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 Re: in regards to drinking alcohol as a christian

An article on Should Christians Drink Alcohol with a number of typical questions answered.

The book Sober Saints is coming soon...

Keith Malcomson

 2012/5/2 9:36Profile


I read it quickly (Should Christians Drink Alcohol) and hit the highlights... nothing new here. Just a lot more wordy than normal.

Thats not to say I disagree with the whole thing, I dont. But it started out with the old argument that "wine in the Bible is grapejuice"... and thats patently false... and has been proven false. The wording in scripture even proves this to be false.

Fact is that while there have always been sects of Christianity that have avoided strong alcoholic drinks, it was not until the Temperance Movement prior to Prohibition (which was a collosal failure) that wine and "lighter" beverages were frowned upon by evangelicals. That was only 100 years ago. We still feel the effects. Europeans have a whole different attitude about than Americans. What we read in this article, while accepted in other parts of the world too, is largely an American or Western phenom.

And as conceited Americans we believe that if we think it or do it... then everyone else does too.

The Puritan Pilgrims that landed at Plymouth Rock were very adept at beer making & wine making. Thats a fact. That comes from original sources... some of their own diaries and journals.

Christians in France and Germany have a whole different way of thinking when it comes to this topic.

The real question is, my friend... what does the Bible say? There is NO directive in the Bible condemning the consumption of alcoholic wine. There is certainly commands against drunkeness.

Most Christians would do well to avoid alcohol all together. But we can not make a command for believers when there is not one in the Bible.

When will they be putting out a book about gluttony?


 2012/5/2 10:07

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Or cigars and pipes. Spurgeon and CS Lewis enjoyed their cigars and pipes.


 2012/5/2 10:38Profile

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