any said ministry above, who have been transformed into a New Creation in Christ, amen.

AA produces transformed lives, so does a youth recovery centre in our city, both do it Christless. The people recovered from them now have great lives, but still no everlasting life. The work on a human sense appears very great, and no doubt all are greatful, but a transformed life is not a measure of a Christian.


 2012/5/17 13:11

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Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I really enjoyed your last post, because it spoke volumes brother, and I hope you see this post.

I pray that you will receive His amazing grace in the ministry like never before. Preach Christ and him crucified to a lost and dying world and may you follow on to know the Lord in all His fullness. I hope you have tremendous fruit for Christ and see multitudes saved and delivered through the power and blood of His cross.

I have notice that you have just recently come to SI and do not know anyone or much about this site, but there are some wonderful people on SI as well as sad to say, some cold-hearted people who judge everything and everybody.

I post this only to encourage you in the Lord to receive all that God has for you in the ministry. Don't let others condemn you, only let the Lord reprove you where necessary, for He is the one that we serve ultimately. Stay in prayer before the Lord and let Him direct your steps. Be honest and open with God to the leading of His Spirit.

May God richly bless you,

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I hope I have not double posted. I am concerned that phoenex has shamed Joe by using a confession of sin in his personal testimony, hurling a statement he made as a fiery dart. I felt it in my spirit, and I don't even know any of you.

 2012/5/17 15:41

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