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Discussion Forum : Miracles that follow the plow : Update On Edgar Reich - Please Pray

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When I returned from the USA I applied for medical coverage and they accepted me without a waiting period. This was another miracle by our dearest most high God.

A miracle that wouldn't have been possible without obedience to the laws of this land, btw.

Brother Edgar was here legally on a visa from Canada but the U.S. would not renew it [imagine that?], after years of him being here Ministering as an upright person and when asked to leave, he obeyed the law and packed up and went back to Canada.

I can't do emails, so I truly appreciate updates. Thank you!

 2012/4/28 13:30

Joined: 2010/11/20
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Any new word on Brother Edgar??

 2012/5/6 23:22Profile


I heard a wonderful praise report but hope to talk to him tomorrow, will let the saints know....... bro Frank

 2012/5/7 0:48


Edger is doing really well, out of hospital, no surgery, many many testimonies of divine encounters in hospital and the Lord has richly blessed him. I will give more details when I have time, praise the Lord for His servant who loves not his life unto death and is willing to share the word of his testimony about the blood of the Lamb.........bro Frank

 2012/5/7 19:08

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Praise the Lord! Came in here to see if there was an update and I'm so glad to hear this!

 2012/5/7 22:13Profile

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