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Though the story is fairly early there is something that concerns me. Alot of people are calling for prayer for Tom White's family but according to the story there is possibly another victim in this as well. A girl who was 10 years old and who may be alot older by now? She is going to be the forgotten one in this scenerio if you focus too much on the ministry side of this story. Scary to also realize what if there are other victims that have not come forward? Will a call for prayer go to them as well or only for Tom White and family and VOM? Something to think about, Let's not be double minded about this.


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 Re: "Areadymind"


VOM was a 'gold standard" ministry. Brother Andrew changed the world, to the extent, i myself am stashing Bibles, cases, because of not only his example, but what the Holy Spirit revealed to me.\

i have sorrow unceasing about this all, becoz VOM was NOT one of those terrible circus's you see on TBN and other media...and now?

just Godly sorrow.

Good point, Neil. My thoughts exactly.

I have also been wondering whether conservative Christians have their own idols they worship? We put too much stock in the work of a man, an organization and relegate God to the sidelines.

In my 65 years of life I have seen it happen so many times: the people I greatly admired will do something to ruin this admiration. God will do this because we can easily displace God with another person who will become the authority in our lives, become an idol. God is jealous for us and he will remove these idols for our own benefit.

Still, I am sad for Tom White and the whole situation there. It is tragic...

Sandra Miller

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