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Gary, I would put it to you that the words that you presented here by Mr Sproul are the words of a scribe. ........bro Frank

Wow, thats not judgemental at all. You admit you dont even know much about RC Sproul (and imply you've never read or heard anything he's preached or taught)... and you draw this conclusion?


...and people call me judgemental?


 2012/3/15 11:53


Hi Krispy,

Its not very amazing brother. The words that Gary ascribed to RC as his testimony sounded like the words of a scribe to me. Then when you tie that to the fact that he is a cessasionist, he rejects the miraculous for today, I am not sure what other conclusion you would expect from a self described pentecostal brother?

When did I say that I had never read or heard him teach? I said that I had never heard his testimony apart from what Gary shared. Was Geroge Whitfield judgmental when he wrote an open letter claiming that the vast majority of the ministers of the church of England knew nothing of the new birth?( he was banned from the pulpit for this) Was Ravenhill judgmental when he said that only about 7% of professing Christains in America were actually saved? Was Paul Washer judgmental when he stood before the Baptist youth? . Would you ban these people from your own church Krispy? ............Frank

 2012/3/15 12:56

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I am locking this thread. Brothers when we begin to personally accuse each other then that type of discussion has no place on the forums. Krispy please do refrain from this in the future or if that kind of discussions take place then we will have to ask you to move on from the forums. To personally accuse brothers and feel like we are always being accused will never allow godly good conversations to occur.

If we are willing to post an article then those who disagree with the article, do not disagree with ourselves personally but some thoughts in that article, we have to be open to this in love and to be willing also to learn in humility.

We must discuss these issues not pointing to each other, but to the actual issues, topics and doctrines. May all things be done in love.

This thread is being locked for this reason and for the face that the thread has run its course, please do not re-start a new thread under the same topic.

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

 2012/3/15 13:06Profile

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